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Life Goes On, Part III

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Life Goes On, Part III

Take Me to the Moon 5.17

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Alexander’s plan to download all the culled family members from the Gallery went off without a hitch.  Micah, the founder’s spouse who had been culled while another house was active, looked right at the simmer while cloud-gazing with Maddi.  He seemed to be saying, “Do you think this is a good idea?”

"Wow, this new cloud-gazing interaction is terrific!"

Maddi:  “Wow, this new cloud-gazing interaction is terrific!   I wonder what other fun things there are to get into here??”

After finding out about Bella’s disappearance and all the cullings, on the blog, Alexander and Delaney had decided to bring back everyone who had been culled.  Mortimer had died, and had a funeral, in the game, but his ghost had been culled and was no longer part of the family tree or anyone’s relationship panel.  Bella had also gone missing, with no evidence she had ever existed, outside the blog.  So he brought both of them back and moved them back into Goth Manor.

TS4 2015-07-05 13-29-50-48

And so it was, that for the second time in this save file, Delaney’s ancestors were brought back from the Gallery and stood looking around an empty lot.  Uncle Barnaby noticed right away that something weird was up.   However, this was the same Barnaby, Maddi, Beatrice, Cassandra, Brad, and Cedric that were brought back after the save game was lost, so there’s no way they’d have deja vu.  To them, this was the first time being in the game and all they possessed were their relationships to each other.

TS4 2015-07-05 13-08-42-31

While Alexander was typing in freerealestate, moving Delaney’s culled ancestors in to Jenba’s fabulous Aunt Joann’s farm, and starting to look up Sim ID’s, the next generation of Teslas was soon to be born.

Elise and Zoe, both nearing their due dates, enjoyed the weightlessness of the pool

TS4 2015-07-04 16-29-52-42

Ewan came out to sit with Zoe.  She looked over and saw Ranen giving Elise a backrub.

TS4 2015-07-04 16-34-41-04

Zoe thought, “A backrub, wow, that would be nice.”

TS4 2015-07-04 16-37-23-29

Ranen was very energized by the thought of their baby, developing and growing.

TS4 2015-07-04 16-36-00-13

Waiting for the bathroom, Zoe seemed to be thinking, “Why can’t this house have more toilets?!”

TS4 2015-07-04 16-31-56-90

She wasn’t the only tense sim.  Adding relationship bits was turning out to be a lot more troublesome than Alexander anticipated.  He was having a real problem getting them to stick.  Dozens of times, he typed in the proper codes in the format, “relationship.add_bit <yoursimid> <targetsimid> <relationshipbit>, but the only one he could get to stick was Cassandra as Delaney’s mom.  And they weren’t showing up in family trees at all.  Cassandra wasn’t showing up as Elise or Ewan’s grandmother, either.  He made sure that he and Delaney knew everyone, and tried again.  He tried it from the other household.  It just wasn’t working.  He read somewhere that particular cheat code wasn’t working anymore; but it had worked with Cassandra and Delaney.

The whole reason for doing this was for their grandchildren to know there were sims that went before them.  That they were part of something bigger.

TS4 2015-07-04 16-01-00-59

Early the next morning, Zoe was up playing Sims Forever, and Elise was playing chess.  Her back was really bothering her, but she figured it wasn’t time for her baby to come until after Zoe’s.

TS4 2015-07-04 17-00-10-83

She got dressed for the day, and then her dad joined her for a game of chess.

TS4 2015-07-04 17-14-14-85

Youch!  These back pains were really getting hard to breathe through.

TS4 2015-07-04 17-14-48-95

“Dad, I think the baby’s coming,” she said.

Elise was famous in her family for finding a distraction when her parents started beating her in a chess game.

“Well, that’s a new one,” he joked.  “We haven’t even started yet; how do you know I’m winning?”  He grinned.

“Dad!  This is not the time to joke,” she said tersely.

“Come on, let’s get you to the lab, and call Ranen.”

TS4 2015-07-04 17-14-53-12

Elise walked to the lab, where they had decided to have their baby.

TS4 2015-07-04 17-15-29-99

Alexander ran and got Delaney, and they headed down into the bunker lab to see if they could help.

TS4 2015-07-05 18-51-37-30

Elise was deep breathing, and getting ready to deliver.

TS4 2015-07-04 17-16-56-95

They had a beautiful baby girl.  Elise and Ranen named her Fiona Tesla.

TS4 2015-07-05 18-53-00-02

Immediately after Fiona’s birth, Zoe’s baby was ready to be born.

TS4 2015-07-04 17-19-17-03

Still in his pj’s, Ewan ran in to see his child.

TS4 2015-07-05 19-38-02-12

TS4 2015-07-05 19-39-08-76

“Sweetie, it’s a girl!” Zoe said.  “Felicity Tesla.”

TS4 2015-07-05 19-42-13-89

Delaney and Alexander were still meeting Fiona, and didn’t realize they already had a second granddaughter upstairs.

TS4 2015-07-05 18-57-51-68

“Well hello, little one,” Alexander said softly,

TS4 2015-07-05 19-01-47-56

“Just wait till your great, great, great grandma Maddi meets you.  Then she’ll know we’ve left the moon far, far behind.”

TS4 2015-07-05 19-01-30-16

Delaney couldn’t believe she was finally a grandma, and she looked at her little Fiona in wonder.

TS4 2015-07-05 19-05-22-93

Delaney and Alexander left the new family to enjoy each other, and Ranen rocked Fiona as Elise napped.

TS4 2015-07-05 19-22-15-32

Delaney and Alexander went upstairs.  And then, within minutes, they met their second granddaughter!  Happiness was bursting out all over.

TS4 2015-07-05 19-54-55-11

Felicity gazed up at Alexander, finding his eyes.  It looked like she smiled.  She had beautiful brown eyes and Zoe’s rich skin tone.

TS4 2015-07-05 19-56-06-82

Alexander and Delaney rocked her to sleep and quietly crept back to their room.

They took a selfie.

“Look at us, we’re grandparents,” Delaney laughed.  “Look at you,  you’re pretty hot for an old guy.”

TS4 2015-07-05 19-53-15-41

“You’re smouldering like a sequence star, honey.”

TS4 2015-07-05 19-50-41-57

“But I really wanted to get the family trees straightened out for everybody,” Alexander told her.

“It’s just not working.  Have I made a mistake bringing everybody back?”

Delaney looked at him, “Like you said, at least this gives the kids a chance to know everyone existed, right?   I think it will be ok.”

TS4 2015-07-05 19-52-39-65

After Alexander went to sleep, Delaney went down to the lab to see if she could find anything else about remaking family relationships.  She checked Twisted Mexi’s and Sims VIP’s new cheat list, but nothing new or different turned up.  “Maybe our code has  already got relationship bits that are blocking the new ones,” she thought. “But I don’t want to run any risks of messing up anyone’s code.”

Delaney wondered if they’d be able to meet everyone again, and what would happen when they did.

TS4 2015-07-02 11-00-37-88

Gameplay Notes:

  • Can I just say, I’m already crazy about Fiona and Felicity!
  • These two posts (Part ii and Part III) were originally going to be released the week of July 13th, but there’s a special post I want to release tomorrow, July 9th, so I went ahead and posted them early.   I’ll be taking a short break (hopefully short) with the Teslas from the July 9th patch, through at least July 15th, but posts will hopefully resume soon after that.
  • I thought Zoe’s baby, Felicity, would be born first, but Elise’s was.  I think it may be a result of joining Elise at her  science job at the lab one day while pregnant, so she was played more hours than Zoe; I’m not sure.
  • I lost the original pictures of everyone meeting the babies, and moving the Teslas into Aunt Joann’s!  I had turned off Fraps while trying to fix everyone’s relationships, because I couldn’t see the cheat code window, and forgot to turn it back on.  So time of day and outfits don’t flow correctly since it was the next game day when these pictures were taken.

5 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    This was fun! I just love the way you’re handling game-awareness. And I love the new babies, too! How awesome for the cousins to grow up together!

  2. Carla says:

    Two girls! I was actually thinking Ewan and Zoe would have a boy (and I had named him Finn in my head, lol), so I was pleasantly surprised to see Felicity pop out instead. 🙂

    So, wow, is that all your dead/lost sims who are back in game now? I can’t wait to see how Alexander deals with this, what with the lost relationships and memories and all.

    • Finn was on my list of boys’ names, because of your Finn! I guess I could have used the new ability to listen to certain kinds of music to have a boy, but I enjoy not knowing if it will be a boy or girl.

      I brought back all of the legacy ghosts/culled sims (Micah, Maddi, Beatrice, Brad, Cedric, Cassandra, and Bella and Mortimer). When saving the Pancakes to the Gallery I noticed they still have their parents in their relationships panels as ghosts, so Eliza and Bob died and were not culled. Only Maddi, Beatrice, and Cassandra have responded to invitations to come to the lot, so they may or may not have a chance to meet all of them before they die again. I hope to bring their tombstones over once they die though.

      • Carla says:

        So cool that you had Finn on your list!

        Yeah, I like the surprise of whether the game will give me a boy or a girl too. I used the fruits a few times in TS3 when I played that but got bored with that after a while and went back to letting the game decide!

        And I just saw you kind of answered one of my questions on your latest post in your answer to this one! So feel free to ignore that part, if you feel you’ve answered it enough here.

  3. moondansr says:

    It’s sad that you weren’t able to add them back to the family tree but neat to think you’ll get to have the tombstones. I love that the babies were born and now there are two little girls in the house, so sweet! Looking forward to reading more.

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