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Alexis Jones

Birthdate:  August 6, 563

Alexis Jones is a Scorpio, very driven in both career and leisure pursuits.  She takes her fun seriously! Alexis loves dancing, romance, and the finer things in life.  Her direct and forceful personality makes her an exciting, yet, for many men, too outspoken partner.

She’s worked hard to get where she is– independent and well-off.  In October 605, Alexis opened her own law firm with her law partner, Brad Openmeyer.  Between them, they offer malpractice, personal injury, civil suits, and divorce and matrimonial law (Brad’s area).  Alexis lives in Midtown Port Prominence in an elegant flat with a rooftop pool.  She’s also basically an empty-nester; her daughter, Julia, who is also fiercely independent, is living on her own as a student at PSU and although she has a room at Alexis’ house, she rarely stays there.

Alexis, who as a teen wanted romance, excitement, wealth, and independence, married an older, wealthy man as a young woman and gave birth to Julia while still studying for her bachelor of arts degree at PSU.  By the time Julia was two, the couple divorced.  After the divorce, she moved in with her parents, Moira and Miguel Jones, who had a town home in Port Prominence, and finished her undergraduate work as well as a law degree from PSU.

Once Alexis got settled in her law career and had a few promotions, she and Julia moved to their own apartment in Port Prominence.  After a few years, when Julia was a teenager, Alexis’ parents moved to Simdale Valley and bought Kyra’s Bakery.

Alexis is fiercely protective of Julia, and Julia is fiercely independent, so without grandparents to buffer the relationship, they would probably not get along as well as they do.


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Gameplay notes:  When I was randomizing my families for Simdale Valley in my Strangetown version of Simdale Valley, the Jones family started out as two parents and their child, a young adult (Alexis).  Alexis, a fortune/romance sim, quickly fell in love with, and married, Mr. Big, ostensibly for his money.  By the time Julia was a toddler, they divorced.  Up until Julia had been a child for a few years, she and her dad continued to have visitation, but when I remade Simdale Valley after the securom loss of all my sims games, I didn’t recreate her dad.  When I remade Simdale Valley, Moira and Miguel moved from Port Prominence to Simdale Valley, where they bought Kyra’s Bakery, and Alexis and Julia, then a high school student, stayed in Port Prominence.  When I remade Julia in Sims 2, I downloaded a gorgeous custom made sim instead of recreating her from genetics.


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  1. maisie says:

    I like the dynamics of this family, and Alexis and Julia seem really quite similar, so I can understand why they may butt heads and need Miguel and Moira to buffer for them. Alexis and Julia have both done well or in the case of Julia she is doing well, it’s nice to see that divorce and moving back with her parents didn’t stop her from obtaining her goals. Really a success story for Alexis and really shows her determination.

    • Alexis and Julia are both Scorpios and so add to that, being a mother and daughter, and they definitely need a buffer! Thank goodness both Moira and Miguel are more laid back than either of them!

      Alexis has done really well, and although I don’t know what she would have done without her parents’ help, she’s worked really hard. I guess it might have been Julia that wouldn’t be doing as well without her grandparents helping raise her, because she wouldn’t have met so many of her needs and wants as a child and teen like they were able to.

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