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Matchmaker, Matchmaker

January 7, 2017      In Take Me to the Moon 10 Comments

Take Me to the Moon 7.4

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Grayson’s granddad TuRok, the one whose funeral had recently occurred, had invited him to the Romance Festival.

“Your romantic future is bleak,” the Love Guru said.

Grayson didn’t believe in fortune telling anyway.

The only reason Grayson had even shown up was sheer, morbid curiosity.  Curiosity about what his dead granddad TuRok had in mind, inviting him to the Romance Festival, and how he had been able to issue an invitation from beyond the pale.

As Grayson was looking around for any sign of how or why why his grandfather may have invited him to this event from the grave, he saw Rosie by the swag booth.

She said something about having dreamed about him last night, and then disappeared.

Grayson saw another teen he’d never met before, and in the spirit of the Romance Festival, walked right up to her and joked about the aphrodisiac effect of the Love Tea being served to everyone.

He would have done better to commiserate with her about why they were even at the Romance Festival.  Her name was Liana Jones, and Love Tea apparently had no effect on her.

If Grayson had known her mother, Sierra Moss, a top notch detective, he’d realize Liana got her low tolerance for funny business from her tough mom.

Feeling a sense of doom, that perhaps the Love Guru was correct, and his romantic future was bleak, Grayson walked dismally towards the subway station entrance, to leave.

And there was his granddad, Bjorn TuRok.  Bjorn had been larger than life during life, and now he was positively bursting with jovial energy.

“Glad you came, Grayson,” he said in his usual cheery low voice.  “I’ve been a bit bored since passing on, and thought the Romance Festival may be just the fix I needed.  Especially if I can help you find a match, too,” he grinned.

“Grayson, meet Crystal Rivers.  Crystal, this is my grandson I’ve been telling you about.”

It took all of Grayson’s practiced poker face to keep from spewing adolescent angst at his granddad, but then he noticed his granddad had turned a very happy, bright shade of green.

So instead, he asked the artist whose booth they were standing at, about how he found the market for art in San Myshuno these days.

The artist, Darryl Humphries, turned out to be related to Grayson through his Great Uncle Eric.  Darryl had married Eric’s daughter, Ashlee.

Grayson’s family connections may have helped impress Crystal, because before leaving the festival, she gave her phone number to Grayson.

Grayson knew he didn’t believe in fortune tellers.  He knew it.

Gameplay Notes

Here’s the current family tree, showing how Darryl, on the far right, is related to Grayson through Eric and Rianna.  Darryl and Ashlee have a baby, Annabel, too.

Bjorn, a ghost, really did invite Grayson to the Romance Festival, and although Grayson was busy working on his mischief skill, it seemed too bizarre of an opportunity to pass up.  Bjorn showed up grey (which indicates boredom), but after chatting with Crystal and Grayson, turned a very happy green.

 Rosie seemed happy to see Grayson, but quickly left.  Liana Jones, Sierra’s daughter, did not appreciate Grayson’s flirty joke about the tea.  I really liked her mother, Sierra Moss, the detective from the Get to Work promotions.

If you missed it, here’s a link to Bjorn’s obituary.  I am so glad I downloaded him (and the whole Malpractice household); he’s been a blast in the game and has quite a legacy through Grayson, Darwin, and Isla, Ruth, and Mateo, who is now married to Jenba’s sim, Geneva Carroll.


10 Comments so far:

  1. Crystal is cute! Grayson did better than my singles ever did at the romance festival! My married couples had way more fun. All of my singles struck out badly and left embarrassed, lol! One of my singles got the “dismal future” prophecy too, and it’s turned out to be true so far.

    How strange to be invited out by a ghost! What makes that happen? I only have ~3/4 ghosts in my whole game, but they never invite my sims out and I never see them around. (Except at ghost night at the bar, which I tried to turn off with MCCC but it doesn’t seem to be working.)

  2. I agree, I really like Crystal- she came with the Backyard stuff pack – or, I downloaded her from the Gallery after she was featured in the pack’s trailer. Not sure which.

    Grayson was doing very poorly at the festival until Bjorn and Crystal showed up, and it just really fit who Bjorn seems to be, so I went with it. I have my MCCC set to not cull ghosts and I probably had an individual flag on Bjorn to never be culled, so maybe that’s how he called Grayson? I also tried to turn off ghost night at the bar and haven’t had any notifications about it so hopefully that feature is working. I do not feel that I need a bunch of randomly generated ghosts in my neighborhood. Thanks again for commenting, Laura!

  3. maisie says:

    Crystal is adorable! Love that top she is wearing too, and her hair! What a cutie! Glad that Grayson didn’t strike out in the end. I’ve only done the romance festival with one sim. Love Guru told her that her true love would walk up to her (or something of that nature), and then a guy did, and they’ve been married for like 2 simweeks now. lol.

    Family tree is awesome! First cousins-once removed. Nice that it impressed her. You have a lot of history and lineage, and Bjorn is definitely represented!

    Funny that he invited Grayson to the festival. I wouldn’t have been able to pass that up ether, and it looks like Grayson did alright for himself. I laughed a bit on the last line, how he knew he didn’t believe in fortune tellers. I can understand how he might have begun to take stock in the guys words after all the times he struck out.

    • Maisie, I agree, I love her hair too! And her nose & eyes. Wow, that’s really interesting what happened to your sim at the love festival; I didn’t realize they could meet their match there, that’s pretty cool.

      Thanks for the terminology (first cousins once removed) for Darryl’s relationship to Grayson. I didn’t know what that was called. It does make me very happy that there is a lot of lineage developing from this legacy.

  4. Carla says:

    Crystal is super cute! I was wondering what kind of sim might eventually pique Grayson’s interest. I would love to see if Crystal and Grayson can make a go of things together. It would be very interesting seeing a new side of him.

    I love your family tree – very nice and so cool to see how everyone fits into the family! What did you make that with? I keep meaning to try out Plum Tree now that it’s been updated but haven’t got around to it yet.

    Can you keep the ghosts from showing up and interacting with your sims without mods,if you’re a player who isn’t into them? I know a lot of people are into the supernatural aspect but it’s always bothered me that EA are so intent on pushing it even on players who aren’t (I still haven’t found a way to prevent witches from showing up on my community lots in TS2!), so I’m curious to know if anything has changed with TS4.

  5. Carla, sounds like the verdict is that Crystal is attractive!! I like her a lot too. She’s already aged up to YA so Grayson won’t be able to date her for a while. I’ve given his romantic life some thought and we’ll see how it plays out in game.

    The family tree is made with Family Echo. It’s totally free and I haven’t had any limitations or disappointments with using it.

    Without mods, I think it would be practically impossible to completely eliminate ghosts from your game. If you went into Manage Households frequently and deleted all the ghosts (you can do that in Sims 4 without hurting the game), and never went to ghost night, you might minimize their appearance. I would love to have some game setting options with that though.

    For TS2 witches, TwoJeff’s visitor controller doesn’t really keep them off community lots? I’ve been noticing, playing TS2 again, how annoying those witches are with their sparkles and rain showers. Thanks so much for reading & commenting!

  6. Echo Weaver says:

    Crystal is a face I could support in this legacy! But of course Grayson has a bit of time.

    So, Bjorn not only invited Grayson, but showed up as a ghost to meet up with him? Is that a thing? I assumed ghosts were not townies.

    Oh, I love Sim antics

    • I agree, I really like Crystal’s face A LOT. Yes, that’s exactly what happened. Bjorn called him up, invited him to the romance festival, and then showed up. Some ghosts in Sims 4 are townies– if you have ghost night at the bars enabled (or rather, not disabled in MC Command Center), townie ghosts are generated. But Bjorn is a playable ghost.

  7. Bjorn was a playable sim in an active household when he died, so he becomes a ghost in that household. I should have said, he is potentially a playable ghost, because someone playable could have befriended him and invited him to join the household and then he would be fully playable. As it was, if I had made that household active he would have been there, sort of like a non-controllable Sims 2 pet. What I meant was that he was a playable who became a ghost, as opposed to a townie. I’ve been away from Sims 4 play for nearly a month and I sort of got fuzzy on playable status.

    In Sims 4, if a ghost dies while in an active house, they are fully playable once someone in the house befriends them to the point they rejoin the household as an active or playable member.

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