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Bridget Holt

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Bridget Holt

Birthdate:  August 2, 564

Bridget Holt is married to Frank Holt, and they own a family farm, selling special hydroponics and organics locally, outside Simdale Valley.  They have four children:  Amber, Beau, Maddison, and Austin.

Bridget is a no-nonsense, organized, serious person.  No one enjoys arguing with her, except maybe Frank, because she almost always wins.  She sees things how she sees them, and she does not suffer from any doubt or the desire to try to see things from others’ point of view.  Fortunately, she and Frank pretty much see eye-to-eye on everything, and what they don’t agree on, he usually lets go after he cools down from the argument.  Their marriage is characterized by two things:  deep loyalty and hot disagreements with harsh words.

Skintone:  S-Club WMLL BS3

Holt Bridget profile

Holt Family, January 606 Bridget, Frank & Amber (seated) Beau, Maddison, and Austin (standing, left to right)


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