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Jack Paris

August 22, 2017      In Falls Bridge 2 Comments

Jack Paris, Summer 2018

Jack Paris is most interested in having a good time and enjoying life, so although he can be quite outspoken, he prefers not to keep things on the easy-going side with others, preferring a fun diversion to an argument.  The asset he’s developed most at this point in his life is his charm and athletic good looks.

He and Karina got to be friends over their love for music and dancing, and really, in enjoying the moment, didn’t notice how little they had in common till after Oz was on the way. Since they get along well, they’ve been content with the partnership for now, and neither has met anyone with whom they share a greater attraction, so far.

When he arrived in Falls Bridge, Jack wanted  a job doing something easy that pays well, not as concerned with legality. However, he hasn’t found any money-earning venues yet.  In the meantime, Jack’s playing on the local minor league team just to keep in shape.

Born:  April 1989

Astrological Sign:  Scorpio

Aspiration:  Pleasure (Become Professional Party Guest)

Employment:  (Past, low-level criminal), Current, unemployed

Personality:  Neat (6), Sociable (5), Realistic (3), Athletic (8), Outspoken (3)

Genetics:  Brown hair, brown eyes, S3, no freckles, no glasses

Romance:  Partner, Karina Radcliff, 0 bolts

Children:  Oz Radcliff

Friendship:  Karina Radcliff (partner)


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  1. maisie says:

    I wonder if these two will find someone else and get divorced. hmm. There isn’t a ton of population currently. Are you adding in townies?

    • I added in townies just before playing this household for Summer 2018, and they haven’t met hardly any townies yet. Karina has more attraction to Raine Hodson than her partner, Jack, but Raine is pretty committed to Lexie and not impulsive. I set them to Friend Zone, too, although with townies I’ll leave that possibility open. Karina and Jack, thanks to ACR, spend quite a bit of time in romantic interactions with each other. It will be interesting to see what happens with them.

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