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Managing Stress & Finding Balance

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Managing Stress & Finding Balance

A lavender bath (In Real Life) would be nice about now…

But Grayson will be back soon

As will the Count, who didn’t burn to a crisp before he made it to the portal

The Take Me to the Moon Legacy & Simdale Valley will return soon, by about mid-June 2017.

We’re just finding some balance.

In the meantime, see you around on Tumblr for mini-updates as I rebuild Simdale Valley. ย The game file got too huge and the lag is now unbearable, along with an endless loading screen.


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  1. cathytea says:

    Good luck with the rebuild ! Good luck , too , with dynamic balance ! Happy spring !

    • Cathytea, thanks for commenting. I have been spending some of the time I was simming working out and feeling so much better. Sunday I went to a Vinyasa Yoga class and it was really good. I hope you are well!

  2. Carla says:

    Sorry to read about Simdale Valley! I hope you manage to figure everything out and that you have a restful break!

    • Carla, the Sims 4 lag has just sucked a lot of the fun out of playing and it was really disheartening to have it in Simdale Valley. Even the new game file has a lag already. At this point I have put Sims 4 aside temporarily, hoping the devs will fix the lag problem. I do hope they fix it or someone fixes it and I can finish the legacy without putting up with it. (It’s not as bad right now in the legacy save but Simdale Valley, even the new file, is laggy). It takes hours and hours just to feed a toddler, or wait for a sim to pick a toddler up, and then half the time they set them right back down. There’s some really engaging programming in the sims actions, but in my game at least, it is so disrupted by the lag.

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    This is a lovely hiatus post. I do hope balance comes for you. I think I might be just starting to get there myself.

    • Susan, glad to hear you’re feeling on the up and up with all your stress. The hiatus has already helped me a lot since I shifted my focus. I started working out with some of the time I was using simming or troubleshooting, ugh, and feel so much better! From now till June 5 will be super hectic at work and personally. At that point it will start to wind down and my tentative plan is to play the Teslas the 2nd week of June so I can start posting again. I would love to make a lot of progress towards finishing the legacy during the summer months (an ambitious goal would be for Hedy to be at young adulthood by the end of summer, ha).

      • Echo Weaver says:

        I have been through several times with Sims where I had to sit down and ask myself if this hobby was contributing to my wellbeing or detracting from it. I hate to see people have to give it up due to the game’s design shortcomings, and when I’m angriest at it I try to sit back and remind myself what a huge undertaking The Sims franchise really is. There are research-grade questions about simulation and AI here, wrapped up in a commercial product. There’s no way they can get it right. They can only approximate it.

        Take a break. We’re both in this hobby for the long haul. I believe you’ll be back.

        I wish I had something to offer from the technical side. I’m pushing a decade in Sims 3 (gulp), and I really want to be tech support when I can. I want people to have fun in this hobby or else I’m in it alone :). But of course I can’t do anything in Sims 4, nor do I have a good idea where the helpful Sims 4 geeks hang out. The NRaas forums are the best place I’ve ever found to field Sims 3 issues. Real modding heavyweights hang out there, and folks are incredibly eager to help. I’m sure there are such awesome places for Sims 4. I just don’t know where :(.

        • I really identify with your statement about reflecting on the value of simming as a hobby, which I have periodically done and you are right, I am in it for the long haul. And it’s easy to lose sight of what a huge undertaking the franchise is, although my technical understanding of it is far more limited than yours since I am not a programmer. Through the development cycle of the Sims 4 I have felt really badly for the developers because of the level of frustration and at times, malicious feedback, that simmers express to them. Is there any other game that people get quite so possessive of?!??

          My whole foray into Sims 4 has been exploratory– can my play style work with this iteration? Or is it worthwhile to shift my expectations and playstyle, because of the strengths of Sims 4? And the answer is still not quite clear. At this point, it is clear to me that I can and will (unless something unforeseen happens) finish the legacy’s 9th generation, whatever it takes. I started it as a way to explore the Sims 4 as it was developed and expanded, and it serves that purpose well. I’ve gotten attached to the family, and the legacy format works reasonably well with Sims 4’s strengths.

          The remaining, unanswered question is, what will my other main focus be? The historical challenge seems to work very well with Sims 4. There’s a lot of Sims 4 features in household management and world management that facilitate it better than previous games in my experience, and large, extended networks of sims are not a part of that challenge. I still plan to go back to that, ideally when we have pets and hopefully, some sort of weather, although I might stay a lot longer in the earlier periods, which interest me more.

          Sims 2, however, seems to be the engine that really provides what I’m looking for in rotational play. I know I’ve waxed on and on about this in the past, but I still love the way the sims themselves are shaped so thoroughly through their lives by relationships, personality, memories, experiences, wants, needs, fears, aspiration, attraction, life stage, seasons, and events. It is really amazing programming and so much fun to see the dynamics develop through a web of relationships. The sims themselves are the star of Sims 2. In comparison, Sims 4 sims are very much a blank slate, which provides a great springboard for writing but less satisfaction for me in playing them.

          I am sure someone, either within EA or in the modding community, will eventually fix the lag problem, and this summer I’ll probably do some research into troubleshooting my specific game.

  4. Enjoy your break, and make sure you give yourself that bath! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I bet your game will run so great with a fresh save. Hopefully it’ll last for you this time.

    • Hi Laura, I’ve also been thinking of treating myself to a massage at the massage school here; it’s not too expensive for once in a while! Unfortunately, the McElveen’s house was already lagging a lot in the new save the 3rd time I played them!! I was so aggravated! Your game is running ok though, right? I wonder if it is one of Lumia’s mods; I use all his CAS and lighting ones and his body shop stuff. I think all the other ones I use, you also use. Anyway, I might try troubleshooting again in June. I also considered giving up on rotational play in Sims 4 and returning to Sims 2 for that. For fun, I’m playing my Pleasantview again. It works so well for rotational play.

      • Oh, how frustrating about the lag. I can’t even imagine what the problem is. I’m certain we’re using most of the same mods and CC, and my game runs fine. And you said you started another new save and that didn’t fix it? ๐Ÿ™

        In the meantime, enjoy your TS2 play! Are you going to try out some of those pretty new skies and backgrounds that I see everybody using?

        • Those skies and backgrounds, and the new water for Sims 2 look amazing! I’m playing around with the idea of beginning a brand new Sims 2 neighborhood for rotational play, from scratch, and if I go that route, I’ll look into adding them as I start it.

          Right now I am playing Pleasantview in a copy of my old Simdale Valley game file and am steadfastly not tinkering with the game or adding anything so that all I have to is load it up (it takes about 3 minutes) and play, no troubleshooting involved.

          If I have one hour, I can play a sim day and the progression is going pretty quickly that way with a day equalling a year in their lives, four days in the main ‘hood to four years in uni (whew, lots of uni time). Lucy Burb is starting uni this round and Dustin just knocked up Angela (who is in grad school for counseling thanks to Pru’s mod from N99) accidentally on their Twikki vacation in which I thought they may get engaged, but now is having cold feet about fatherhood and marriage. She’s fallen in love with her mom’s young lover (and he with her) but no one wants to leave any of their current relationships and the drama is really getting intense. I really don’t think Dustin and Angela will end up together at this point; she has an engagement want but he doesn’t. It’s a blast and I’m missing blogging but the pace is fun and easy since I have about three times a week I can play for an hour.

  5. maisie says:

    Good luck with your rebuild and enjoy your break!

    • Thanks, Maisie, taking a simming and blogging break was much needed during May and now I’m excited about getting back to my legacy and Simdale Valley. I saw your comment on Tumblr that you are taking a break in June/July. Take care, and see you when you return!

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