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Take Me to the Moon 7.15

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After no word from Grayson for nearly two years, Alyse had almost lost hope that he was alive, much less was she able to hold out reason to believe he was well, and returning home.

The shock of seeing Grayson again made Alyse dizzy and she excused herself to go lay down.  Fearghus called for the butler to request an early breakfast for everyone and then showed Grayson to his old room to take care of his and Hedy’s needs.

Hedy was exhausted from the trip, and eventually settled in Grayson’s old bed, after he snuggled with her for a while to soothe her.  Grayson returned to the dining room to find his mother had returned.  The butler had lit a fire, and breakfast was served.

“Son, we’re glad you’re home, but we don’t understand why you never even called.”

“I wanted to,” Grayson said.  And he began to describe the fantastical journey of the past two years.

It was very difficult for Fearghus to follow what Grayson was talking about, much less, believe him.

“I’m telling you, I was held captive, dad,” Grayson insisted, seeing the incredulous look on his father’s face.

Alyse was overwhelmed with sadness at hearing Grayson describe the torment and horror he’d endured.  She didn’t know how any of it was possible, but the truth was, Grayson had inexplicably disappeared, claimed to have experienced a prolonged trauma, and then returned home with a daughter.

When Grayson described seeing pregnant Absinthe in the nursery upstairs, Fearghus got up from the table and tried to comfort Alyse, but she turned away, and returned to their room to rest.

“So you say Hedy’s mother was this… vampire?” Fearghus asked, having difficulty even forming the question, which seemed so absurd.

“Yes,” Grayson said.  Fearghus could see the resemblance between Grayson and Hedy, but he was struggling to believe Grayson’s story about Absinthe.

“Well, whatever you’ve gone through, I’m glad you’ve come home,” Fearghus said.

Over the next few days, Alyse started to get to know her granddaughter.

Hedy was a captivating child, and no one could resist her charms for long.

Memories of reading to Grayson as a young child on the island started to flood back into Alyse’s mind.

Parenting a young child came back to Alyse like riding a bike.

But when Hedy was tired, the only person she wanted was her daddy.

Grayson had already made a nook for Hedy in his own room, so they wouldn’t have to be apart as she adjusted to this new life.

Hedy missed Sister Hannah and Sister Agatha, especially at bedtime.

So Grayson would tell her stories of the monastery, which was all she’d known, up till now.

He made up stories for Hedy about Sister Hannah planting magical fairy plants that yielded little green creatures, and Sister Agatha rescuing small animals, who she nursed back to health.

Until Hedy could no longer hold her eyes open anymore.

“Goodnight, my treasure,” Grayson whispered.

Gameplay Notes:

  • Any member of the household can be tagged as a caretaker for a toddler, which is a nice feature.  So Alyse is a caretaker, in addition to Grayson being her parent, which means that when she has needs she autonomously care for her.
  • Hedy was very tired a lot the first three days playing at the main house again.  I don’t know if that’s a normal toddler thing, but it was very difficult to even read a story to her before she’d be tired again.  I’m not using the emotional inertia mod in this save, since I’m playing on normal, and it is hard enough to meet goals as it is.
  • Alyse is only two days into elderhood when the narrative here picks up again, but she got dangerously tired twice.  I suppose she never got a lot exercise, whereas Fearghus completed the Bodybuilder Aspiration and has the long-lived trait.  I am definitely concerned about Alyse’s well-being.
  • Grayson seems primarily concerned with Hedy at this point, but still had a whim to steal stuff, and a whim to be mischievous.  So I gave him the successful lineage family aspiration, but he joined the criminal career.

12 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    What a beautiful toddler !

  2. Wow, generation 7! Thinking I might have to read up on this generation a bit more. 😉

    Well it sounds like Grayson’s parents are glad he has returned home, and now with a little one. Aww, Hedy is so cute! Love the name too. Do you randomize names or have them picked out prior to when the baby is born?

    • Hi Jennifer, I see that you went back to see what happened to Grayson while he was gone from home 🙂 I picked names starting with successive letters (B, C etc) as the children in the legacy were born. Hedy can mean struggle or warfare, from the valley, refuge, and I chose it because when I was looking through H names it corresponded to what was going on in the story, plus I was looking for an old-fashioned name. Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. Oh no, how sad that they don’t believe him. But it makes sense that they wouldn’t, considering vampires. 😉

    Aw, but Grayson is so sweet with Hedy! I like that he took a family aspiration and hopes for Hedy’s success in life. I would bet that fatherhood and this whole experience would change him as he goes back to regular life, even if he is still a criminal, lol!

    Is Hedy getting a nap in the middle of the day? I find that my toddlers can’t last a whole day without an afternoon nap, which I love, because that’s totally realistic for toddlers!

    • Laura, thanks for the nap tip. It’s funny I didn’t realize that, because real life toddlers definitely need their nap. But I think, playing the legacy, I am less likely to catch onto things because the sims have so few days in each life stage. Grayson is really sweet with Hedy; I wasn’t sure if he would be. But he still does get stealing whims. He didn’t get any while at the castle, I think, but he was in a daze most of the time and there was a lot going on with the romance.

      I had Grayson tell an unbelievable story to his mom and dad, and they did seem incredulous. I figured they weren’t just going to say, oh, whatever you say, Grayson, but then again, that’s pretty much how they’ve acted up till now when he was living a life of crime as a teenager. It made me happy that they had a more realistic reaction in this situation.

  4. Carla says:

    The “caretaker” feature sounds interesting. Trying to decide if I’d like that or not, lol! I’m glad it’s working out for you though.

    Anyway, it was nice to see Grayson back at home with Hedy. I cannot imagine how stunned Fearghus and Alyse would have been. No surprise that they thought he was dead, after all this time with no contact. But I think Hedy might be a nice way for them to re-bond. She’s certainly charming her grandmother already! She’s so adorable.

    • HI Carla! That caretaker feature is really nice because you can shape the autonomous behavior either to leave toddlers for others to watch, or to be one of the sims who looks out for a child. Without that, I don’t think there would be much differentiation between Sims 4 sims in how they react to a toddler’s needs. Sims 2 sims definitely had more variety in their autonomous actions just based on personality and personal history/relationships.

  5. Echo Weaver says:

    Designating a toddler’s caretaker is a great feature. Having EVERY adult in the household run to it every time a toddler is hungry or tired gets bit old.

    I had wondered if Grayson would forsake crime after his battle for his soul. I guess some things are too engrained. Perhaps he might become a bit of a Robin Hood?

    Hedy is truly adorable. The devs really did deliver when they finally released toddlers.

    • Echo Weaver says:

      Wait, am I finally caught up? Hooray!

      • Yes! You’re all caught up! That was fast.

        I really like the caretaker feature a lot and it seems to work well. I was watching for signs that Grayson might lose his love of theft when he returned home, but he really hasn’t. A Robin Hood type, noble thief would be great but I’m not sure. Right now I’m kind of seeing him as a mob type- running his business interests ruthlessly but being savagely loyal to his daughter. That seems how he’s headed.

  6. maisie says:

    I wouldn’t believe Grayson ether! I suppose if Hedy does have some of the vampire traits, they’ll have to believe! However, I’m concerned that all of this excitement is too much for Alyse. I hope that she can hold on for longer, and be there to see Hedy grow. The TS4 toddlers are adorable, I didn’t realize there was a caretaker setting. I’ve only played a households with parents in it, so maybe it wouldn’t pop up in that instance. It’s nice for Grayson that Alyse can jump in and provide assistance, toddlers are a lot of dang work!

    Hedy’s frown during the bedtime story is so precious! I don’t know how she doesn’t get everything she ever wanted.

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