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Lot Tour: Center Park Replacement

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Lot Tour: Center Park Replacement

March 4, 2017      In Lot Tours By 9 Comments

This is a lot built to replace the Myshuno Meadows that came with City Living.

Myshuno Meadows was billed as a wedding venue, so the park contains a formal garden suitable for weddings and other events.

The venue contains three main areas:  the ceremony seating, the formal garden for photos, and the reception area with dance floor, bar, and buffet.

Here’s the reception area


There are several little alcoves for romantic dates or photos at events.

There’s also a wishing well

The formal garden is accessed across a bridge from the middle of the park, or behind the wishing well.

Here’s the view from the center of the park towards the side entrance between the basketball court and the formal garden.

From the center of the park, looking towards the front entrance.

This area contains lots of space for painting and music.

The park also features an aquarium.  Across from the entrance I put a memorial to my legacy sim, Delaney Tesla, who was a famous astronaut.

There’s also a chess garden across from the aquarium.

There’s a huge exhibit just inside the aquarium, with an ice cream shop overlooking the crane sculpture fountain outside.

There’s a barista station, but you have to click on it and hire a sim to work there each time you use it.

Downstairs are the main aquarium exhibits.

The park also contains a food stand area

and a little bit of open green space

And finally, the basketball court.

Layout View:

Basement level of the aquarium.  The large exhibit on the ground floor is made by enlarging an aquarium from spa day several times and having it poke up through the floor.  It can’t be seen from the basement.

Ground floor of the aquarium and ice cream shop.

This lot is available on the Gallery.  I hope you all enjoy it, if you are looking for a lot like this.


9 Comments so far:

  1. This is beautiful! Wow, you really fit a lot on here! I had no idea the lot was that big based on how it came by default. They never really make very good use of space, but you have this thing packed!

    I love your little chess board chess area, and the aquarium is amazing! The wedding area is very romantic. Who do you think will be your first sims to get married here?

    • Thanks! The size is the main reason I’ve waited so long to tackle it; I’ve bulldozed it a couple of times and just couldn’t get a picture in my head or figure out where to start. But this time I started with the wedding ceremony part and just did each part bit by bit. We have a lot of really great items in Sims 4 so it ended up being fun.

      It really frustrated me for a park in the middle of the city to have so much empty space, and I definitely didn’t want to use the lot as it was. I will probably get more use out of it as an urban park and for kids to visit the aquarium, before being able to have a wedding there, but Abby Finley and Michael Schaffer are the main sims I’m picturing getting married there, since I’m shipping them right now. I was just wondering today, though, if they’re going to pan out. It may be a while till it’s used for a wedding in Simdale Valley because right now there are no prospects… oh- except Hattie Granger and Gordon Nott- I forgot about them- they’ll probably be first.

  2. Carla says:

    This is gorgeous! And yeah, you fit a ton on this one lot – wow!

    Wedding-obsessed me immediately pictured some of your sims getting married here in the future. <3 It would make a beautiful backdrop for photos!

  3. Thanks, Carla! As I was building it I tried to make sure it looked good for photos from all angles, especially in the event garden. With the basketball court and the modern-looking, bright aquarium nearby that was a bit of a challenge, but the trees help.

  4. maisie says:

    Stunning! I wish I had this for my game! The wedding space is really well thought out, there will be loads of gorgeous wedding photos taken there. I appreciate that it also hosts a variety of other spaces and activities so that it can be useful when there isn’t a wedding to attend. The aquarium looks like the perfect place to escape the summer heat, cool and dark with fish going glub. 🙂 I like the little nooks for stolen moments and pictures.

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