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Julia Jones

Birthdate:  February 9, 586

Julia Jones is a Scorpio, intensely determined and goals-focused, loyal and truthful.  She is neat, organized, disciplined, and has a high aptitude for business and economics.

As a teen, Julia was in the Future Lawyers of the Peninsula State program, and success in that program helped her gain a full scholarship for the Global Business Honors program at Peninsula State University.  In her sophomore year, Julia’s internship was completed at Peninsula State Bank in the Accounting department under Dora Ottomas.   Julia’s best friend in high school was Ashlee Wade, and in college she met and became good friends with Hattie Granger.

Late in her freshman year, Julia had an intense whirlwind romance with Abram Carver, an older student in her program.  They considered engagement, but drifted apart over the next school year.

Julia’s mother, Alexis Jones, was a young mom who successfully completed college and law school, and now works in Personal Injury Law.  Her father was a wealthy business man in Port Prominence (Mr. Big), who Julia has not seen since elementary school.  Julia was raised by her mom and her grandparents, Miguel and Moira Jones.


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Julia’s Sims 2 Profile


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  1. maisie says:

    You know, I have a hard time seeing Julia with Seiki… she’s so serious, and driven for her career, that I don’t think he has what it takes to challenge her. But I could be wrong! I don’t get to play them. I think her hair really fits her face and her personality as well. I wanna tell her to loosen up a bit and have some fun, but not to let her goals slide. She’s really lovely and interesting to read about.

    • Me too, Maisie, I really can’t imagine Julia with Seiki! But Seiki had a big crush on her in Sims 2 (she was his One), and they were good friends until she confronted him in the library last spring about his treatment of Hattie. At this point, he’s transferring and I doubt they’ll see each other much anymore. Also, his parents no longer live next door to her grandparents, because of the way I decided to set up the various ‘hoods in Sims 4.

      Julia is a very serious sim, it’s true. That time she went out for Karaoke Girl’s night with Ophelia and Hattie was the only time I’ve seen her cut loose. It’s great hearing your impression of these sims 2 sims, in their new manifestations.

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