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Missing You

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Missing You

January, 604
Honors Dorm, PSU
Narrated by Julia Jones, 18 years old.

This Julia’s first update/Julia’s Next update


Dear Ashlee,
It seems like forever since I’ve seen you…I wish you could be here at PSU with me instead of at Fiesta Tech. I can’t believe its already the beginning of the second semester, and a new year, 604.   I’ll try to catch you up though.  I’ve thought about you a lot last semester.
First, here’s a picture of my dorm, the Honors Dorm at Peninsula State University in Port Prominence.

This is the library in the dorm, my favorite spot so far.  It’s so nice for all those research papers and group projects we have to do in the Global Business program.  Oh yeah, by the way, I decided to major in Economics.  If you were here, you’d make some kind of sarcastic remark about how that’s totally unexpected.
At first, it was a little lonely here.  I couldn’t wait to come to college, but I really miss high school, where we knew everybody, and coming home to grandma and grandpa.  You know they are living a couple hours away from mom and I now, right?  They moved to Simdale Valley and bought a bakery, and mom lives downtown here in Port Prominence.  They said the main reason they stayed with us all those years was to help raise me, and now I’m gone, and they don’t care to live in the city.   Anyway, even though there’s always people around I feel a little homesick and lonely.
I miss my room at home (our new home in Port Prominence), and I miss you!  Here’s a picture of my new room at the apartment–it is bigger than my room back in Strangetown, and I have my own balcony and there’s a pool.


Well, back to PSU.  Here’s my RA (the one sitting down, Ophelia).  She goes by Phi for short.  She’s really laid back and easy to talk to, everybody loves her.  I told her I was homesick and she told me she knew a good fix for that.
Next thing I know, she whisked me away to this little flea market near the library.   You know me, Ashlee, I have never been that much into browsing for clothes and knickknacks, but it was nice of her.
It was really great to get some fresh veggies after eating mac n cheese constantly in the dining hall.


Phi also told me there was a  Fair Trade club that meets sometimes at the Student Union, so I braved it, and went to check it out.
When I got there, they asked me to introduce myself.  It was a little weird, but I figured its part of showing that you can take leadership, so I gave it a go.
This one guy was being really obnoxious and making motions like I should call him.  Embarrassing myself didn’t really pan out to help me meet anyone fun, so I headed back to the dorm.


I started hammering out a term paper for my Introduction to Macroeconomics class.
Pretty soon, I was completely in a flow getting the paper drafted, and I heard a knock on the door.  I opened it, and there was Cleo.  She came in and said Phi told her we were in the same Global Business program.  We started chatting about PSU and the professors, and books, and missing high school.  She was a volleyball player and she loves sports (just like you!).
With a friend down the hall, and in my classes, I finally felt a little more at home.  Before I knew it, it was time to go home for Thanksgiving and exams were only a few weeks away.  When we came back to the dorm after the fall break, I really felt at home in my room, and it was nice to be back.  I’ve gotten into a good schedule.   First, I wake up at 6:00 whether I have class or not.  The sunrise comes in through the huge windows in my room, so that helps wake me up.
I make my bed up really neatly (I have to lock my door, once I came back to the room and someone was sleeping in my bed, gross!)
Exercise some in the dorm gym…which is over the dining hall.
Get showered and grab some free espresso


And then I usually have a few minutes to sit and enjoy the morning quiet in the courtyard, before heading to class or the library.  (It doesn’t even open till 8:00 AM, can you believe it?)


At the end of the day, I come back to the dorm, eat supper, usually with Cleo and Phi, if she’s there.  And its usually pretty uneventful.   But just before exams, some things did happen, a little out of the ordinary.

One evening I walked to the library to do some extra studying, hopefully to find a quiet spot in a corner where no one would bother me.
I was getting a certain edition of the journal of macroeconomics to brush up on one of the Nobel winners from that year, and his theories, when a guy looking for the same journal asked if I wanted to join his study group.  I hadn’t seen him in my freshman course, and he said he was an upperclassman, but they were studying the same stuff.  It really helped studying with them, because they knew my professor and how he likes to test.
The guy’s name is Abram Carver and Ashlee, he is so smart, and so cute.  He’s really into sports, too, and banking, he’s hoping to do a banking internship next year.  The next day after class, he came over to the Honors Dorm to study with me again.
When we said goodbye, our hands touched and it was amazing. I don’t know if we’ll see each other again this term, but I hope so.
Well, that’s my life, send me an email or text sometime.  I miss you!
Love, Jules
PS I got a 106% for the term!

Julia mostly just rolled wants to study, do assignments, write her paper, and blog cuisine, but I really wanted her to make friends so I thought maybe Phi, her RA, would help bring her out of her shell and serious work mode a bit.
Ashlee Wade was Julia’s best friend in Strangetown, since the second day of elementary school.  However, since Julia was extracted and put in Simdale Valley, she can’t have memories of Ashlee to roll wants to see her.
Cleo is also a fortune sim, but her hobby is sports.  She and Julia became good friends.
Abram Carver was the only male sim that Julia had any bolts for (2), and she had a want from day one of the round, for her first kiss, so I let her get to know him, and I am almost positive they autonomously kissed the first day they knew each other, (I had them kiss once too) but I really don’t know if she is going to continue to be interested or if she just wanted that kiss.  It seems like they autonomously kissed, but can they do that for a first kiss?


Julia and Seiki are just across the road from each other, but in about 6 simdays of playtime and lots of community lots, neither saw the other one.  They didn’t roll any wants to see each other either.  I am wondering if they might bump into each other in another family’s update sometime, we’ll see.
You can probably tell from my pictures that I’m crazy about my new lighting mod, from Spooky.  I found it on Carla’s Pinterest, tried it, and really like it.



4 Comments so far:

  1. retromaisie says:

    Really glad that Ophelia pulled her out of her studying mode, and helped introduce her to the campus, and others. Looks like she has a good connection going with friends, and I'm glad she's interested in studying and doing well, hope she keeps it up. How funny that they live right across from another, and haven't bumped into each other yet.

    The library looks great, as does her bedroom. I thought it was funny she was late to her final because of a fight, there are always fights in dorms!

  2. by Shannon says:

    Yes, she is SO serious, I tried to figure out a way to make it a little more than just her studying all the time. It did really surprise me that Seiki and Julia didn't bump into each other at all. Thanks for the compliments, and for reading!

  3. Carla says:

    I'm glad Julia is settling in now, after her initial bout of homesickness. Which is totally understandable, of course.

    Abram seems very promising! They've got a lot in common and they clearly have chemistry. 🙂 Sims can definitely have their first kiss autonomously, assuming you're using ACR? I'm not sure if it can happen without it but I wouldn't really be surprised either.

    • by Shannon says:

      Yes, Abram seems ok, better than most of the YA townies. (When I did his makeover I peeked at his aspiration and personality). He was wearing a hideous tank top and hair that totally didn't go with his personality, which is more like Julia's.

      I am using ACR and I was so sure, but not 100%, that the kiss was autonomous. It seems like something I should just remember, but I was so busy looking at angles and using the camera, and I've played so long, I think clicking on sims and picking interactions has gotten pretty automatic, so it seemed like there was a chance I had chosen that interaction, but I didn't think so. After the first kiss, I did have them kiss once more, trying to get a better shot.

      Now I just have to figure out how I want to do her honors internships for the semester after next, so I can work that into the story.

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