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Just Us Now

Take Me to the Moon 6.9

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Ewan’s Wake

His father’s funeral brought back so many faces that Fearghus had not seen in a long time.  Uncle Dashle, apparently somewhat bored with death, made a showing, and Aunt Elise, who hadn’t spoken to anyone in the family since they had moved out of the family home and bunker, dressed up for the occasion.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-01-44-28

Yuki was expecting hers and Fiona’s second child, but Misa, their eldest child, did not come with her to the wake.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-02-54-68

Fearghus was still feeling very sad and she tried to comfort him.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-03-28-31

Zoe felt a familiar feeling, she hadn’t felt in over 20 years.  Not just nausea, but something else.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-03-42-70

But she talked herself out of it.  It must just be her broken heart, bringing back old sensations and memories.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-04-04-21

Eric’s daughter, Ashlee, tried to get some dancing going out by the pool.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-05-01-48

As Fearghus was catching up with Yuki, Elsa arrived, wearing her party-wear, but not your usual choice for a wake.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-05-35-23

She was glad to meet Yuki, although being so empathetic for Fearghus’ grief she was very muted.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-06-19-35

Fearghus was too sad to show much emotion, but he told her he was glad she had come.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-06-27-54

Once again, CT catered.  It seemed she was magically ageless, for some unknown reason.  Ranen struck up a conversation with Zoe.  He had missed seeing the rest of the family since they had moved out, and Elise had not wanted to attend any of the parties or get togethers the family had held.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-08-08-45

Alyse arrived, and Fearghus began to feel more light-hearted.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-09-12-37

They talked about old times.  Sometimes things just seem funnier at a wake than they usually would.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-09-20-76

Eric asked Zoe to join he and Fiona at a game of cards.  It broke his heart to see his sister-in-law, who was normally so cheerful, so sad.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-10-35-78

She sat down and Fiona explained the rules they were playing by.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-10-55-27

Elsa’s parents dropped by to give their condolences.  They met Uncle Dashle and Felicity.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-12-45-64

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-13-06-76

Meanwhile, there was quite a ruckus at the cards table and guests gathered round to see what was going on.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-13-29-01

Zoe had convinced Fearghus to take her place in the game, and Elizabeth had joined in.  Alyse was telling Fearghus which cards he should play, and they had gotten into quite an argument about it.  Everyone seemed alarmed by the raised voices, but they soon realized that Alyse and Fearghus were having a lot of fun arguing, and returned to whatever they were doing before.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-14-02-26

Susan Echoweaver, Alyse’s mom, sat down at the card table to listen.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-14-30-64

Not wanting to miss a good argument, Elise came over and started attacking Alyse with a lot more venom than was called for.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-18-20-89

As Fearghus calmly continued to argue his point.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-18-33-03 TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-18-42-17

Elise, frustrated that no one seemed to appreciate her setting the record straight, hurled one last insult and walked away.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-19-14-16

The rest of the wake was uneventful, with family members drifting out to where the family graves used to be, remembering Ewan, and for those who were old enough, remembering how things used to be when Ewan and Elise were young and Delaney and Alexander’s home was a harmonious place.

Then there were so many other memories too, Ewan painting in the sunshine by the bunker wall, Ewan comforting his children, and grandchildren, when they were disappointed or mad or upset, Ewan and Zoe stealing moments together at the garden bench in the twilight.


Later that afternoon, Fearghus and Zoe were relieved to be home, where they ate some of Fearghus’ leftover birthday cake.

TS4_x64 2016-02-28 16-24-30-24

“Well, it’s just us now,” Zoe said.



Gameplay Notes:

  • At this point, when I played this, I did not realize Zoe was pregnant, although I did take that screenshot of her being nauseated, just thinking she was sick.  But soon after this play session, I found out she was pregnant!  Apparently elders can get pregnant from risky woohoo.   It’s a weird turn of events, but I can’t think of any acceptable way around it at this point, so I’m going with it.
  • All the flirty and playful interactions are greyed out when a sim is grieving, and so Fearghus was not able to flirt with Elsa; but his grief moodlet was lessened a little bit when Alyse arrived and began telling funny stories.  I have no idea what they were so involved in during the card game but it was quite a ruckus, and then Elise joined in, thinking it was a real argument, I guess.
  • Dennis, as you can see, is still really young– a long time back, I’d turned back his age using MC Command Center, but now it seems stuck, because I think he should be an elder by now!  But CT is also still young and she definitely should be quite a bit older.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was wonering… Do your Sims live in Oasis Springs or Windenburg? Sorry to bother.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Fearghus lives in Windenburg, but Elise and Ranen still live in the house Delaney & Alexander moved into as newlyweds, in Oasis Springs. Since the game allows casual walkbys from any area to any area, I don’t fight it– I just picture them all being within a short car ride of each other, despite the geographical differences. Plus, I need more lots! If I limited them to Oasis Springs or Windenburg or Willow Creek, I would have way too few lots.

  4. The whole area is “Three Rivers” in my mind– there’s a post about it here, although I haven’t updated it with Windenburg.

    • !!! I love your map so much! This is so neat! I was actually just thinking about this the other day and trying to figure out how each of the areas could connect, so I’m impressed to see what you’ve done with it!

      • It was really bugging me, about a year ago, like how the different neighborhoods were related (which they probably really aren’t, by design, but anyway!) So I laid them all out on the floor until I figured out orientations that seemed to make sense to me. It made me feel like I understood the setting better. Integrating in Windenburg has been a joy and a pain though– for Simdale Valley, the island is perfect for Summerton, and the countryside is perfect for Simdale Valley, and the city area is nice for Port Prominence, but the Old Town is just weird and there are so many lots there, but the Tudor overload is annoying. Maybe a different backdrop/a removal of some of the background buildings would be nice. Thanks for commenting!

        • I totally agree about the Old Town neighborhood of Windenburg. I’m having a hard time placing it in my worlds too. Even after nuking the mountain backdrop, those Tudors are just everywhere! And the layout and style of the streetscape makes it hard to place in “America” (any part I’ve seen, anyway). There’s just no avoiding how European it is. It’s a very lovely neighborhood, but just very specific. If we weren’t so needy for buildable space, I’d just leave it as a European vacation destination and be happy. But I need some of those lots for my sims to live in.

  5. cathytea says:

    Maybe it’s the yoga that keeps CT young! Or maybe… mindfulness practice translates into timelessness! Ooooh!

    Is Elder still around?

    I’m a little bit crazy about Elsa–I really hope she’s persistent with Fearghus!

    And you’ve got a miracle baby! I can’t imagine anything more wonderful! Seriously! It makes Ewan’s departure way less sad to me, somehow! Did Zoe complete body builder?

    I had fun catching up! Love your Sims and your stories! 🙂

    • Hi CathyTea!! Thanks so much for the encouraging comment. This week I’ve got three 13 hour days and a six day work week. This time of year is just really tough but I miss reading your stories.

      Maybe it is the yoga! I’m glad for CT’s long life, either way. The last time I saw Elder was when Yuki and Fiona got engaged, and he and CathyTea came by the little garden they were at. But I haven’t seen a notice for him so I’m pretty sure he’s still alive.

      Elsa is really cute, isn’t she? I like her a lot, and she is very smart too. Zoe having a baby was completely unexpected but I was also pretty excited about another baby from Ewan just after he’d departed. The only thing that worried me about the situation was readers being too freaked out, actually. Zoe did not complete body builder, and she was actually probably only a few days from death when she got pregnant, but since I hadn’t updated MC Command Center to the new one with the pregnancy aging options, she did not age while pregnant. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  6. cathytea says:

    That’s so awesome with Zoe! How fun! 🙂 It really does seem like a neat special bonus. Oh! Are you reading Sabreene’s Elstree Prettacy? I think you will LOVE it! It’s so sweet and loving, beautifully written, with a rich, funny, and lovely plot! And great characters, including our favorite premades from TS4. Anyway, she had an MCCC elder birth–big surprise, especially since the younger gen were already having kids of their own! It will be so fun to see this new child of Ewan and Zoe.

    Good luck as you move through this busy time! I’m in the busy months, too! 🙂

  7. Carla says:

    When I saw Zoe was nauseous, my first thought was pregnancy but I dismissed it, thinking there was no way elders could get pregnant! That is crazy…but you know, it should be an interesting twist in the story, at the very least!

    The last picture in this one was so bittersweet…RIP Ewan. 🙁 It’s kind of nice that they’re not as alone as they think they are though.

    • That’s exactly what I thought when I saw her nauseous, but then a few play sessions later I found out she was pregnant! If you don’t do the pregnancy test, you find out at second semester instead of first.

      And I agree, that’s what occurred to me, they think they are alone now but Fearghus will have a brother or sister and Zoe will have another child with Ewan, which is sweet, even if it is strange.

  8. OMG, wow! What a surprise! (Now I’m wondering if that can happen in my game, because yikes, lol! Is that a setting you have allowed in MCCC?) I just hope she’ll be able to raise the baby for a little while. How much longer do you think she has left? And how would Fearghus feel about being a guardian if she passes?

    OMG Elsa’s funeral attire, lol! Maybe she wanted to wear something bright to cheer everyone up? lol!

    That seemed tense with Alyse for a minute. But I guess it cheered him up, so I’m glad she came.

    • Laura, I double-checked my MCCC settings, and I could be wrong, but I think it is a glitch/loophole with risky woohoo enabled, because I have all the story-progression style pregnancy turned off for the active family so that’s not what caused it. (You can set which ages are eligible for story-progression style pregnancy). I did not have auto-try for baby enabled in the legacy. I should probably put a note on the page on Mod the Sims and Deaderpool updates ALL the time, so she’ll probably fix it or may have even done so already. I saw a new update a few days ago but haven’t updated since it is working fine for me otherwise.

      In the legacy I do a lot less making sure everyone looks appropriate to what I think their character would really wear, and Elsa’s outfit was, I thought, pretty out-there for a wake. But then, my personal experience with wakes and funerals is so limited, it may be less weird than I thought! In my limited circles, people pretty much wear conservative clothes with dark colors.

      Fearghus LIGHTS up whenever Alyse is around. He seems to literally perk up. He is crazy about her. The happiness he had from interacting with her totally overwhelmed the strong grief emotions, which are like +6 or something, you know? It was the only time while he was grieving that he was not sad.

  9. Wait, what? Elders can get pregnant from risky woohoo?? That seems like a bug. Oh, I see you had a longer conversation about this in the comments above. Yeah, I hope the modder addresses that. Good grief. Once with Zoe could be a medical fluke or something, and you seem to be up to the challenge. Yike.

    It’s so nice to see Feargus relaxing with Alyse again. And it was fun to see Elise show up and stir things up like old times.

    • That’s exactly how I feel, once in a legacy an elder pregnancy is something I can roll with, but in my rotational ‘hood I definitely don’t want that happening.

      Yep, Elise is still her same old sunny self. and Alyse is so good for Fearghus.

  10. wow zoe pregnant :O that’s a twist 😀

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