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Much to Learn

Take Me to the Moon 7.19

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Grayson watched over Hedy as she toddled about the courtyard, so light-hearted, without a care in the world.  Hedy danced and clapped. He assumed she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sunlight as she matured, and as her vampirism exerted itself.

Ms. Conroy came out and Grayson gave her some instructions, to order some particular seeds from the Count’s store in Forgotten Hollow.

“Let me know as soon as they arrive,” he urged her.

Then, having that persistent feeling of a presence lurking, he scooped up his little treasure.  It was nap time for Hedy, and he had research to do.

Grayson had found several ancient tomes in the bookshelves of his private study. Encyclopaedia of Vampiric Lore, Volumes I-V. In volume I, Grayson had learned that there is a special drink that will allow vampires to walk in the sun for brief periods, that there are alternatives to drinking blood for a vampire’s sustenance, and that some of the needed ingredients are frogs and fish.

Grayson eagerly continued his study of the old dusty books, trying to make sense of the ancient recipes and descriptions within them.

In the middle of the night, Hedy awoke, and felt sad and lonely.

In no time at all, though, both Fearghus and Alyse were there to comfort her.

While Fearghus comforted Hedy, Alyse had other priorities to keep her busy.

Wandering the crypts, Alyse had found a special drink of her own, that gave her youthful energy.

She drank it down, and waited. The glorious youthful vitality coursed through her body.

Grayson went out in the early hours of the morning to collect frogs for his experimentation in blood substitutes. As a child, he’d never done such mucking about in the grass and dirt, and he realized he really hadn’t missed any wonderful childhood experiences.

These days, Hedy was becoming much more independent and ran out to greet him when she awoke.

“Look at you, little princess!” Grayson said with delight as he heaved her into the air.

But Hedy asked right away to be put down.

And off she ran.

And ran,

And ran.

That day, the seeds arrived from the Count’s stores, and Grayson planted them in the courtyard of the castle. He hoped that he would be able to properly nurture the strange, glowing seeds into a bearing tree, for Hedy’s sake.

No one would ask to be a vampire, Grayson thought, but at least he could make it possibly for Hedy to live a normal life. If so, it would make all this mundane gardening and collecting worthwhile.

Little did Grayson know that at that moment, in his own household, someone else was vampire curious.

“Becoming a Vampire,” Alyse typed into the search engine.

“Hmm, which one to choose,” she thought, as she hovered over each hot link. “So many links, so little time.” Alyse pored over the list until one caught her eye. “Here’s a chat room,” she mulled. “Vampires & Friends,” it was called. She clicked.

Alyse wondered whether she should introduce herself. But before she could, an IM popped up on her screen.


Thanks,” Alyse typed, wondering if the members of this chat room were always so outgoing.

“I’ve been waiting to meet you,” the next message read.  “Ever since you came to your new home, and especially, since the wishing well.”

Alyse looked at the user ID. “Cordial_A_Moirai,” the highlighted text read. “Must be the welcome wagon for the forum,” Alyse mused. “But how does this person know about the wishing well?”

At Bloodkirk Manor, Absinthe continued to pluck the strands of her web.  “So, how did you come to be interested in vampires?” she asked.

Gameplay Notes:

  • Looks like someone’s breaking their imprisonment sentence already! Even before the wishing well, since arriving at the castle, Alyse has been up at night, energetic, and more youthful than she had for a long time. I thought that was an interesting turn of events, and changed her aspiration to Good Vampire, which involves becoming a vampire and refraining from drinking from sims to survive. The night she drank the energy potion she had a whim to become energized, which is unusual compared to her whims through most of her life. She was dancing to the new Fitness Stuff TV workout program in those screenshots.
  • The “run around” interaction toddlers get at higher levels of movement skill is really adorable.
  • I posted this on Tumblr, but I learned late in Hedy’s toddler stage that toddlers wake at night less frequently once their thinking skill is more advanced. After Hedy woke up in the middle of the night, Fearghus worked on her thinking skill with her, and the next couple of days, they continued to work on it. Next toddler, I would definitely start working on that one early because the waking during the night is exhausting for everyone and if she didn’t have three caregivers, it would have been really tough.

8 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    Hedy is so cute…but I can tell already she is going to keep everyone on their toes!

    Argh, Alyse, close that window right now! You do not want to get mixed up with Absinthe! If Alyse becomes a vampire, what does that mean? Do they still have a normal lifespan like other sims or are they functionally immortal, like vampires in other works of fiction?

    • I am so thrilled that Hedy turned out so adorable, since, for the story I consider her to have inherited her mother’s alluring power.

      For Alyse, I am also deeply ambivalent about her becoming a vampire but here the story has sort of evolved that way on its own since arriving at the castle. Vampires are functionally immortal in Sims 4, but I think especially a new vampire may have some risk in staying alive, not quite sure how that all plays out in the Sims 4. The main reason I worry about Alyse becoming a vampire is that I can’t imagine Fearghus being willing to come along, and she loves him so deeply. Alyse has the “Good Vampire” aspiration right now and is working on the first step, learning about vampires and then trying to get one to turn her.

      Thanks for reading, Carla!

  2. maisie says:

    Yikes! Alyse step away from the PC! Absinthe is bad news! I hope that she stays out of trouble, it seems she’s jumped right into taking risks since moving to the castle; I’d say it has an allure over her. I hadn’t thought about Alyse not being able to enjoy the sunlight. That makes me feel sad for her, and I hope that she still can. Is it possible for a half-half to only have some traits?

    Fearghus and Alyse not being together would be heartbreaking. I can’t see Fearghus being a vampire, but then again, I never saw that for Alyse ether.

    • Maisie, I can’t really imagine Alyse as a vampire yet either but it sure is strange how her behavior has changed since arriving at the castle. As for vampire traits etc– Sims 4 vampires choose powers, and they also have to choose a certain number of weaknesses at the same time. I think you can choose a power to be resistant to the sun but there are also weaknesses that cause vampires to be even more susceptible to the sun. It all depends on what you pick. I don’t think vampires who have a human parent have a difference in their abilities. They are either vampires or not, and Hedy is a vampire, but that is a great question.

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    Oh my gosh. Alyse!

    You’ve really woven an intense story this generation.

    • I feel like I am getting in over my head with this vampire thing, it definitely feels intense to me! Which is another reason I am so unhappy about putting this game and story on hold. I just hope they work out the lag issue, and I guess I also think it would be nice to play the legacy when the game is “finished,” and I don’t have to stop for updates all the time.

      • Echo Weaver says:

        Wow, I have so much sympathy for this and wish I had some technical insight.

        For Sims 3, the salvation of the game basically came from outside — the NRaas mods. I don’t suppose there has been any group picking up the torch for fixing the cruft in Sims 4?

        In Sims 3, which I assume has some wisdom to offer, though I had hoped EA learned from the Sims 3, the problem was basically that each expansion created a bit more inefficiency in the data structures — all of which were held in memory while the game runs — and then seemingly small bugs could introduce persistent errors that would grow and grow as a save file played out until it brought everything down. Twallan and his successors sat down and targeted all that unsexy stuff and created ErrorTrap and Overwatch, which clean up the save files and the running game respectively. Sims 3 is done, but I would never recommend anyone ever play the game without those two mods. EA didn’t fix these problems. The fans did.

        It always makes me a little sad when I still find fans who choose to run without mods because they fear the fan stuff will DEstabilize their game. I watched so many Sims 3 fans go modless and then give up after they opened their game one too many times to find an active character missing, or the game became too laggy to run, or any of a dozen other things. You CAN’T run this game without mods if you’re going to play a legacy. EA didn’t write for legacy play. They wrote for casual players.

        At any rate, that was a rant. I have no idea what the mod scene looks like for Sims 4, but my impression of the company and the community is that if there aren’t modders out there fixing this, it won’t get fixed.

  4. I used ErrorTrap and Overwatch whenever I played Sims 3, and I used MC Command Center and a lag fix mod in Sims 4. The lag fix worked for a while and then it didn’t. It will probably be updated or improved (I hope). The queues for the sims’ actions are apparently what’s causing the processing issue.

    In Sims 2 I also use a boatload of mods to keep the game from becoming corrupt and to fix issues or annoyances. Part of my hope in taking a break from Sims 4 is that someone will design a good fix for the lag issue.

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