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Frank Holt

Birthdate:  January 1, 563

Frank Holt is married to Bridget Holt, and they live on their family farm outside Simdale Valley with their four children: Amber, Beau, Austin, and Maddison.

Frank is an innovative and skilled farmer and businessman, so their farm has survived the trend of corporations controlling farming.  They’ve found a niche with organic and hydroponics, which they sell to the upscale grocery stores throughout the Port Prominence area.  Without Bridget’s determination, diligence, and partnership, their farm probably would not have been so successful.  They also make money charging folks to use their land to fish in the pristine trout stream behind their farm.

Frank and Bridget have a conflict relationship, and they are also intensely loyal to each other.  Frank is hot-headed, but he is willing to listen once he calms down.  Bridget, on the other hand, is always right.

Frank enjoys the outdoors and would like to fish more, if he’s ever able to cut back the hours he puts in on the farm.   This year, with the opening of an onsite high school in Simdale Valley,  the kids will all be attending full-time school, which they’ve never done before.  In the past, they were homeschooled by their mom, using a combination of virtual and traditional curricula.  Home school left them more time to help on the farm, and Frank is thinking about hiring a hand to help.

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