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Mini Update: Meeting Ashlee

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Mini Update: Meeting Ashlee

Take Me to the Moon 5.28b

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Even though Eric now lived there, Delaney realized she hadn’t visited her best friend Ryleigh’s house, since before Ryleigh had died.    Now Ryleigh’s daughter, Rachel, and Delaney’s youngest son, Eric, had a new baby together.  Ryleigh’s older daughter, Rihanna, had also had a baby at the same time.

TS4 2015-10-19 05-44-51-19

Eric answered the door.  He’d called a little while ago to say the new moms were sleeping, and did Delaney want to come meet her new granddaughter, Ashlee, and Ashlee’s cousin, Marisa.

TS4 2015-10-19 05-48-24-71

“We just got home from the hospital,” he said, looking exhausted and excited.  “I didn’t know what it would be like to meet her, mom.  I didn’t know she would be so perfect.”

TS4 2015-10-19 05-48-49-92

Delaney just beamed at Eric, so happy for him, that he had someone who would need him, and look to him, and always be his family now.

“Can I see her?” she asked.

TS4 2015-10-19 05-49-13-19

Delaney quietly went into the nursery and peeked into the bassinet.  Her little Eric’s baby.

TS4 2015-10-19 05-53-31-92

“Hello, Ashlee,” she said.

Ashlee gave a little cry, and Delaney asked if she could feed her.

TS4 2015-10-19 05-56-37-78

As Delaney rocked Ashlee, she said to her and her little cousin, Marisa, “You two are going to be like Fiona and Felicity, I think.  Growing up like sisters.”

TS4 2015-10-19 05-57-27-88

Just then, Fiona arrived from school.  “Did you say my name, Grandma?” she asked.  ‘Which one is which?” she asked.

“This little darker one is Ashlee, Eric and Rachel’s  baby, and the lighter one is Marisa, Rianna’s baby.”

TS4 2015-10-19 05-59-33-44

Delaney handed Ashlee off to her cousin, Fiona, and picked up Marisa.

TS4 2015-10-19 05-54-16-63

Zoe came running in as soon as she got off work, followed very soon by Ewan.  They had both wanted another baby in the years before Alexander died, but hadn’t been able to conceive again after Felicity.

TS4 2015-10-19 06-04-46-30

Zoe held Ashlee, and Ewan held Marisa.

TS4 2015-10-19 06-07-04-05

Soon Rihanna got up and brought her supper to the nursery, to keep an eye on the babies while she ate.

TS4 2015-10-19 06-07-52-76

And everyone headed back to Tesla Place.

TS4 2015-10-19 06-08-57-31


  • Zoe and Ewan both had try for baby wants after Felicity was born, but the house was too full, so they weren’t able to conceive.
  • I’m so happy Delaney lived long enough to meet her third grandchild, Ryleigh’s grandchild, and her son Eric’s first child.
  • A few outtakes:

Maddi, Delaney, and Zoe chatting about how creative Ewan is, one night after Ewan fell asleep.

TS4 2015-10-23 05-18-30-41

Maddi and Delaney hang out a lot these days.

TS4 2015-10-23 05-22-33-45

And Delaney and Alexander stole some moments in the observatory.

TS4 2015-10-22 05-46-36-45


20 Comments so far:

  1. Echo Weaver says:

    So cute! This is part of why I love having a StoryProgression that makes babies. I know it’s basically just random, but it FEELS like the sims are making their own lives while I’m not around.

    I loved the bit about the girls being raised as sisters. I’m kind of sorry Ewan and Zoe didn’t get another kid, but it’s sure been fun to have them all in the household together.

    • Right?! I agree, it does feel really immersive. Zoe and Ewan could still have a baby, even without try for baby, since there’s a 10% risky chance with my settings on MC Command Center. That would be a big age gap, though, for Felicity and the little one. They have not had any more try for baby whims in a while.

      It has been really great getting to play both Ewan’s and Elise’s family. For Fiona and Felicity, I plan to do an heir poll and move out one of them, but hopefully they’ll still be over a LOT. Thanks for commenting,

  2. Carla says:

    Awww, I love everyone getting to meet he new baby! Or babies, I guess! Such an exciting time for the family.

    Love that last picture of Delaney and Alexander as well. 🙂

    • Thanks, Carla, yes, that was after their romantic tryst in the observatory 😉 I wish I’d written down the text of the emotion Delaney got for that, I remember it was funny but don’t remember what it said.

  3. maisie says:

    Aww, Eric has a baby girl. I loved seeing all these babies, and am looking forward to getting to know them all as they get older, they are the next generation after all. Poor Delaney, all her friends are gone. It’s too bad that she was the only grandparent living to meet the two girls. I do like that they can grow up like sisters though. That really worked out well.

    • Yes, Delaney’s the last. As you said on Twitter, though, which I hadn’t thought about, Cassandra Goth lived a long time. I’m starting to get really excited about the next generation too, now. I can’t wait to play most of the time, now.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have a question about Rihanna’s baby, You know how Eric Lewis is the father of the baby is it Eric from the Spencer-Kim Lewis family because I thought he’d be dead by now because his daughter Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis is probably around Delaney’s age since she’s as a child in one of the pictures in 3.5 A New Normal. Sorry if I’m taking this to seriously I just really love this blog and I love waiting to see you post new things and I’m really excited to see what will happen next.

    • Anon, thanks for the comment, and the question. You are totally right that Eric Lewis should be long dead. I thought that was weird too, although it is partially explained because before I found MC Command Center, I had aging off for everyone but the Tesla house for a long time, trying to prevent culling. For most of the story, since not very long after re-installing the game when Delaney was a child, I’ve been experimenting with settings and aging to try to keep sims from dying when not playing them, or from being culled, so my aging is quite messed up. It is still weird though, because just a few days ago in game, which hasn’t been long since Rihanna conceived, Olivia Spencer Kim-Lewis was walking by and she is an elder now!

      It’s possible it’s a different Eric Lewis– but I have a feeling the aging is just way out of sync somehow. I’m really impressed you noticed Olivia Spencer Kim-Lewis in A New Normal and remembered that, wow. You’ve probably also noticed I am really bad about not following Legacy Challenge rules, which is why this is only a Legacy -Style story. And thank you so much for reading, and commenting!

      My plan at this point, as long as MC Command Center keeps working to prevent culling, is to only play the Teslas, and never load other lots, and keep aging on for everyone. So eventually it should sort out pretty well.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for explaining and you are not bad at following legacy rules, you are awesome at it! I love reading your blog! I haven’t ,made a blog on it but I currently have a 4th generation family that I play with called the Hunt family. Anyways Thanks for replying to my question oh and may Delaney be remembered as the amazing sim she was, R.I.P Delaney.

        • It makes me really happy that you enjoy the blog, I really appreciate your comments! So cool that you have a fourth generation family– do you ever think about starting a blog about the Hunters?

  5. Hi again, Anon, I was checking who the dad was for Echoweaver’s Simself’s new daughter, Alyse, and he’s in the Malpractice video that was released for Get to Work. Meanwhile, I discovered that the Eric Lewis that is Marisa’s dad is one of the Sims 4 Malpractice sims as well, also named Eric Lewis. Mystery solved 🙂

    • Echo Weaver says:

      I saw my child on your tumblr! I’m hanging out there a bit more since I actually found a use for mine. Alyse is such a perfect name! It’s the name of one of my best friends.

      I didn’t know about the Malpractice video, so I was a bit confused by the post. Now I need to look it up.

      I’m always absurdly excited to see my sims in other people’s games.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for explaining the mystery, I’ll watch the get to work malpractice thing again and I guess he must have brown hair because there’s no brown hair genes in Rihanna’s family.
    P.S- The Hunt family isn’t exactly like a legacy, I decided to make Benjamin Hunt, His wife Theresa, their two kids and his slobby loner sister. Benjamin died in a fire while Theresa was pregnant with their last child and she named him Benjamin Junior. And basically his kids have grandchildren now, The eldest son David who marred a girl I made called Elle Burdette had like 6 kids with her but he died through being electrocuted and basically now Elle who’s still alive has 11 grandchildren named: Macie(addopted), Miley, Tina, Kenneth, Aurora, Drake(addopted), Leopold(addopted), Arabella, Gregory, Philippa and Lisa.

    • Wow, 11 grandkids! How many houses does the family take up, and do you play them all as active families?

      • Anonymous says:

        I play them all at different times. And I think they would take up about 6 houses. Miley and Tina are sisters but her mother Abigail (Elle’s third child.) and her father Alex divorced and Miley moved away with Abigail while Tina stayed with her dad and grandparents. Kenneth and Aurora are siblings, their parents are Chloe (Elle’s first child and daughter.) and a man named Arthur Nelson. Drake and Leo are addopted brothers who’s parents are Fiona (Elle’s fourth child.) and her wife Peridote. Macie’s mother is Iris (Elle’s second child.) Arabella, Greg and Philippa are Rowan’s (Elle’s 5th child and 1st son.) children, Sorry that this is so long lol. Oh! and Lisa is Abigail’s daughter from her second marriage.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @Shannon Simsfan, Also here’s a link to the family tree I made on family echo, like you did.

  8. Wow, that’s an amazing family tree already, so complex. And you were really smart to use all CAS pictures, it makes it look very consistent.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much! I really appreciate that you like it, Oh and if your wondering why Abigail has blonde hair even though there isn’t any in the family it’s because her natural hair is black like her twin Iris’s I pretended she dyed it in teenage years.

  10. cathytea says:

    What a fun chapter! I’m sorry I fell so far behind, since it makes me late in providing comments–and for selfish reasons, I’m happy I fell behind, because it means I get to read several chapters at once! 🙂

    Love this family! 🙂

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