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Karina Radcliff

August 21, 2017      In Falls Bridge 2 Comments

Karina Radcliff, Summer 2018

Karina Radcliff is extremely outgoing, and she is most interested in the here and now.  She loves talking about fashion, politics (the fun drama part), and things money can buy.  Being so gregarious, she also loves dancing and music.  Unfortunately, being extremely outgoing has also led to making some rash decisions, such as the choice to parent a child with a man with whom she has very little in common.  Karina’s really not worried, though, since no better options have come along and Jack and she are best friends.  She and Jack share a passion for fun and enjoyment, at least.

Karina fell into her career in much the same way she fell into parenting with Jack:  through her natural charisma and knowledge.  Karina can keep discipline in a classroom,  so she got a job as a classroom aide without any education experience.  She’s  confident she can get promoted to teaching even without the education, out of field, and she’s probably right. However, she’s not sure if the education career ultimately will provide enough adventure, so she doesn’t know if she wants to pursue the career (and the required courses) long term.

Born:  September 1987

Astrological Sign:  Leo

Aspiration:  Knowledge (Lifetime Want:  Top of Adventurer Career)

Personality:  Nonchalant (about organization) (4), Gregarious(10), Realistic (4), Leisurely (4), Decisive (makes and defends snap judgments when interacting with others)(4)

Genetics:  Brown hair, green eyes, S2, no freckles, no glasses

Romance:  Partner, Jack Paris, 0 bolts

Children:  Oz Radcliff

Friendship:  Jack Paris (Partner), Oz (son), Bee (mother), Erle (father), Raine Hodson (best friends and one bolt).


2 Comments so far:

  1. maisie says:

    I can see where Oz gets some of his personality. I hope that her and Jack will find a spark. It’s interesting that her parents don’t have any bolts ether and have made it this long.

    • Yes, both Jack and Karina have passed on some of their interests and personality to Oz, although he gets the most from his mom (and grandmom). It’s really good for Oz that he has so many adults in his life, since his parents are a bit self-absorbed. The lack of bolts is something I wouldn’t normally have with a couple, but since I rolled everyone randomly, it turned out that neither Erle and Bee or Karina and Jack have any bolts yet are together.

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