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Hollow Victory

Take Me to the Moon 5.29

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Elise’s long-awaited confrontation with Grim came late one afternoon.  She heard crying coming from the kitchen, and Fiona yelled, “Mom, come quick!  Mom!!  Grandma’s fallen.”

TS4 2015-10-23 05-50-34-88

Elise was not fazed.  She confidently, gleefully, approached him.  In her palm was a spindly red flower with deep green foliage, it’s life-force so strong that it’s fragrance overpowered Grim and made him do Elise’s bidding.

TS4 2015-10-23 05-55-04-11

“She will live,” Elise commanded.   Grim was forced to relinquish his hold on Delaney.

TS4 2015-10-23 05-57-57-54

CathyTea watched Elise’s power trip with strength and  wisdom gained by finding the way through grief, rather than fighting it.

TS4 2015-10-23 06-02-29-58

As Grim washed his hands, Delaney stretched, and flexed, and felt control over her body return.

TS4 2015-10-23 06-09-05-21

But Elise was not content.  She sat down, and began to insult Grim.  “That son of a llama has finally been put in his proper place,” she taunted.

TS4 2015-10-23 06-17-57-94

Ewan was not ready to accept this hollow victory.   The whole spectacle disturbed him.

TS4 2015-10-23 06-18-32-14

“I’m ok,” Delaney reassured him.

TS4 2015-10-23 06-19-10-09

“Mom,” Ewan said, reaching to his mom as she walked away.  “What’s to gain from taunting Death?”

TS4 2015-10-23 06-21-08-38

Within half an hour, night fell, and once again, Delaney collapsed on the ground.

“No!” Elise cried indignantly.

“Elise, it’s time to let me go,” Delaney said, and with her final ounce of determination, she added authoritatively, “It is my wish.”

TS4 2015-10-24 12-26-46-76

With those words, Delaney closed her eyes and her body relaxed, a smile on her lips.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-28-03-81

Elise felt immobilized.  No one knew if it was the force of Delaney’s will that stayed her, or her own agony.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-31-47-29

But either way, Grim gathered her mother’s life force in his fetid palm.   This time, it was Elise that was powerless.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-34-26-53

Grim turned to Elise and jeered.  His derision jolted her.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-35-16-49

Ewan saw the look of determination on Elise’s face.  The look that proceeded relentless contention.  After decades of conflict with his sister, he knew that .  He summoned all his willpower and left the room.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-36-17-92

Elise  descended on Grim with ferocity.  She unleashed all her hatred and scorn.  Her hands reached for his bony neck.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-47-18-80

Her husband watched in horror as Death unceremoniously turned her on her head.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-47-51-86

But the next moment, Elise had him in a head hold.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-48-06-95

Elise released him, his head spinning.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-48-56-62

“Mortal.”  A chill reached down Elise’s spine and adrenaline ignited her veins.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-49-46-10

Elise Tesla-Goth, granddaughter of Cassandra Tesla and Bella Goth, daughter of Delaney Tesla, saw her life flash before her eyes, but she did not flee.

 “How dare you terrorize my family again only moments after our hard-earned victory.”   Her eyes blazed with livid outrage.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-50-36-83

He raised his hands.  Elise waited for the death knell.  Instead, Grim put his hands up in utter vexation.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-51-20-52

Bewildered, Grim left the Tesla house.  He would savor the anticipation of taking up against this unexpected adversary, this worthy foe, another day.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-54-01-43

Rest in Peace, Delaney Tesla.

Delaney was a formidable trailblazer.

She was born between November 8  and November 18, 2014.

She died October 24, 2015.

In death, she shares the monument to her achievement with her life long soulmate, Alexander Goth, without whom she would not have had it all.

TS4 2015-10-24 12-59-18-27

Delaney is survived by three children:  Ewan Tesla-Goth, Elise Tesla-Goth, and Eric Tesla.  She leaves behind three grandchildren:  Felicity Tesla-Goth, Fiona Tesla-Goth, and Ashlee Tesla.


13 Comments so far:

  1. Anonymous says:

    R.I.P Delaney

  2. Anonymous says:

    (I’m the same Anonymous that asked you the Eric Lewis question :D.)

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    Oh, Delaney’s time came at last. We knew it was soon, but it’s hard to see her go.

    I LOVED this sequence. It was such a great character study. Elise spent so much time and effort in the futile quest to defeat death.

    • Hello! I put a picture on Tumblr for you, of your Simself’s daughter, Alyse. She just grew up to a child. She’s a gloomy social butterfly, and her dad is one of the doctors from the Malpractice video (there’s a picture on Tumblr.) I’ve been waiting for your simself to walk by so the Teslas can meet her, but she NEVER walks by!!!

      Thanks for the comment — and I’m glad you liked this part of the story. Hope you are well!

  4. Carla says:

    Well, if anyone was going to be able to actually beat up Death, it pretty much was always going to be Elise.

    Even though it’s sad to see Delaney go, she was obviously ready. I’m glad Elise let her go, in the end. 🙁

    • It was heart-breaking watching her die, once, and then to only gain 20-30 minutes with the death flower, I certainly wasn’t going to keep re-living that. Elise kept insulting Grim, autonomously. I began to wonder if he was going to strike her dead. I suppose the Death Flowers are good for untimely, accidental deaths, but not for death due to old age. Thanks for commenting!

  5. maisie says:

    Oh my goodness, that was no time at all with the death flower! Did you know that going into it? Poor Elise, I don’t know what exactly she expected with the flower, but I know that I expected more than a few extra minutes. When she brought her back the first time though, I wondered if Delaney really wanted to come back. She seemed at peace with the life she led, and with her husband gone, and her friends, it seemed like she was ready to pass the torch on to the next generation. She really prepared herself and lived her life well, got her children to know the past generations, and left a legacy for them. Super sad to see her gone, as I was quite a huge fan of Delaney, I think she was warm and just so much more comforting to read than Elise and Ewan tend to be. But she seemed ready, and so I can be at peace with that.

    • No, I had no idea it would only buy her 20 minutes! Grim didn’t even leave the house before he tried to take her again, of course, Elise was lambasting him verbally that whole time, autonomously. I agree, Delaney was ready to go. I really appreciate your kind comments about Delaney; she was an all-time favorite to me and is missed at the house.

      With this legacy, I’ve purposely not read a lot of things about the various deaths, and higher level things like the voodoo doll and death flowers, because I wanted to explore it in the game. I figured the Death Flower wouldn’t gain very long, maybe a day or so, but I certainly didn’t think it would be so quick.

      • Echo Weaver says:

        I agree! I was shocked at how little time the death flower bought Delaney. I would have assumed it was the same as someone successfully begging for the dying sim’s life. I don’t know if this was a fluke, or that’s what it’s always like to use a Death Flower for someone dying of old age.

  6. cathytea says:

    Wow! It was eerie to see CT there weeping, for she was displaying my feelings reading this!

    Then–what an amazing turn of events! I’ve seen evil Sims yell at and attack Grim before, but I didn’t know that Mean Sims would.

    This is such a powerful chapter–so much happened! And Delaney looked so very, very peaceful and accepting. She looked ready and graceful.

    How were you holding up during this? And how has it been to play the game after her transformation?

    What a powerful sequence of events.

    I’m sorry that I’m late to discover this chapter.

    • CT was at the house all the time the last few weeks of Delaney’s life, they had become good friends after she started catering all the parties. I thought she would definitely be sad over Elise’s actions, to see her so bitter.

      Honestly, Elise autonomously kept insulting Grim, but I don’t think they would have gotten to the point of the fight if I hadn’t had her continue to argue with him. I decided to have her fight him, after she felt so ripped off after presenting the death flower and only getting 30 minutes with her mom. I figured that was a suitable development in the plot, but I doubt Elise would have done that on her own.

      It was hard to believe Delaney was gone, as much as I felt I was ready for it. But it’s nice for that transition to be behind everyone now; it is nerve-wracking playing once someone gets to the sparkly life bar stage because I don’t have anyone travel or leave the lot, even for active careers. I’m too worried they’ll pass on while I am away. It is really fun focusing on the new generation and their friends– there are new cousins (Dennis’ daughter Elizabeth, and Eric’s daughter Ashlee, and of course, Felicity and Fiona), as well as EchoWeaver’s daughter, Alyse.

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