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Janie Ross

August 1, 2017      In Falls Bridge 2 Comments

Janie Ross is a serious, strong willed person who has a lot of energy. She dreams of possibly becoming a lawyer, but since she did not go to college that is something she doesn’t have current plans to pursue. After high school, where she lettered in volleyball and soccer, she met and married Micah Ross, and has returned with him to Falls Bridge to work the farm that he inherited and turn it into a lucrative business selling organic produce. Janie is the business mind between the two of them. In order to make ends meet, Janie has also taken part time work coaching the high school girls’ sports teams.  She knew when she married Micah that having a family is important to him, and she would like to have two children, preferably once they have a nice nest egg.

Born: June 1996

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Aspiration: Fortune (Family, secondary)

Personality:  Sloppy 4; Outgoing 7; Active 8; Serious 3; Grouchy 3

Genetics:  Blond, Green Eyes, S2, light freckles

Romance:  Spouse, Micah Ross, 3 bolts

Friendship:  Best Friend, Micah Ross;


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  1. maisie says:

    Janie looks sporty, I’m glad that she’s keeping her passion for sports alive with being a coach. I was hoping that she didn’t give up too much of herself with working on the farm with Micah.

    • Hi Maisie! I think Janie looks like one of those confident, active women too, who would excel in sports and any area of life that requires discipine and forward thinking. It is a really good point, that she not lose herself in all the farm work and also, having a family. You probably saw the reply to Carla, and now that I realize she has this lawyer lifetime goal, I’ll probably figure out a way for her to get that education in the game and achieve that. I would like for them to have a produce stand and they’ll probably start a family soon (but who knows) so it could be a little ways down the road. Thanks so much for commenting!

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