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Amber Holt

Birthdate:  January 4, 588

High School Class of 606

Amber Holt is the oldest of four children and has grown up on her parents’ family farm outside Simdale Valley.   Amber is not quite as close to her brothers and sister as they are to each other, but they’ve been her best friends up until now.

Amber is somewhat quiet at home, although she is far from introverted.  Amber’s interests are fashion, music, dancing, and boys.  None of which exist on the sprawling property she is currently tethered to.  She sometimes feels jealous, deep down, that her younger brothers and sister have had it easier than she did, since so much responsibility was put on her from before she could remember.  Sometimes she feels worried that she won’t be sophisticated enough, off the farm, to be accepted by others.

Being able to drive and old enough to be allowed to go into Port Prominence on her own this year, has been like a blast of oxygen to Amber, who felt bored out of her mind with the routine of chores and early to bed, early to rise.

For her senior year, she is going to be attending high school for the first time; she has attended virtual school up until now.  If she can get in with enough financial aid to make it with a side job, Amber would like to attend Fiesta Tech, mainly to get as far away from home as possible while still paying in-state tuition.  She’ll figure out what she wants to do after she gets there.  Her back-up plan is to move to Port Prominence and bartend, wait tables or work retail; work is not something she’s afraid of, and she’ll work two or three jobs if she has to, to be on her own.

Her senior year elective is programming; Amber is starting with no knowledge but figures it will help her get into Fiesta Tech.

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