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Micah Ross

August 1, 2017      In Falls Bridge 4 Comments

Micah inherited the farm at Belle Falls Lane from his great aunt and uncle. The place was old and run down, but Micah felt drawn to it and since he’d grown prize plants in 4H, thought he would try his hand at agriculture.

Micah is very shy and serious, and doesn’t mind hard work; he’d love to have a big family one day and could picture the farm being the perfect place for kids. With the help of his wife, Janie, who has a sharp business mind, they might be able to turn a profit and make a living from the place.  Micah dreams of growing old with Janie, surrounded by their children, having had a happy life together.

Born: December 1996

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Aspiration: Family

Personality:  Neat 5; Shy 2; Active 7; Serious 4; Nice 7

Genetics:  Red hair, Dark Blue Eyes, S1, Freckles

Romance:  Spouse, Janie Ross, 3 bolts

Friendship:  Best Friend, Janie Ross; Friend, Gretchen Jayapalan (Falls Bridge Garden Club)


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  1. maisie says:

    He’s a cutie! These two have good genetics between them, should have cute kids! Hopefully they can come to an agreement on family size!

    • Yes, I need to check Micah’s lifetime want and look at other clues for family size. When I played them, I didn’t have ACR installed yet. It makes sense Janie would want a reasonably sized family to allow her to reach her other goals (making money, being a lawyer), but also, she did marry Micah so I see them as sharing wanting a family. With Micah being a family sim, and their young age, if I don’t do anything about it they’d probably have a huge family but it’s hard to see Janie wanting that. Her back story isn’t fully fleshed out in my head, but I picture her having to have been independent from a young age, possibly through high school, and therefore having a yearning for a family of her own. I’ve known a couple of very strong young women who had histories like that, starting out in the counseling profession, and while they wouldn’t necessarily want a large family, the dream of a future family is very important to them. I see Janie like that, with goals of her own but really valuing family and being willing to balance the two to have the belonging she never had and give it to her children.

    • I do hope for cute kids from Janie and Micah! I tried to stack the genetic deck a little for things I want like red hair and freckles 🙂

      • maisie says:

        You’ll probably have a redhead before I ever do! Sari always had a load of gorgeous redheads, to the point she was more happy with a blonde haired baby. I don’t know what that feels like. 😆

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