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It was not the style Ewan preferred.

TS4 2015-05-22 06-15-39-08

It was not a work he would have especially wanted to claim.

TS4 2015-05-22 06-17-46-54

But everyone kept coming over and looking at it.

TS4 2015-05-22 06-16-03-73

And looking

TS4 2015-05-22 06-18-15-57

And looking.

TS4 2015-05-22 06-25-00-18

TS4 2015-05-22 06-13-44-77

Legacy House by Ewan Tesla


Gameplay Notes:

This was Ewan’s first masterpiece; it is a small pop art painting, not too different from the style he (or I for him) criticized at the art gallery.    Everyone autonomously came over to look at it.    Ewan autonomously started sharing his melancholy thoughts with Eric, and Delaney and Alexander autonomously held hands after looking at it.  I felt like they were saying, “Our son is going to be able to make a living doing this!”


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  1. Carla says:

    Well, I think it’s a pretty cool painting, even if Ewan doesn’t consider it his best work!

    • I’ll pass your comment along to Ewan 😉

      I just thought it was so ironic that his first masterpiece was in the same style I had him criticize at the art gallery that time; maybe he just wanted to show he could do something in that style that had substance, lol.

  2. maisie says:

    Aww how sweet is Delaney and Alexander! They’re such good parents, and the painting is quite nice. There seems to be a wide range of paintings in TS4, no? I like that they’re so much more interactive, and meaningful. Ewan criticized those paintings, and wanted to prove he could do it better. He’s a real artist now! 🙂

    • That’s a great way to look at it, Maisie!

      Yes, Sims 4 has a bunch of schools for paintings — classical, impressionistic, pop art, modern, realism, surrealism, those are the ones I can remember. They can paint three different sizes of each but I don’t know how many there are of each school. Plus there are the emotional paintings they can do. I’m having him focus on “Paint from Reference,” though, so he is busy getting portraits of all the family as well as landscapes of their famous places.

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    I rather like that painting, actually! Does it have an emotion? I still don’t really know how emotion objects work :).

  4. I actually personally like it too. That particular pop art painting does not evoke an emotion (I’m almost certain.) I think viewing most paintings gives an inspired mood. But then there are specific emotional paintings, which evoke the specific emotion in viewers. And until they master “expressionistic” by completing the aspiration, they can only paint the emotional paintings for the emotion they are currently experiencing. But now Ewan can paint any emotional painting, any time.

    Most of the emotion objects can have their “aura” turned off or on. I actually have most of them turned off, because I don’t want my sims changing mood just because they changed rooms. I like their moods to reflect their personality and what is going on with them at the time.

    • Echo Weaver says:

      I think I agree. From what I read on other blogs, it sounds like you can get a LOT of emotion-inducing objects. I’d rather see my sims have “natural” emotions based on what is happening to them most of the time.

      Though the idea of creating a club or venue that encourages people to be goofy or flirty or whatnot sounds very appealing.

  5. cathytea says:

    I love to see what they choose to paint! Ewan is very talented!

    • Me too, Cathy, I was actually really excited to see which type of painting his first masterpiece would be, since he picked all the styles he did except when I have him paint from reference. I haven’t really seen a pattern yet, of which style he picks the most, since I almost always have him paint from reference to get ready for his art show. I’m very excited about having paintings of the Teslas, Goths, and their places to live on in the gallery (I’ll upload his gallery to the Gallery) and in their homes.

      • cathytea says:

        Oh, that’s such a great idea to upload his gallery! 🙂 I also hope you’ll give us lots of tours. Poplar focused on the surrealist school–always choosing that when she would paint autonomously as well as having whims to paint a surrealist painting. The subject she’d choose always related to her current life themes! My Simselves (who all have the Loves the Outdoors trait) will all autonomously paint landscapes–and I’m pretty sure their only masterpieces have been landscapes.

        Perhaps Ewan’s masterpiece here is a tribute to the Goths (the house is a little Gothic) plus his mom’s experiences as a space explorer!

        • Thanks, Cathy, great idea that the painting is a tribute to both sides of his family tree.

          The gallery will be opening in a few posts and will include a tour (it is small, though!) After that, I’ll post it on the Gallery, I’m glad you like the idea. I think it is so cool to be able to upload things sims have created and share them.

          • cathytea says:

            It’s so cool! Oh! What a great idea for a collab! We could do a big arts/ woodcrafting festival where we have a gallery that travels through the gallery and makes a tour through Simmers’ games, while we add works to it!

            • I agree– that would be fun. It sounds really good. Each simmer could add their sims’ works to it, have sims come and see it, and pass it on, right? Like the terracotta soldiers touring, or other museum exhibits that tour the world’s museums. When I was 9 I saw the King Tut exhibit at my dad’s school’s library. I still remember the awe!

              • cathytea says:

                Oh, wow! The King Tut exhibit! How exciting! You know we could add a traveling library wing, too! At the very end, after everyone had added all their work, we could have it at the Gallery so people could download to read books by a Wolff, view paintings by Emma Bennet and Ewan Tesla, see woodcarvings by all sorts of Sims–it would be this incredible Sim gallery of work by Sims all over the Simiverse!

                Oh–also, Caitlin and I are thinking about an explorer challenge collab thing–it could be fun to incorporate this somehow.

              • Echo Weaver says:

                I love this idea! You should totally do it. In a year or so maybe I can add some of my sims work to it!

  6. Echo Weaver, so glad you want to add your sims’ works too! We could definitely revive it later, if you aren’t playing when we first do it. Everyone will have new sims to contribute by then, too.

    Cathy, What kind of things are you thinking for the Explorer Challenge?

    I love the idea of a library exhibit, too. With books, terrific!

  7. moondansr says:

    I loved this post. I’ve never seen anything like that happen, where the family came to look at a masterpiece on the easel. It might be that I’m too strict with my sims and don’t give them enough free roam.

    • It was really cool, which is why I made a whole post out of it. They only did it this one time– maybe because it was the first? Also, I think it was a weekend, and they were all home, just doing their own thing.

  8. That’s really cool. Good Job, Ewan! Such proud patents. Love the layout of the chapter.

  9. Wow, great painting Ewan 😀

  10. V, thanks! I still remember how happy I was that he painted his first masterpiece!

  11. haha I bet you were 😀 I’m really curious who will end up as heir, I like all the kids 😀

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