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Jackson McElveen

Birthdate:  April 2, 547

Jackson McElveen is married to Chloe McElveen, and has two children, Declan and Simone.  He has three grandchildren, Charlotte and Ethan (Declan’s children), and Sienna (Simone’s child).  Chloe and Jackson live in the garden district of Simdale Valley with their daughter, Simone and her family.

Jackson is a Libra.  Family is the most important thing to him, and he’s really not very ambitious, plus he’s had some bad luck in his career.  Some would call him lazy, but he just has different priorities.  He is quite disorganized (he would say, creative!), loves to play with his grandkids, and loves to listen to music or pick out a tune on the piano.

Jackson was career military; he spent most of his career at Fort Strange.  He had always wanted to be an astronaut, but he did not get the opportunity.  The McElveens moved to Simdale Valley when, in his last couple years in the army, he was assigned to an oceanography project, but he was unfortunately laid off from that project before it ended, and had to take early retirement.  For a while, he did part-time work at a gas station, but now he is quite content to spend time with his grandkids and play the piano.  Fortunately, his wife, Chloe, continues to be very successful in her career as an engineering scientist.

Jackson has a bachelor’s degree in history from Fiesta Tech.


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  1. maisie says:

    Jackson looks great! He has definitely had a rollercoaster of a career, thankfully he’s happy to let Chloe do the work, and enjoy the grandkids. After all of his accomplishments, I don’t blame him for not wanting to work at a gas station! I imagine he would be completely bored with the lack of challenge.

    • Hi Maisie! Poor Jackson, in Sims 2 he wanted to get to the top level military job, astronaut… it was his life aspiration if I remember correctly, it’s the way I had the story in my mind. But he didn’t have the personality to succeed at work, and then he got that ROS to lose his job and have to take something underemployed, so he had to work as a gas station attendant for a little while. He and Chloe were Virgo and Libra, mutually compatible signs in Sims 2. I’ve been really happy that they’ve hit it off in Sims 4.

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