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If You Can’t Stand the Heat

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If You Can’t Stand the Heat

January 20, 2018      In Falls Bridge 4 Comments

Falls Bridge, Old Farm Road

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December – March 2019

Erle and Bee Radcliff are 67  Karina Radcliff is 32, Jack Paris is 30, and Oz Radcliff is 8.  Karina and Jack’s baby is due June 2020.

First, it was the miscarriage scare, and then later, Karina’s doctor diagnosed her with preclampsia and advised partial bed rest.  Karina felt like she spent all her free time resting, eating, bathing, or sleeping.  It was very lucky for her, and the baby, that Bee was there to cook and Erle and Jack took care of Oz and the farm.  But Karina hadn’t planned on this baby, and to tell the truth, she was incredibly bored.  She was bored because she wanted to do something else, anything else — see a wolf, become a werewolf, become a space pirate, for crying out loud.  She was incredibly bored with her limited wardrobe, since she really couldn’t justify buying cute maternity wear to lay on the couch all day.  She missed her job and she missed driving her sports car.  She wanted adventure.

Bee made a wonderful soup that was soothing and filling, and sometimes eating was the highlight of Karina’s day.

One day in January, while Bee was cooking and Karina had joined Jack and Oz in a board game, the stove caught fire.

Thankfully, the fire rescue came quickly and extinguished the flames, just as Jack was telling Bee to take Oz and Karina outside, and getting ready to pour baking soda on the stove.

Oz ran outside to see the big truck drive off.

While Jack turned to Karina, and the baby, to see if they were ok.

“I’m fine,” she said, irritably.  Not that she really was, fine, but Jack wasn’t the kind of person you could really have a deep conversation with.  It bugged her that he was so happy about this baby.

As usual, Karina’s thoughts turned to food, and she got some leftovers from the fridge.

Oz was happy and thriving.  He’d made straight A’s in school, after all the homework help from his grandparents, and was getting really good at improvising on the piano.  Whenever Jack was home, he also made sure that Oz got a little bit of special attention, although Oz quickly learned to fear his dad’s red hand skill, because Jack was so competitive he didn’t hold back.

As the months went on, and Karina made it to the third trimester, she woke several times in the middle of the night, having to run to the bathroom.  During one of those trips to the bathroom she resolved that after this baby’s birth, she would get her tubes tied.

She looked forward to her prenatal visits with Dr. Farai, which was the only time she got out of the house.  At her February visit, she’d realized she felt quite giddy when he entered the office to go over her chart.

He was such an interesting change from Jack, with his thoughtful and insightful comments.

One day in March, he asked Karina how she was feeling, emotionally, noticing that she seemed stressed.  He privately wondered if her tension had anything to do with the rumors about Jack’s criminal activity.

At first, Karina didn’t know what to say.  It felt like it had been so long since she’d been able to express what was going on with her, or talk about her own needs.  For a minute she thought she might break down sobbing, picturing falling into his arms.

But being Karina, she quickly regrouped.  When they stood up, she flirtatiously asked, “are you worried about me, doctor?”

Dr. Farai warmly took her hand and looked into her eyes. “Of course, you’re my favorite patient,” he replied with a twinkle in his eye.


Karina thinks Dr. Farai is hot, according to the in-game pop-up.  And Dr. Farai brought up the theft bubble when they were talking earlier in the visit.  Dr. Farai did not reject her flirt, either, but I didn’t check to see how much he was attracted to her.

Jack has been really sweet, autonomously playing with Oz and helping out with the raking and composting when directed.  He and Karina don’t really interact unless I tell them to, or when ACR kicks in, which happens just about every game day, probably due to his aspiration.  He truly is happy-go-lucky, and Karina is a knowledge sim who wants to skill and do the adventurous things like see a wolf, become a werewolf.  She also has the life dream of getting to the top of the Adventurer career.  I’m beginning to think Jack would be content with the way things are, indefinitely, while Karina is restless and not really invested in family life.


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  1. Carla says:

    Bolts are mutual, so if Karina has bolts for Dr. Farai, he would also have the same amount for her. I love how that nurse is standing behind them in that last pic – she knows something’s going on there and is making sure things stay professional! Very sticky situation, potentially!

    It’s a shame that Karina is feeling so restless because I think at heart, Jack is a very sweet guy. I wonder if that rush of maternal hormones after birth might help or if she’s just going to feel more suffocated with another baby.

    • Good to know! I’m still re-learning Sims 2 details like that mutual attraction. It must have been Sims 3 that had the possibility of a one sided attraction, because there is no attraction in Sims 4. Ha, midwife Obama did come in and just stand there while they were talking after Karina flirted. I just saw the pop up (I didn’t look yet at Karina’s ACR score or number of bolts in the panel), and it makes me wonder too if he is a family sim — I can’t remember but I think he might be, and knowledge – family are attracted to each other. That would be ironic since Karina isn’t interested in the family she has.

      It is a shame because Jack is really sweet. And I don’t think Karina’s rolled any wants to help, play with, talk with, or want things like private school for Oz either. I made her sit at the game table with them because she was getting up to get a snack from the fridge and I needed her to wait for the soup that Bee was making. With the baby being born in game, hopefully they will bond more but Karina’s reminding me of the mom in the Seasons pack who had gone off adventuring and left the farmer dad with the daughter. They had the house that was connected to the greenhouse – I made it over and really liked that house. Gabe O’Mackey was the dad and they lived in Riverblossom Hills.

      Anyway, I’d be glad to see Karina have more investment in her family after this pregnancy and stay, and I’m waiting to see what happens before making any big decisions. Thanks for commenting, Carla!

  2. maisie says:

    I feel bad for Jack and Oz in this situation. It seems like Karina is just feeling more restless as time goes, and I’m not sure she knows exactly what she wants. Like sure, it’s nice to want to be a werewolf… but I’m thinking you won’t give her that? 😀 When I see those types of wants, I usually think they aren’t satisfied in life, but are perhaps a bit out of reality. Perhaps loving fiction more than reality.

    I’ll be curious to see how she adjusts when the baby is born and if things get better. Or what she does if it doesn’t. I feel like Lainey is really in this situation, except she’s focused entirely on herself and career, minus a slot for her son. So maybe Lainey just isn’t interested in relationships, if any of my sims were that way, I could see it being her.

    Karina falling for her doctor isn’t difficult to do! Now I never struggled with that, having a real milquetoast doc for the first time, and a fiesty woman for the other three. BUT I’ve heard of it from friends and in baby books. It really depends how he responds if they cross a line. Yikes, such a small town too, it wouldn’t take long, especially with Ms. Nosey Nurse hanging around.

  3. Maisie, I agree, I feel for Oz and Jack in this situation and I also feel like Karina really doesn’t appreciate her parents either, although during the pregnancy she’s needed more care, which isn’t her fault. Being a made-in CAS adult she doesn’t have the full set of aspiration rewards and lacks some of the skills or stability she might have if born in game or made at a younger life stage. I am also curious how things will develop for Lainey. Michael seems very sweet.

    Your comment made me laugh! No, I am not pursuing the werewolf want in this game. Although she rolled it, I threw it into her inner dialogue in the story just as a hyperbole of how badly she wanted out of her perceived boring life. I feel similarly when a sim rolls the “saved from death” want.

    Overall, I like knowledge sims but they definitely have their drawbacks like weird wants, and I have had at least one other that was also self-absorbed and never appreciated the relationships he had – I’m thinking of the early Simdale Valley sim whose professor conceived from their affair, had the baby, and he never rose to the occasion to take responsibility in the situation – Peter, I think but I can’t remember his name for sure. It was an ROS for him to get someone pregnant, or obviously, with her being an NPC it wouldn’t have ever happened. I think it was because he was a young adult, so it was all pretty unfair for him to begin with but it always surprised me he never rolled wants for the mother of his child and I think they had attraction, too.

    True, psychologically I think falling for someone whose job it is to be interested in your welfare is a realistic and understandable pitfall, which is why those professions have codes of ethics, ha.

    I’m definitely hoping that the birth of the baby will help ground her a bit. She should roll some wants having to do with the baby and maybe it will help change her direction a bit.

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