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Makin’ Mischief

Take Me to the Moon 5.19

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Fiona was the first goofball born into the family, and the first goofball since Maddi.  And now, with three goofballs in residence (Zoe and Ranen were also goofballs),  and the luxuriously laid back feeling of summer, a light-hearted feeling descended over the family.

TS4 2015-07-27 18-25-12-35

Delaney had accumulated a lot of time off, so even though she hadn’t retired, she was home a lot.  At last, she had that time she’d been wanting to have to chat, and cloud gaze, and enjoy her children, grandchildren, and Alexander.

TS4 2015-07-27 18-24-43-33

Fiona got to spend some time with her triple great grandma Maddi at the pool, and found out Maddi was quite the instigator too.

TS4 2015-07-28 14-31-00-37

They really hit it off.  Maddi was quite enamored with the new cloud-gazing interaction, as well as her great, great, great granddaughter, who, to her delight, was half extraterrestrial, very smart, and had a triple great sense of humor.

TS4 2015-07-28 10-44-41-69

Ewan was rarely gloomy; he had Zoe, and together, they had Felicity.

TS4 2015-07-27 18-26-31-57

Even Elise’s insults couldn’t get Ewan down; they both ended up smiling.

TS4 2015-07-28 09-32-33-40

TS4 2015-07-28 09-32-45-21

Ewan: “You see what kind of scalawag I put up with on a daily basis?!”

Elise was officially Troublemaker #1.

TS4 2015-07-28 09-32-50-92

But Ewan was in such a good mood, he painted a couple playful paintings in a row.

TS4 2015-07-28 10-33-14-04

Elise and Ranen got up to their own mischief in one of Delaney’s rockets

Ewan and Zoe’s daughter, Felicity, was a considerate, somewhat proper little girl who made people feel welcomed.    After having met Great, Great Grandma Beatrice at her child birthday party, she had a special affinity for her, Great Grandaddy Cedric, and Great, Great Granddad Brad.

TS4 2015-07-27 18-47-05-59

Felicity, on the other hand,  was the only neat sim in the family.  She enjoyed cleaning but she didn’t enjoy the general disarray that so often characterized the pool area and the dining room.  It was not unusual at all to see her carrying a stack of dishes, and feeling tense about the mess.

TS4 2015-07-28 10-08-50-15

Even Alexander was having his miscreant moments, describing the apocalypse to his sister one day when she came by.  At first, she looked angry.

TS4 2015-07-27 18-47-57-48

But he got a smile out of her in the end.  It helped pass the time while he was out on the street, waiting to greet older relatives that might be passing by.

TS4 2015-07-27 18-48-06-59

Zoe was interested in wellness.

TS4 2015-07-27 18-50-11-36

She was a beginner, but the energetic feeling she got after a yoga workout was a big help for work, and felt great.

TS4 2015-07-27 18-49-34-07

Since she really didn’t appreciate Elise’s insults, she needed all the serenity she could garner.

For example, one day, Elise autonomously painted a llama.

TS4 2015-07-28 09-40-39-74

And then implied it was a painting of Zoe’s mother.  Usually Zoe could take a joke, but she had a raw spot when it came to Elise.

TS4 2015-07-28 09-42-29-33

But in defense of her fellow goofball, and aunt,  Fiona got revenge, if only for a nano second.

TS4 2015-07-28 09-50-51-62

“Hey mom, what’s that over there?!”

TS4 2015-07-28 09-51-24-79

“It looks like an alien ship!”

TS4 2015-07-28 09-51-49-90

Elise was very difficult to scare, though.

TS4 2015-07-28 09-52-07-28

And Fiona ended up feeling sheepish.

TS4 2015-07-28 09-52-18-34

Elise lectured her about telling lies.

TS4 2015-07-28 09-52-59-54

And then promptly moved on, expecting Fiona to just put it behind her.

TS4 2015-07-28 09-53-16-35

But Fiona felt too embarrassed, and went and hid in her bedroom.

TS4 2015-07-28 09-54-05-96

After a while, Delaney came to check on her, and read her book there, pretending not to realize Fiona had been embarrassed, or gotten in trouble.

TS4 2015-07-28 09-58-41-42

Dinner times were a lot of fun, as Delaney and Alexander shared funny stories and inside jokes with the rest of the family.

TS4 2015-07-28 10-06-16-02

“And then, I told him, “If the zombie apocalypse comes, do you think I’m letting you anywhere near this baby?!”

TS4 2015-07-28 10-07-42-57

There were lots of whims to talk with each other, or tell a joke, or compliment someone.

TS4 2015-07-28 10-12-27-23

Alexander was pleasantly surprised one day when Elise sat down with him and said, “Dad, thank you so much for being so good to us while we were growing up.  I really appreciate you.”

TS4 2015-07-28 10-15-09-65

It was a fun summer for everyone, and it felt like it would never end.

TS4 2015-07-28 10-53-32-83

Gameplay Notes:

  • The pool lot is by EA Origin ID Heidiextreme, and it is called Wild Waters Park Extreme.  I replaced the big park at Oasis Springs with it.
  • When I returned to the household, everyone had 3 days off, and it was the weekend!  Before summer’s over (in game) they’ll have time to take Felicity and Fiona camping!
  • The family is working on developing relationships with the Greats, but it’s feels pretty slow.
  • I caught Maddi looking at Ranen and Fiona with alien thought bubbles, and she and Fiona are quite a fun pair.  I picture her being pretty thrilled with aliens in the family.


15 Comments so far:

  1. Echo Weaver says:

    You’re back to playing! Wonderful. It’s good to get to know the new generation. Goofballs sound like a lot of fun.

    Delaney is a really cute Elder. I enjoyed the shots of her visiting with Fiona. (I love both the names Fiona and Felicity, btw.)

    Did the sims really get a summer vacation, or was that coincidence! A happy coincidence, though! The more stuff there is to do in the game, the rougher it is to loose at that time at home and work.

    • Susan, you’ve been updating a lot lately, it is fun seeing Edmund and Vicki as teens. Yes, I’m back to playing and finally got this save file all set up with updated mods and hopefully it will be ok. We just got the new Kings’ Quest for PS3, though, so it will cut into my simming time, I think. John and I used to play Kings’ Quest about 24 years ago on our first PC. And school starts back in a week and a half. I wish summer could last forever!

      I’m so happy Delaney didn’t get Bella’s no wrinkles glitch. She’s really getting a lot of wrinkles, now, and I love the way she looks. Summer vacation is not a game feature, I just decided to make it their summer vacation, since it is summer in real life and they all had so much time off. Usually, someone has to work or go to school! It’s true, it is hard to do everything as more activities are added in. I’m glad they get pretty generous vacation days from work that accrue, it helps. So to get the most out of it, I’ll have the sims that aren’t off when everyone else is, use their vacation days so they can be off together. Thanks for commenting!

      • Echo Weaver says:

        Wait, did you say King’s Quest? For PS3, not PS4?? Holy crap! I loved those games. And we even have a PS3. We haven’t bothered upgrading to the current generation of game consoles because we just don’t get enough time to play grown up console games while our kid is small.

        Is this a downloadable game, or is it something we need to purchase from a store? I need to know more!

        Yes, I’m trying to post like crazy. I have played until Gamora’s teen birthday, and Edmund’s birthday is in a few game-hours. By my legacy rules (I think these are the official Pinstar rules), the torch is passed as soon as the heir ages to YA. So I can’t play again until I know who the heir is, and I don’t want to post the heir poll until we’ve read through all of Gen 7 becoming teens! I’m dying to know who the heir is, so I’m trying to push my way through the rest of the posts.

        • That’s pretty exciting for you, it sounds like, not knowing and having to wait to play them. I love this generation of yours, but I’m pretty sure I’m voting for Edmund.

          We downloaded King’s Quest for PS3 from the PS3 store! I’m glad to find another King’s Quest fan; it has been a long time! John and I were telling our daughter how with the first game, you had to type in commands (it was a ms dos game, right?). We haven’t seen a game we can’t live without for PS4 so we haven’t really even considered upgrading yet. It was just released at midnight yesterday, and actually, as of last night, only Chapter 1 of 5 was available, which I’m not sure if they aren’t finished yet or if it is just not available until you play through Chapter 1. We played about 4 hours yesterday and didn’t finish chapter one. There’s no progress bar so I don’t know how far through it we are. It is quite reminiscent of King’s Quest V as far as graphics and gameplay, as best I remember. But my 17 year old thinks the graphics are amazing (they are cartoony, not realistic), so I guess they are keeping up with the times. It’s a really fun though not challenging game so far. I remember us plotting the desert on graph paper so we could get through it alive when we played the originals.

          Edit: It is also available on Steam. Hey, tell me what you think of it if you play it 🙂

  2. Yay! You’re back to playing! 🙂

  3. cathytea says:

    A week and a half! Where did summer go? Our district starts Thursday.

    Goofballs are so fun, aren’t they? And Elise–I just love her no-nonsense approach!

    • Cathy, I know, I’m just working on being grateful for the awesome summer AND for my job, which I’m also very grateful for. A new year is pretty exciting too! I hope you all get a great start this week!

      It is really fun to have Fiona, with her goofball trait. She is a little sensitive to Elise’s reprimands, but she’ll be ok.

      • cathytea says:

        Goofballs are so extremely sensitive, I find. And that is so true to life. As a goofball myself, I often get led into wild areas and comments by my goofballism, and then I feel so wilty flower! I also think that many goofs have hidden loner trait.

  4. Carla says:

    Fiona is adorable – she looks so cheeky in that picture in the header! It’s so lovely to see her bonding with Maddi. Not many kids can claim a bond with their triple great grandma!

    Ha, Felicity’s face cleaning up those dishes! She looks so resigned to the slobbiness of the rest of the family. Poor kid. She’ll have to start cracking the whip!

    I guess with so many Greats around, building relationships was always going to be slow. There’s only so much time in the day!

    • Yes, Felicity is the first neat sim in the legacy and it’s a tough time for neat sims, with what feels to me like near chaos half the time in the household. It is pretty cool with Fiona being the first goofball, that she gets to be around Maddi at least a little. You are so right about limited time in the day! With a houseful of eight it is really hard to make sure everyone is ready for work and school, and has time to meet a goal or two, much less everyone keep up relationships! Thanks for commenting, Carla!

  5. I think you need to send some goofball mojo to CathyTea lol. This is cute, I love the family dynamics. I am trying to catch up on my readings, so many stories!

  6. Lol, CathyTea loves goofballs and there have been so few so far in Goofy Love, right? Thanks for reading, and taking the time to comment. I know, there’s so many good stories, it is hard to keep up but I enjoy them as I can.

  7. maisie says:

    Aww, this update was wonderful. It felt very laid back and summery, like the days don’t end, and there’s all the time in the world. I really adored the photo of Fiona and Maddi laid back and just goofing off, how precious! I can see her totally have a bit of a favorite with her, aliens are like her thing, and being a goofball. Felicity is adorable too though. 🙂 And aww when Fiona got in trouble, what a sweetheart. Delaney reading to her was very sweet.

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