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Least Expected

Take Me to the Moon  4.16

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One day, Cacey returned to Delaney.   It felt unreal, like a dream, but in her aunt’s hug Delaney found joy, here and now.

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After a while, Delaney broke away so she could look at Cacey’s face.

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Each of them tried to reconcile the changes of a decade of living, the person they’d built up in their mind, the person of their memory, and the person standing before them here and now.    Delaney had been her own independent person for so long now,  and no longer had the lithe, slight figure and face she’d had through her teens and early adult years.  Years of training and hard work had earned her the broad shoulders of a body-builder.  Cacey had changed even more.  The frailty that was creeping into her movements, her greyed hair, and lines on her face were all new to Delaney.  There was also a new sense of time slowing down, with Cacey.  She had always been hot-headed and active, on the go, and now she seemed ever so slightly more at ease in the quiet moment.

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Delaney suddenly realized that her mother-in-law, Bella, was also waiting to see her best friend of years past.

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“Can you believe she’s back?” Delaney asked.

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Delaney left the best friends to catch up while she went to find her cousins.  Dashle, the eldest of the triplets, asked Ewan to join him in the kitchen.

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  Looking around the living room, it looked to Delaney like everyone was soaking in everyone else’s presence, smiling at each other.  They knew they were important to each other, but they didn’t know where to begin catching up.  Dennis, the middle triplet, began asking Elise and Desmond about school.   Dennis had just graduated from high school, and was excited about the long summer of fishing and kicking back, before diving into his pre-med program in the fall.

TS4 2015-05-02 16-46-34-05

Darryl, the youngest and most outgoing of the triplets, was quickly making friends with his youngest second cousin, Eric.

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It wasn’t long before they invited Desmond outside for a game of cards.

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Meanwhile, Ewan and Dashle had found they had a lot in common; however, Gavin got up and left the conversation.  The finer points of  visual and musical arts just weren’t  fascinating subjects to him.  He was still more interested in enjoying the outdoors with a crowd, and went to find Darryl.

TS4 2015-05-02 17-15-02-48

Even with a four-year difference in age, Ewan and Dashle hit it off right away.  Although Ewan was most interested in visual arts, and Dashle’s passion was music, they both spoke the same language of beauty and emotional power, using creative skill to fly with the imagination.  Not only did they have a lot in common, but Dashle was older and was practically a legend in Ewan’s mind.   Dashle exuded je ne sais quoi.   Ewan revered his older cousin.    In Dashle, Ewan found validity he hadn’t experienced before for his art.

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Cacey’s family was staying at Delaney’s house for that first night, before the beginning the work of settling in to their new home in nearby Willow Creek.  That night before they all turned in, Cacey and Delaney booked a campsite for the family at Granite Falls.  Ewan invited Adrianna to come with them, but was disappointed that she was going to have to come the next day after work instead of travelling with the family.

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They arrived at Granite Falls bright and early the next morning, and Cacey started grilling a breakfast scramble.

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Dennis and Dashle couldn’t wait to get down to the river and fish.  They talked Elise into joining them, but Dashle and Ewan bowed out.

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It wasn’t long before Elise started getting bored with fishing and headed back to camp.

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Ewan eventually found his way down to the river.  He didn’t care about the fishing, but he could have looked at the scenery, and brilliant colors, all day.  He got a few dozen photos, but vowed to come back to Granite Falls with his paints.

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Back at the camp, Cacey was talking with Delaney and Alexander.  They told her about how they had found her on the internet.  Naturally, they were curious for more details about what she had done while she was gone.  They did not discuss the fact that the the security threats that prompted her move had not panned out the way the agency had anticipated.  It was too painful to accept that she had missed a decade with her family for a false alarm; they all preferred to keep some ambiguity around the issue, room to hope that there was more to her absence than they had privilege to know.

Cacey told her niece that Delaney’s  exploration of the alien planet, Sixam, was connected with her reassignment, but that she couldn’t say more.  Perhaps the policy makers at the space administration would deem Delaney’s rank “Need to Know,” but until then, Cacey was not at liberty to discuss details of her new assignment, which would probably be her last assignment as a secret agent.

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“All this secrecy is ridiculous,” Delaney exclaimed, aggravated.  It wasn’t really this secret, it was all the secrets that had such a painful impact on their lives.  It made sense to Delaney and Alexander that possible contact with aliens was a national security issue; it  did not make sense to Delaney that Cacey wouldn’t be more open with those who her job affected the most.

TS4 2015-05-02 18-57-10-48

“All I can say is, your work at the space agency, and mine at the security commission, will probably be overlapping soon,” Cacey said.   Delaney wanted to argue that the last time Cacey was so hesitant to share information she ended up being gone for a decade, but she could see Alexander giving her that warning look, to back off.  After all, Cacey could be hot-headed, and they both knew she would not change her mind.  The only result of further confrontation would be regretted words.

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 Dennis and Eric, oblivious to the turmoil in their parents’ hearts, spent idyllic hours enjoying watching the clouds float by.

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As the light beneath the huge pine trees became dimmer, Delaney built up a fire, and Adrianna arrived.

TS4 2015-05-03 13-24-39-76

Adrianna, who was very outgoing, hit it off immediately with Ewan’s second cousins, Dennis and Darryl.   But the more fun she had, the more she got on Ewan’s nerves that evening.   Maybe it was the way she was joking around with Darryl and Dennis as if they had all known each other for years, but Ewan was really peeved.

TS4 2015-05-03 13-33-03-78

Finally, she noticed how aggravated he was, and pulled him aside.

TS4 2015-05-03 13-36-35-76

“I don’t know… it’s just not what I pictured.”  Ewan struggled to find words to express his feeling that things just weren’t what he hoped when they moved from best friends, to more.  Ewan had a vague picture in his mind of he and Adrianna being a couple, and her being “his.”  This lighthearted banter she had going with his cousins made him feel left out, and there was an intense feeling of the unfairness.   He didn’t know how to tell her that, without making her think he felt entitled to her undivided attention.   He didn’t feel he had a right to control, or own her.   But it wasn’t just the cousins; even when it was just the two of them, alone, he still felt he wasn’t part of that exclusivity he had pictured.  All of this raged in Ewan’s head as he struggled to make it into a coherent, and reasonable, response.

TS4 2015-05-03 13-35-38-61

“You know, I came up here thinking maybe we’d be past this awkwardness,” Adrianna said, still hoping for a response from Ewan that would get them talking about the issue.

TS4 2015-05-03 13-36-41-15

She hung her head.  “But I just don’t know if it’s going to get better.”

TS4 2015-05-03 13-37-57-54

Ewan’s head started to spin.   “Are we breaking up here?”

TS4 2015-05-03 13-36-51-85

Adrianna turned to him, and gently braced him with her hands.   “Look at me,” she said.

TS4 2015-05-03 13-42-07-05

“We’ve been friends since the day we met,” she said, “and that’s never going to change.”

TS4 2015-05-03 13-41-53-47

Adrianna’s mom picked her up early the next morning.  Days later, as Ewan dragged himself to cry it out in the privacy of his bed at home, Adrianna’s words kept clunking around in his head.  “Let’s just back off this romance thing, and see what happens,” she had said.   Now he just needed somebody needed inform his heart that being yanked out and torn to shreds wasn’t supposed to be a big deal.

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14 Comments so far:

  1. whattheplum says:

    Great update. 🙂 It feels good to see the kids interacting – to think, we almost missed that!

  2. Carla says:

    Awww, Ewan! Yeah, Ewan is still my favourite, lol. I feel so bad for him that he’s so heartbroken right now but it’s a part of life, isn’t it? Especially at his age. 🙁

    I can’t believe Cacey is back! How exciting and what better way to reconnect than a trip away together! It was nice to see the cousins bonding, after so long apart. Or…a lot of them actually hadn’t met before, right?

    • I thought I might get some grief from you for letting Ewan have a broken heart, but maybe you’ll forgive me 🙂

      The triplets met Ewan and celebrated his fourth birthday around the time they had their going away party. Elise and Eric were born after they left.

  3. cathytea says:

    Really felt like there was a lot of character development in this chapter–little observations like Casey feeling “ever so slightly more at ease in the quiet moment” and Ewan finding validity for his art through Dashle. It was sad to see Ewan and Adrianna break up–but their temperaments never quite seemed to line up. I really enjoyed all the little moments the characters received.

    • Thanks, CathyTea! Since they had been apart, I thought it was a great opportunity to highlight how they’d changed and who they’d become.

      Ewan was so sad about the break-up, much more than Adrianna. (His sad emotion from the break-up was stronger and 3 times longer than hers). She just wasn’t willing to wait forever for him to be able to express himself in the relationship. I had thought she might draw him out, with her outgoing nature and kindness, but she was too outgoing for him and I’m convinced she has a hidden hot-headed trait because she regularly gets angry for no reason, which is not one of her traits. She’s a really interesting sim and I wanted her to be the one who would help carry on the family line.

      He seemed more intense about her, than she was about him, but less able to express it. Whenever she would leave he would look forlorn but when she was there, he didn’t have whims to interact with her. Since he’s a potential heir, I’ve been on the lookout for a match for him, but so far I can’t figure out anyone who has the gentleness and patience and something else to help draw him out; it probably also just needs time for him to grow up enough to understand himself better. After all, he’s not an easy person to understand, with his intense creativity and seeing the world as a place that’s often sad.

  4. Echo Weaver says:

    Well then. I believe the problem I had with my WordPress profile has something to do with some fail in between Chrome, WorldPress, or Jet Pack. It works fine on Firefox.

    I just loved this post. So much character development! Such rich relationships! All of a sudden, The Teslas have big extended family again. There was such feeling of family clan warmth in this post.

    Somehow I’m particularly drawn to Sim relationships that fail. It’s so easy for all Sim relationships to be successes. You have to pay close attention to get good hints that your sim is with the wrong mate. Here’s to Ewan having better luck next time. And Andrianna IS an interesting sim. Sorry she wasn’t the one.

    • There’s something lacking on my domain or blog that would make it easier for people to get their RSS feeds and I wonder if it is related to the Chrome issue. I’m in over my head. I’m glad though, that your profile works right on Firefox.

      Once I survive the madness that is the last month of school, I plan to contact customer support at BlueHost and problem-solve getting my domain verified with the major search engines, and what the issue is with the RSS feeds. Maybe that will also fix the problem with the profiles through Chrome.

      Thank you so much for hanging in there with the transition, and the comments on the post, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. You are so right about it is really easy to just make all sims fall in love with whoever you want, if that’s what you want to do, so when it doesn’t work out, and you pay attention to it, it tells you so much more about their character.

  5. maisie says:

    Aww poor Ewan, they really had a clunky relationship, never got it into first gear even. I feel badly for Ewan, but it’ll be for the best eventually I’m sure.

    It sure was great seeing the family together! They’ve all grown and aged so much! I like that the cousins are forming friendships and that the adults are hashing out their feelings and upsets. Best to talk it all out now.

    • I know, poor Ewan, I think he got in over his head with the romantic relationship with Adrianna. If he hadn’t had that whim for a Bold Pick-up Line, he probably would have never kissed her, or asked her out! He doesn’t seem like a casual dater at all and I can’t find anyone who he seems to be comfortable with and drawn to, yet.

      Yes, I am very excited about the cousins being back, too. Now the dilemma is, how much to show them in the blog at their careers and in their relationships, or keep it moving from just the main house members’ perspectives. My old rotational play style keeps slowing me down! And yeah, Delaney and Alexander probably won’t be making the mistake of hiding their feelings and upsets, after the whole debacle earlier!

      Thank you for reading, and your comments!

  6. moondansr says:

    Oh no, Cacey has aged so much I almost didn’t recognize her! I think it’s the hair. The triplets are so handsome. Surprisingly, though, the one I felt most for this chapter was Ewen. I had a feeling things wouldn’t work out with Adrianna, but it’s sad to see him broken hearted.

    • I just read last week that gloomy sims take break-ups harder than everybody else, poor Ewan. I think you’ll like what happens for him later, though. Thanks for reading, Moondansr!

  7. Awe! No Ewan and Adrianna babies! I will rooting for them, though it was kind of obvious this was going to happen. But yay Cacey and the kids are back and grown. Very nice chapter. I got to see more of their personalities in this one. Yay. I’m still slow in catching up but I’ll get there.

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