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Beau Holt

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Beau Holt

Birthdate:  February 3, 589

High School Class of 607

Beau Holt is the second child in a big farming family, and the eldest boy.  He loves the outdoors: fishing, hunting, animal husbandry, and he’s fascinated by the science of making things grow more efficiently and safely.  He has his own line of prize hens, which he started breeding in middle school 4H.

As a rising junior, Beau’s already got a good chance at a 4H scholarship to Fiesta Tech, where he wants to study agriscience, but PSU has also sent him glossy brochures, showing the premier, highly funded research opportunities they boast in their botany and biological engineering programs.  His junior year elective is independent study with botany.

Beau has a gift for enjoying people, places, experiences, and sensations to the fullest, in the moment.  He just naturally, without even thinking about, takes in whatever and whoever is in his vicinity, and he is known for his charm.  His brother, who has to share a room with him, admires him, but feels he’s always having to push back to keep from being engulfed by Beau’s personality and will.

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