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Luc Belrose

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Luc Belrose

August 16, 2017      In Falls Bridge 2 Comments

“Don’t rock the boat,” is Luc’s motto.  He is easy-going as can be, which means he doesn’t get a lot done.  The main thing to him, is to make and keep friends. He and Milla got together in high school, and he was happy to go along with her plans to rent a small house together and save to buy a bakery.

Born:  September 1999

Astrological Sign:  Aquarius

Aspiration:  Popularity

Personality:  Slightly disorganized (4); Reserved(4); Mellow  (4); Cheerful (7); Affable (6)

Genetics:  Blond hair, Light Blue eyes, S2, no freckles, no glasses

Romance:  Girlfriend and roommate, Milla Oliver, 3 bolts



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  1. maisie says:

    Gorgeous eyes on Luc! I hope that the bakery goes well for them, lol on his motto!

  2. Thanks, they’ve got some work to do to buy the bakery. I need to check how much money they need, specifically.

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