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Living in the Bathroom

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Living in the Bathroom

Simdale Valley

January 606

This is the first update about the Gavigans / Next Update

Nathan Gavigan is 30, Mary Gavigan is 28 and 14 weeks pregnant with twins, Isaiah Gavigan is 12, and Elsa Bjergsen is 10.

“Give me a hug,” Mary said, as Nathan and Isaiah left for work and school one clear, cold morning in January.

Mary felt like she spent most of her time living in the bathroom these days, either throwing up, or cleaning up.  She was hoping during the second trimester, being pregnant with twins would be easier.

Isaiah brought a friend, Elsa, home from school.  Elsa was a couple of years younger, but he had been lonely and wanting to have company, and her mom and Mary were able to work out a time for her to visit.

The kids played make believe for a while, and then Isaiah tried to talk Elsa into watching a movie, Simder, about a dog who finally returns home after travelling the world.

Before the movie was over, Elsa had to leave, and Mary laid down to keep Isaiah company and get a nap in before dinner.

It was Isaiah’s favorite movie.  He really wanted a dog, but mom said that with two baby sisters on the way, it wasn’t a good idea.

In the middle of the night on Friday night, Isaiah woke, afraid of monsters in his room.  He went and woke up his parents.

But Mary threw on a sweater and then ran straight to the toilet, to throw up.  Nathan came into the bathroom to clean up and help her.

“I’ll make some eggs,” he said, after he washed his hands.

Mary had to lay down for a while.  After eating the eggs, she took Isaiah to his room to try to get him back to sleep.  It worried her that Isaiah had started having these kind of night terrors, at his age.

“Tell me what’s bothering you,” she said to Isaiah.  “There’s no monster here, sweetie.”

Isaiah said that kids at school were talking about the clowns.  Mary looked at Nathan desperately, for guidance.  He looked back at her, clueless.

“The clowns,” Isaiah said.  “They steal kids.  A kid even brought a knife to school to protect himself from the clowns.”

Nathan and Mary felt like they’d entered an alternate reality.

“Mom, they’re real,” Isaiah said.  “They’re on Facebook.  They tell kids to come into the woods and then they take them away.”

“There’ve been clown sightings in several states,” Nathan added, as he perused his phone.  “But none here.”

Mary told Isaiah that they were safe here.  She said she thought the clown situation was blown way out of proportion by social media.  “There may have been one or two people dressed as clowns scaring kids,” she said, “but then it became like a fad or an urban myth. Anyway, you know not to talk to people you don’t know, and to get away from them as quick as you can, right?”

“Yuki told me her brother said he saw a clown the other day,” Isaiah said.

“Yuki’s brother lives in Fort Strange,” Mary said.  “That’s a long way away.  Besides, how does she know he was a clown with ill intentions?”

Mary and Nathan finally felt that Isaiah was reassured and had a bit more perspective on the clown situation.  It was nearly dawn.

“May I play in the nursery closet?” Isaiah asked.

“I’m not too sleepy right now,” Mary said, flirting with Nathan as they returned to bed. “Or nauseous.”

Later that morning, Nathan asked Mary how she was feeling.

“I thought we could all use an outing,” he said.  “What do you think?”

“I’m feeling pretty good,” she said.

The family caught the ferry and drove into Port Prominence.  They left the car in a commuter lot and took the light rail to the Central Park, to see the new aquarium.

Isaiah went a little ahead of his parents, since he wasn’t as interested to read all the exhibits.

Soon he backtracked, checking in with his mom.

“Mom, are you ok?  You look like you’re about to puke,” he said.

“Where’s your dad?” she asked, after hugging him.   Seeing Nathan around the corner, she dashed to the nearest bathroom.

“Hey, check this out,” Nathan said, leading Isaiah to an exhibit about underwater exploration.

Mary returned to find them pretty engrossed with the video presentation.

“Let’s get some ice cream,” she said.

They were all situated with their ice cream order.  Mary started to feel sick again.

“Excuse me,” she said, as she dashed off.

“Is mom going to be ok?” Isaiah asked.

“Definitely,” Nathan said. “So maybe we should talk about sex,” he added, “You’re twelve now.”

Mary came back, and asked if they minded getting some hamburgers at a nearby stand.  Nathan and Isaiah both looked overly relieved to get a change of scenery, and Mary felt like she must have missed something while she was in the bathroom.

She had better luck with keeping the burger down.  It was a beautiful afternoon.

But they soon realized, it was probably later than they should have stayed in the city.  By the time they got to the light rail station, which was several blocks from the park, it was dark.

The train pulled in, and they hopped on, thankful to sit down for a bit.

When they finally pulled into the driveway it was after ten. It was really good to be home again.


  • Did anyone else hear about the clowns, back in Fall 2016?  The 12-year-old kids at my school were scared of the clowns, and a kid from a neighboring school was showing my students a weapon (sharp scissors) she brought to school to protect herself from clowns while they waited together at the bus stop.   When Isaiah was scared of the monster under the bed, I wanted to write it in, but it seemed a little weird for a kid his age to be afraid of actual monsters under the bed (and wake up his parents).
  • Not a lot happened here, but since I hadn’t done a full update on the Gavigans, I decided to post about them here instead of only on Tumblr.
  • The main reason the play session was so uneventful was because I started using the Emotional Inertia mod by roBurky, and it was amazing how much more challenging (& fun) the game was, and how much less I could accomplish, goal-wise or story-wise.  The main impact of the mod was on Isaiah, after he was scared of the monster, he continued to be stressed for longer.  I also put the Simulation Lag Fix in the game (by SimmytheSim) and it not only fixed the lag I was having, it also made autonomy much more prevalent.  So Isaiah kept asking his parents to come to his room to help with the monster, but they kept doing whatever autonomous actions were in their queue (vomiting, cleaning the bathroom, fixing eggs, Mary went back to sleep, then ate).  It took hours for them to respond to Isaiah because they had their own agendas.  Before the fix, the sims weren’t really doing very much autonomously and I think it’s because the autonomous actions were going in the same queue with everything else and getting cancelled out.
  • The house is Gizky’s Hyperreal Colonial Home. This creator has got a ton of gorgeous houses of all kinds on her Gallery page. I redecorated the girls’ room as a nursery for the twins, due in June 606.



8 Comments so far:

  1. Yay, they got to visit your new aquarium!

    I remember the clowns thing! It happened right around Halloween, too, so everyone was scared to let the kids out trick-or-treating that night.

    That emotional inertia mod! Whew! It keeps you on your toes. I love it, lol! It adds a nice challenge to the game!

    • Yes, I didn’t think I would manage to get them to the aquarium, with it being more difficult to get them in good moods, and Mary’s pregnancy, but like you said, I found their happy places- Mary and Nathan woohooed and napped, and Isaiah played in the closet for hours. Then they were ready to go 🙂

  2. Carla says:

    Ugh, those clowns! That was going around our school at the same time (northern autumn/southern spring). I can only imagine what the parents were dealing with at home! It was definitely most common with the kids Isaiah’s age too. The 10-12 year-olds were obsessed!

    I have to say, I felt so bad for Mary. So nauseous so late into her pregnancy! Poor thing. Are all TS4 pregnancies like that or does it vary? Most of my sims are done with nausea once they’re past the first trimester. At least she got to enjoy your awesome new aquarium though!

    Emotional Inertia sounds like it’s been an interesting addition to the game for you!

    • Wow, the clown thing even spread to the southern hemisphere! I am so thankful that it’s passed!

      Her baby bump is out of whack. She’s really at 14 weeks, so she ought to look a little smaller, but the second semester bump is pretty big in Sims 4. I don’t know if morning sickness is normal at that point in pregnancy in Sims 4. I have pregnancy length set to 90 days, since I have a ten day month, and Sims 4 pregnancies were designed to only be 3 days so it’s probably WAY out of whack. At any rate, she did have a lot of morning sickness and a lot of trips to the bathroom with her bladder as well. I wonder how the morning sickness uncomfortable emotion is tuned– if it is random, which I suspect it is. She is having twins, which could make it worse but I kind of doubt that the tuning is that sophisticated. Thanks for commenting!

  3. maisie says:

    Wow poor Mary, she’s having a rough go of it. Good thing that Isaiah is old enough to take care of himself, and that his Dad was nearby when she took off for the restroom. The city looks great and it was fun seeing the aquarium in action. Poor kid just wants a dog, my Isaiah is very attached to his German Shepard, maybe they will relent once the twins are born, and a bit less needy…. hah! By that time, he might be grown! 😀

    I do recall the clown thing, and that is alarming how much kids were frightened of it, for them to go to such extremes of protection. Wait until fall this year with the new release of IT… it looks terrifying!

    • True, Mary just left Isaiah standing there while she went to the restroom. Visitors aren’t generated with the Center Park venue, so I need to assign some random clubs to meet there so there’ll be strangers about. That’s cool that your Isaiah loves his German Shepherd. I do think we’ll get Pets in Sims 4 late this year or early next year (because of some of the “hints” in the children’s books and other items in the game), so hopefully Isaiah will get his dog after the twins are born, eventually. I haven’t heard about IT yet… that’s just what we need :-/

      • maisie says:

        Nice on pets! I hadn’t heard of the hints, my kids will be thrilled. The previews for IT look frightening! 😨 IT, singlehandedly killing the profession of clowns.

        • Sims VIP just posted another snippet of code about Pets in Sims 4 the other day. IT sounds awful for our kids to watch! You’re right, it will cause lots of drama and discussion though in school. Take care, Maisie!

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