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Austin Holt

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Austin Holt

Birthdate:  October 2, 591

High School Class of 609

Austin Holt is the youngest of four children, the son of Frank and Bridget Holt.

Overall, Austin is pretty easy-going, but is a bit sensitive about being compared to his brother and sisters.  He’s outgoing and affectionate.  Austin hasn’t really found his own interests yet, because there’s always so much going on to be part of, whether dancing or listening to mixes with Maddison, fishing with his brother Beau, or being bossed around by his oldest sister, Amber.

Austin is the only one of the Holts who will get to attend all of high school on site instead of homeschooling.  He is looking forward to getting to see other kids his age every day.  As a freshman, he has chosen performing arts for his elective.

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