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Moira Jones

Birthdate:  August 6, 545

Moira Jones is the rock solid core of her family.  She is outgoing, always in the know, brimming with energy, and always positive.  She’s a Gemini and loves active pursuits like jogging, basketball, and swimming, although she’s taken up yoga as she’s turning 60 and can’t practice strenuous sports as often as she prefers.

Moira is happily married to Miguel Jones.  For many years, they lived in Port Prominence, where Moira was a programmer, and Miguel worked as a chef.  Then, they moved to Simdale Valley and bought a small bakery on the town square that had been closed when the previous owner passed away.  With Moira’s energy and management skills, and Miguel’s culinary gifts, they have made Kyra’s a success again.  Because of Moira’s charisma and vitality, most of the management of staff is left up to her; her husband, Miguel would probably go out of business overpaying everyone if it were left to him to decide.

In the brief time that Moira and Miguel have lived in Simdale Valley, she has befriended several other residents, including Chelsea Finnbar, and her granddaughter’s best friend, Hattie Granger.  Younger people tend to be attracted to her outgoing wittiness, tempered by her experience and compassion.

Moira and Miguel’s daughter, Alexis, depended heavily on Moira and Miguel in raising her daughter, Julia, in the first few years after Alexis’ divorce from Julia’s father.

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  1. maisie says:

    Moira is a wonderful matriarch for her family, very devoted. I love that helped Alexis with Julia, and are such a tight-knit family. Alexis and Julia actually remind me a bit of Rashida Jones, very pretty, though your Jones girls aren’t quite as quirky/fun-loving as Rashida seems to be. I messed up earlier referring to Miguel as a step Dad, my apologies! For some reason I had it in my head that he was, but I’m drinking coffee now and regaining my ability to comprehend. 🙂

    • 🙂 I can literally feel my head start to clear in the morning after a few sips of coffee, I hear you! I love Rashida Jones, and I think you are right, she’s more quirky and fun-loving than Julia for sure. Thanks so much for taking all the time to catch up on all these posts, there were so many but I wanted to post the profiles with the first post for this family.

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