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Lot Tour: Castle Hedy

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Lot Tour: Castle Hedy

April 15, 2017      In Lot Tours 15 Comments

Here’s a custom-content free castle, designed especially for the Lighthouse Lot in Windenburg island.

It is a rugged, dark, warren of crypts, alcoves, passageways, rooms, turrets, and towers, made in cold stone and softened only slightly by occasional dusty tapestries and sparse, but elegant old furniture.  The only updates are indoor toilets installed a century ago, the conversion of the bedroom basins into sinks with plumbing, a handful of vintage lamps,  and an old-fashioned icebox in the kitchen.

The main entryway is accessed by riding or walking up the sand and rock ramp from the beach, through the old gateway.  No one has bothered to replace the gates, and the original pillars are now in ruins.

A guard tower and narrow wall walks protect the entrance (as well as some fierce gargoyles).

The back gate is a little less foreboding, but a tall guard tower protects it.

The courtyard contains an ancient, natural pool,

a well,

a kitchen garden, AND

Stables!  These horses were created by Severinka, and you can download them here.  (If you download this castle from the gallery, the horses are not included.)

The heart of the Castle is the chapel.  Behind a rail, it contains an altar.

The back of the chapel features alcoves with family relics.

The chapel interior is protected from the rays of the sun, but around the exterior of it in the relative protection of this promenade, one can walk in the moonlight, or if one dares, the sunlight, and overlook the sea

But most of the castle is not so idyllic.  My tester sim’s butler is dismayed at the cobwebs and dirt, which abounds in the castle, as do steep stairways, and even a hidden passage or two.

Deep in the earth, two levels below ground, here’s the main narthex of the lower crypt.

It opens onto an underground, ancient cemetery.

It also opens at the cross points to two vampire coffins in alcoves

The next level up in the catacombs contains a cistern, used during sieges to maintain the water supply, and also providing an indoor pool

Near the cistern, are the servant’s quarters

The old Tesla crypt is also on the same level with the cistern (not shown).

The kitchen is just inside the courtyard, on the first ground level.

The butler is quite convinced it is not possible for one person to maintain this property properly.  (Pretend the tea pot is really just a tea pot, and not an appliance!)

Above the kitchen, off the chapel balcony,  is the nursery, which has a parlor or playroom,

a bath,

and a bedroom, already furnished for two children.

The chapel balcony, just outside the nursery, contains a pipe organ and a confession booth (aka, puppet theatre), as well as access to the outdoor promenade.

The next floor up, (the third floor above ground) contains an elegant sitting room.

The green door leads to the expansive back balcony that overlooks the garden, where my tester sim is standing.

Just off that sitting room, is a grand bedroom, and attached bath which would make a nice master suite.

This third floor bedroom also has a sitting area.  This floor also contains a walk-out balcony on the front of the castle, with access to the tower, which contains a room where someone could be locked away.

The uppermost enclosed floor, the fourth above-ground floor, is a library

This is by far, the most well-lit room in the castle, any time of day, and sims are advised that they cannot escape the rays of the sun in this room during daylight hours.

It contains a secret passageway, which leads to another suite, a private balcony overlooking the sea, and the highest roof, which is a perfect place to study astronomy.

The castle is “move in ready,” if you don’t mind the lack of comforts, and the spiders.  Download it on the Gallery here.  My Origin ID is ShannonSimsFan.  Thanks for looking!

If you are a layout person, here they are:

Deepest catacomb level, which contains the cemetery with dirt floor, and the narthex and vampire alcoves:

Shallowest Catacomb, which contains the old Tesla crypt, servants’ quarters, cistern, and now, a bowling alley:

Ground Floor, which contains, top-bottom, left-right, the access to the catacombs, the chapel floor, secret passageway, stairwell, stables, and kitchen:

Second Level, left-right, top-bottom, which contains nursery bath, chapel balcony, promenade, nursery bedroom and parlor, and stairwell.

Third Level, which contains the master bedroom, tower bedroom, balcony, portico, master sitting room (and master bath), and large balcony overlooking the garden and pool:

Fourth Level, which contains the library, secret passage and secret stairway to roof, secret parlor and bedroom (in the tower):

Fifth Level , which contains a walkout large rooftop accessible from the library secret passageway.  This would be great for a wizard, witch, astronomer, or other person who may wish to keep their activities secret:

I had a lot of fun making this castle, and hope that lots of people get some enjoyment out of playing it, redecorating, and even renovating it.  Usually I like to make efficient and clean designs that are made to use space well and make sense, so going with the flow and making the castle was a different experience.  I figured castles are built over time, as this or that occupant wants a secret passageway, or a tunnel, or a new addition, and I built it that way instead of laying out the design at the beginning.


15 Comments so far:

  1. Wow! It looks so great! I love it. It show you put a lot of effort into it and had fun doing so. 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing build ! It makes me want to write a story set in it, like all your builds do!

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    Very nice! Shall I guess that perhaps Hedy is a vampire after all?

  4. Carla says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine how long this took you to build! You did a superb job with it and it set the perfect atmosphere for the story too.

    • Carla, thank you! It was a very involved build. I decorated the interior in most areas, pretty sparsely. Otherwise it would have taken me a couple of extra weeks. But I wanted the family to be able to afford it, and I figured, a place this big and old could be lightly furnished and decorated. The exterior took a whole day, to get the rough shape, and then I spent shorter times over several days getting the floorplan hashed out. Then the crypts, which I started over on a few times to find the stair placement I liked, took a while too. The effects, like the holes and cracks in the walls, and spider webs, the landscaping, rocks, and vines, and then the lighting, took longer than the furnishings. I’m glad you like it and I’m looking forward to eventually playing it.

  5. meowfaze says:

    Very nice! I like all the detail. It’s funny that the butler is distressed over the cobwebs. I would have thought that the butler wouldn’t have noticed. My vampire family needs a new home and you’re castle looks perfect!

  6. Wow, what a beautiful and very atmospheric build! This must have taken you forever! I love the great details in every room.

  7. maisie says:

    This is stunning! You do such a fantastic job at creating these large, historically-gorgeous lots that I want to visit! Not to mention your stunning garden that you created a bit ago. I love seeing these lot tours!

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