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Lot Tour: Jack's Place

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Lot Tour: Jack's Place

Jack’s Place is a seafood restaurant at the pier in Simdale Valley.  It’s named after Captain Jack, the notorious pirate who is rumored to have wintered and hid out in Port Prominence bay, thanks to its steep cliff walls.  The fish is good, and the staff wear pirate gear, which seems to please the locals even more than the tourists.  Locals tend to be pretty proud of their infamous Captain Jack.

Jack’s Place has especially good ambiance at night, when you can look out over the dark bay and picture a pirate ship skirting along its shores.

Jack’s Place is owned and operated by Zane Roberts, who presumably inherited it, since he is only 27 and doesn’t have notable skill or formal training to own such a business.

So late one afternoon, Daniel Ono came home to find his daughter, Yuki, playing with a ball in the back yard.  “When are you going to get me a net, dad?”
He played with her a minute, and then said, “Mom and I are going on a date tonight.  We’ve been here the whole summer, we need to check out Jack’s Place. Your brother’s going to stay with you, be sure to mind him, ok?”
Daniel and Sayuri arrived at Jack’s at nightfall.   While Zane was taking them to their table, Daniel stopped at the fish tank.  He couldn’t resist!
Their waitstaff came to the table, and Sayuri couldn’t help laughing.  Having grown up in Port Prominence, she couldn’t believe the outfit even though she’d heard about it.
They ordered and waited for their food to come.  Everything was delicious and they had a good evening.

I usually want my sims to be seated in a booth, and they usually aren’t; this time I hoped they’d be on the patio, but they weren’t.  

When they got home, this is what they found (Yuki stayed up watching werewolf movies.)

I’m surprised the food was good:  Faith Goodie was the cook, but I know she doesn’t have a lot of cooking skill because I checked when Zane hired her to clean, not cook.  The game automatically put her as the cook.  Does anyone know how to make sure Sandy is the cook when I’m not playing the business?  Zane is set with the Business Runs You to be the Podium Guy.

And finally, I just went back in the game to get a layout picture but then I realized, I can’t enter the business without going first to Zane’s house, and I can’t do that, because Sandy is in labor (but its not time yet for the birth so I’m making myself wait.)  So no layout picture for this update now.


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  1. retromaisie says:

    What a great use for the pirate costume! The place looks great, especially like the deck for the great views. As for the cook when you aren't controlling it, I don't know if there is a hack for that, would be great if there was! But I usually take control of the owner when I visit, and then control the tar out of them, sometimes even freezing them with the maxis poses (hands on hip, etc) to just leave the staff alone. Mostly it's Eric (my stand in who owns a ton of businesses) he is very meddlesome!

    • by Shannon says:

      Maisie, it never occurred to me to freeze him!! That's really smart. He is a busybody too. When you play an owned restaurant, (but not as the owner) do you have trouble with sims surrounding the podium with the sales meter? It's hard to decide if it is worthwhile to have it owned sometimes!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Carla says:

    What a lovely restaurant – I'm not surprised they had such a nice date.

    Do you know what I do when I want my sims to be seated in a certain place? I open up buy mode on the community lot (I use InSim to do this but you can also use the cheat boolprop dormspecifictoolsdisabled false) and turn all the chairs around the wrong way at any table I don't want my sims to sit at. Then when they're seated, I go back and turn the chairs back and let the host seat the other sims at the undesirable tables. 🙂 Works really well!

    • by Shannon says:

      That is a great idea, Carla, I remember reading in a comment or note that you do that. How does the game not fill up the one remaining table before you can get there with your playables? I guess if you head straight for the podium you can beat the other sims there, but it seems like my tiny patio at town hall fills up sometimes and my sims don't have somewhere to sit. I'll definitely try it though!

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