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Life Goes On, Part II

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Life Goes On, Part II

Take Me to the Moon 5.16

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Zoe was first to get pregnant.  She had wanted a baby since the honeymoon, but Ewan had been dragging his feet about starting a family.   Elise and Ranen, newly joined,  had already been trying for a baby, but no luck so far.

Which made Elise sad, and grumpy.

TS4 2015-07-02 07-47-08-00

Delaney and Zoe suddenly had a lot more to talk about than ever before.

TS4 2015-07-02 07-59-06-07

“And I wonder if our baby will have a temperament like Ewan’s, or more playful, like mine… or maybe be totally different than either of us?!”

And they prepared Eric’s old room as a nursery.

TS4 2015-07-02 09-25-42-25

 Alexander and Delaney were finally going to be grandparents.  But their joy was tempered by a weighty decision.   After reading about Bella’s disappearance on the blog, for the first time since they had become game aware, they were considering  using their knowledge and skills to affect their game.   They wondered, whether they should take action, so that their children and grandchildren would have memory of their ancestors.

“It wouldn’t be technically difficult, to hack into the Gallery and bring back my mom,” Alexander said.   “The only tricky part is typing in the needed sim id’s correctly with all the cheats to re-make the family ties, and I can do that too.”

I’ve lived most of my life without a relationship bar to my parents and uncle and grandparents, and there’s nothing wrong with me,” Delaney said.

TS4 2015-07-02 09-19-04-38

“Well,” Alexander joked softly.

“Ok,” she said.  “I understand why you want to do this.  We are the last real link for our kids, to their past.  Once we’re gone, that link will be gone too.”

TS4 2015-07-02 09-18-59-22

“But, what about all the sims, your dad, my uncle Barnaby, and even before then, all the others who had died, and then were culled,” Delaney asked.   “What are you thinking?”

Alexander sighed.  “I’m not sure.  We could just bring back my mom as an elder, which is pretty straightforward.  Or we could really go for the whole enchilada, and bring back all the family.”

“If we bring them all back, then almost all of them would be our age or younger.  Unless you’re considering using cheats to turn them all into gho-“

“No.  That’s not what I’m thinking, “Alexander cut in.  He reconsidered.  “Is that what you want?”

“No.” Delaney shook her head defiantly.

“So we bring them back, remake the relationship ties, and then get to know each other all over again?  How many days do you think we have left?”

Alexander looked at her, “It’s not how many days we have, sweetheart.  It’s how many days our children, and their children have, to rebuild all of their legacy.”

Alexander’s phone rang.  His sister, Cassandra, was having her elder birthday, and invited them to her party at Goth Manor in the Garden District.

TS4 2015-07-02 08-10-39-27

Some people took the realization that Ranen was not from earth, a little difficult to wrap their head around.

TS4 2015-07-02 08-27-04-93

But Ranen made light of it by describing that the inevitable Robot Invasion was the real concern.

TS4 2015-07-02 08-26-45-06

Elise had a different way of dealing with it when Malcolm Landgraab insulted her, possibly for joining with an alien.

TS4 2015-07-02 08-28-28-03

But when her Aunt Cassandra chided her for being mean at her party, she chipped the ice away and freed him.

TS4 2015-07-02 08-30-26-97

Finally, Ryleigh Arias, Delaney’s best friend from childhood, got her gray hairs and plenty of wisdom and perspective to go with them.

TS4 2015-07-02 08-56-41-35

Elise and Ranen really wanted children.  They discussed how division of labor would work for them.

TS4 2015-07-02 09-30-46-60

“I’ll stay home with the nooboo so you can go back to work sooner,” Ranen said. “And I can perfect my salad techniques!”

And finally, one morning, Elise caught Ranen in the stairwell of the lab and gave him the happy news.

TS4 2015-07-02 07-57-07-69

“Nooboo??!!” Ranen squealed happily.

She had intense morning sickness

TS4 2015-07-02 09-34-45-87

And Zoe had it too

TS4 2015-07-02 09-37-58-09

Although Zoe, who had never been athletic,  had felt well enough to take up Punching Bag training since becoming pregnant.

TS4 2015-07-02 08-03-43-91

Delaney felt so sick, she took some leave and worked in her lab at home, with her alien plants.

TS4 2015-07-02 10-39-59-43

When Ranen went into work, his first priority was to consult with the Engineering Robot.  He knew they had a lot of work ahead of them, perhaps decades of research and development

TS4 2015-07-02 09-58-50-23

but he explained they need to engineer a wormhole generator, one he could use to travel home and at least report on the impact of the abductions, here on earth.  Maybe even appeal to the authorities to change policy and intervene.

TS4 2015-07-02 10-03-12-90

When he got home that night, Elise ran out, and gave him a big welcome home.

TS4 2015-07-02 10-25-28-39

Gameplay Notes:

Elise got the whim to try for baby as soon as she and Ranen were joined… and now that their baby has been born in game, she got another!  I never expected that from her.  There’s no room in the house, so it isn’t going to be possible, for the foreseeable future.


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  1. cathytea says:

    What happened to cause Cassandra’s birthday to be after Alex’s? And Alex’s idea of bringing family back through the Gallery is a little… scary! I guess I always accept loss as a part of life. I’ll have to ponder this to see how it settles with me through time! What are your thoughts and feelings about Alex’s idea?

    • You asked about Cassandra being younger than Alex in my game- as you know I’ve been playing the Goths and this generation now since December 2014. I had aging off in all but the active house at times. I’ve been trying to work out a livable system of rotational play or keeping everyone in sync, but the engine doesn’t work as predictably as Sims 2 and I haven’t been as careful with tracking days, and they got out of sync.

      I appreciate your feedback about the direction the story has taken. I agree, accepting loss is a big part of life, in fact, I believe that death anxiety can easily be out of hand and keep people from truly living in a present and mindful way. Bringing back family that already died is definitely out there towards the scary end of the scale, I agree. What really got Alex and Delaney, who as you know, had become game aware and discovered the blog when they were younger, was that the culling aspect of the game meant that they and their family had no memory, in the game, of any of their parents or other family who had died. They hope that now that we have a culling mod, they can introduce everyone to their grandparents and give them an opportunity to know they existed. But I have to admit, I’ve been curious to see how things would play out and whether they’d be happy with that decision as consequences unfold. For my part, when I posted the announcement that Bella (or her ghost) had been culled) I was saying I wasn’t willing to let my sims go naively on, thinking their world was perfect. And this was how I saw them responding. The younger sims are very involved in the present, with their jobs and starting families. I think sometimes as people get closer to death, as Delaney and Alexander are, they want to know that their children and grandchildren to have a sense of who the family has been, and I saw Alexander and Delaney, (especially Alexander) feeling that it was somewhat urgent to take action with this, before they are gone.

  2. Carla says:

    Wow, I didn’t expect Elise to want a baby this soon! And to want another one right afterwards…I never pictured her as so maternal. It should be interesting to watch her in this new part of her life though.

    Can’t wait to see if Alexander is successful in bringing back Bella. Could be a really fun way, from a gameplay perspective, to deal with this “culling” thing in TS4 too.

    • Carla, me either, I didn’t expect Elise to want kids! Ewan’s lack of baby whims didn’t surprise me though. I guess that could have decided who would be heir, because if I waited for Ewan to have a baby whim that might not have ever happened. But I didn’t want his kids left out of the possibility.

      He brought Bella back, but he couldn’t get the relationships reset properly (I couldn’t get the relationship bit to register). At least everyone will have a chance to know she existed.

  3. maisie says:

    Babies!! Now I never saw Ewan or Elise has been very baby happy, but I am so excited for them. I was surprised that Elise hopped right into wanting a baby, but she did get married quickly, and Ranen isn’t a spring chicken ether.

    I really like this “they want to know that their children and grandchildren to have a sense of who the family has been, and I saw Alexander and Delaney, (especially Alexander) feeling that it was somewhat urgent to take action with this, before they are gone.”

    That’s really poignant Shannon, and I am curious how this will all pan out.

  4. moondansr says:

    The sims can be so much like real life. That’s what I was thinking as you mentioned Ryleigh. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her much like my own best friend from high school she faded into the background, not forgotten, just living her own life out. Family and the people you see every day tend to take the forefront.

    I’m really glad Elise went ahead and froze Malcolm Landgraab. That was a beautiful moment.

    Really can’t wait to see how bringing the sims back to reset the family tree and relationships goes. I hope it worked out for you. It would be nice to at least have them all on the tree and remembered.

  5. So great both Zoe and Elise are pregnant 😀 a new generation finally! And Alex and Delaney are a bit scary… 😀

  6. yes! the new generation is finally coming! So you thought Alexander and Delaney’s plans to bring back their ancestors were scary? They were muddling about with things that should probably be left alone, right? Thanks for commenting 🙂

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