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Miguel Jones

Birthdate:  December 7, 545

Miguel Jones is married to Moira Jones and lives in Simdale Valley.  They co-own and operate Kyra’s Bakery, which they had briefly renamed “The Brick Oven.”  However, the re-named the business in honor of it’s original owner, Kyra Michelle, who was the daughter of Simdale Valley’s first mayor.

Miguel is all about good food and being with family.   He and Moira have worked very hard to re-establish Kyra’s Bakery, and also helped raise their granddaughter, Julia Jones.  Miguel and Moira’s daughter, Alexis Jones, relied heavily on her parents to help with Julia while she finished college, law school, and struggled to establish herself in a high demand career with a young daughter.

Miguel is a Pisces, very easy to get along with, cheerful, devoted, accepting, and adaptable.  He is so easy-going, that at times, he can appear lazy; he takes opportunities to relax when he can; but he has always worked diligently to run his business and is available to help family when needed.  Miguel’s passion is providing wonderful food to bring people together.  Miguel relies heavily on Moira, who is the more structured person between them.

Miguel’s Sims 2 Profile

Jones Miguel profile


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  1. maisie says:

    Aww I adore TS4 Miguel! He’s such a good family guy, very steady and loyal. I like that he works diligently for himself and family. He seems like a rock, and totally a great guy to be a step-Dad, not all guys are! Brick Oven is a cute name, we have a pizza place here with that name, (and no brick oven inside!). But I really like that it’s named from the Mayor’s daughter, I like that history being passed down in your hood.

    • Me too, I really love Miguel. Thank goodness I’m using Laura’s really long aging, so he’ll be around quite a while, hopefully. Thanks so much for all your comments, Maisie, since you knew these sims in Sims 2, it’s fun to hear your reactions.

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