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August 13, 2017      In Falls Bridge 6 Comments

Milla Oliver is organized, conscientious, and creative; she loves for people to be around, but holds them at arm’s length. She is deceptively strong-willed and assertive; although she comes across more reserved and friendly, she pushes for what she wants eventually. She completed a culinary arts magnet program in high school, and is saving money while working in fast food off the interstate, to buy the little corner shop on Commerce Street and make it into an organic bakery.  Milla and Luc got together in high school and have rented a small house in Falls Bridge together.

Born:  June 1999

Astrological Sign:  Capricorn

Aspiration:  Popularity

Personality:  Methodical (8); Reserved (4); Procrastinator (3); Cheerful (6); Assertive (4)

Genetics:  Brown hair, brown eyes, S2, no freckles, no glasses

Romance:  Boyfriend & Roommate, Luc Belrose, 3 bolts



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  1. maisie says:

    An organic bakery would be very charming for Falls Bridge. It’ll be fun to watch her grow and work toward her dreams. She sounds like she’ll get it done!

    • I’m hoping the bakery will function well as a business. Right now they need some money and some skills before buying the business. It’s fun seeing your comments for all these profile posts, thanks for taking the time.

      • maisie says:

        It’s fun reading them all. It gives me a better idea of the new characters too. Paloma’s bakery works great for the majority. Basically you can’t sell wares (baked goods) and run a restaurant simultaneously. They seem to flock to the wares. But when you visit, you can do both or take control as owner too. Paloma’s bakery offers both.

        A case full of goodies will do really well though, Paloma can’t keep up with the demand. I can lend a hand with tips if you’re feeling a bit rusty after TS4 businesses. Which, were those fun? My daughter asked me to buy it so she could run a biz, and I wasn’t sure.

        • Maisie, thanks, I definitely need to brush up on running a bakery in Sims 2. So for your daughter’s question, the sims 4 bakery worked really well, especially for more casual play. They made it so that you can restock without baking more stuff once you initially stock your cases. I thought the business worked very smoothly. The only issue that was maddening was that you can’t hire playables to work in your sims’ businesses, but MC Command Center added that capability recently, I think. Laura of Lakeside Heights is an excellent resource for info because she has lots of businesses set up in Sims 4. Get to Work added A LOT to the game whether you play businesses or not.

          I figure that Milla and Luc need to have good cooking skill and even work on their cash register skill by correspondence course (Monique’s computer) before starting the business. They’ll still have sales and restocking to work on as they go. A lot of real life bakeries stay open till they run out, and they’ll probably just have to do that. I only have two cases in their shop to fill. How well do catalog items like wedding cakes sell? I thought I would supplement with those. They won’t be able to afford help at first, I suspect. With a coffee machine on site will sims help themselves to coffee if they brew it?

          So do you have a podium for Love and Flour for when playing as a customer? Or do they buy food and eat it there? I just figured on playing, at least initially, with baked items for sale. It will be really nice for other sims I’m playing to be able to visit, buy baked goods, and maybe hang out and drink coffee or sit outside at the sidewalk tables.

          Do you rely on any mods? I have Pescado’s business runs you controller which I’ve really only used to simplify opening and closing and manage who can come (no witches etc). I’m not attached to it though…

          • maisie says:

            Good idea with Monique’s training. I’ve used it in the past just to get through that first stage of the register. I believe I have a mod now that makes it equal to the other badges.

            You know, I may have pulled the podium out. Hmm. I have an espresso machine and customers do use it when I make coffee. Buyable baked goods also sell just as well as the others, or if a variation it’s not noticeable to me.

            I have quite a few mods, but can’t say them off the cuff. I know that my employees can’t quit. And paying my employees doesn’t come out of my sims’ money. I screw around with time too much, and it kept charging to the brink of bankruptcy. I have that pescado one too, I’m sure of it. A topic in n99 would probably garner a bit of response too.

            • Cool, I never heard of the mod that doesn’t allow customers to quit or the one that stops salaries from coming out of the playable’s money. I can see how that would be very unfair if you play for a long time. If you aren’t playing the owner, and play a sim who visits as a customer, does the owner have to pay salaries during their visit to the store? When this household gets closer to buying the bakery I’ll post at N99, that’s a great idea.

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