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Happy Haunting

Take Me to the Moon 5.27

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Although no crispness crept into the air, and the leaves did not change, or float to the ground,  it was time for Halloween at the Tesla’s house.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-29-26-32

“We may not have seasons, but we’ve got the Pumpkins!”

Everyone emerged from a fog of grief for Alexander, just in time to plan a Halloween costume party before Fiona and Felicity became teenagers.  Zoe came home a few hours early from work that day, to help Delaney prepare for the festivities.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-19-04-96

Without her help, and the help of CT, caterer extraordinaire, the house, refreshments, and costumes would not have been ready in time.  The first guest to arrive was Rianna, Ryleigh’s daughter.   Rianna was heavily pregnant and dressed up as a mail carrier for the party.  Rumor had it that Eric Lewis was her baby’s father.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-35-40-00

Dennis’ wife, Adrianna Walker Tesla, who was not ready to take a break from her law enforcement career to have babies yet, was next to arrive, not yet in costume.  Her husband, Dennis Tesla, wearing a llama costume, made her smile.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-35-50-23

Everyone sat down to enjoy cheese eyeballs and sugar cookies.  Delaney, at the head of the table, looked around.  Ethan had dressed as Darth Vader, while Adrianna, across from him, was now dressed as Boba Fett.  Ranen and Elise wore coordinated  centurion outfits, and Eleanor Simsfan wore a Star Trek captain’s costume.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-38-37-05

Cassandra Goth, following her mother’s long tradition of arriving fashionably late, had dressed to match Delaney’s witch costume, and felt quite chipper.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-40-36-71

Eric’s girlfriend, Rachel Arias, was pregnant like her sister Rianna, and dressed as Aayla Secura, the Jedi.   She was carrying hers and Eric’s first child, and Delaney’s third grandchild.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-40-57-92

Zoe was dressed beautifully as a fairy, but had unfortunately come down with some kind of sickness right as the party started.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-42-16-53

“Doesn’t Rachel hate children?” Elise asked her little brother, Eric, with barely concealed glee.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-53-23-47

Eric just looked at her through the slits in his ninja costume, glad that she could not read his expressions.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-53-54-56

Fiona was dressed as a deckhand pirate, while Felicity was dressed as a pirate captain.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-42-32-25

How many deckhands through the centuries had dreamed of wreaking havoc on their captain without repercussions?!

TS4 2015-10-01 05-55-09-02

Fiona the unruly deckhand laughed in the face of order and authority.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-54-57-77

Felicity, who was quite mature, and completely ready for her teen birthday tomorrow, was peeved with Fiona’s silliness.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-54-30-94

But it wasn’t long before her cousin’s lighthearted mirth infected her, too.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-54-35-33

Alexander joined the party, giving Delaney a bit of a start.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-56-32-31

“It’s just me,” he reassured her.  “I’m not really angry, I’m just dressed as an angry ghost.”

TS4 2015-10-01 05-56-47-98

“How do you like my costume?” he asked proudly.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-57-09-19

Eric had moved to the poolside, partly to get away from Elise’s pestering, but she followed him there.

 “I’m just saying, having her bear your progeny doesn’t appear to be the most forward-thinking,” she said.  “How do you know she won’t eat your young?” she persisted.

“Rachel is going to fine,” he said.  “And it’s none of your business, anyway.”

“Ok, ok,” Elise said, backing off, at least for the moment.

TS4 2015-10-01 05-58-50-14

Ewan decided to carve a pumpkin.  “Impressive,” he said.  “Most Impressive.”

TS4 2015-10-01 06-00-42-28

Delaney and her sister-in-law were giggling, sounding more like schoolgirls than cackling witches.

“Look at us, what a pair we make,” Delaney laughed.

TS4 2015-10-01 06-05-37-39

They  scampered off into the house and rummaged through the family albums, looking for pictures from the first costume party they planned so long ago.

“Here it is!” Delaney squealed.  “Look, there’s Aunt Cacey behind us, but I can’t see her face.”

Delaney and Alex costume teen b w

“Look at you and Alexander, so young,” Cassandra said.

“And Ryleigh was dressed as a clown before she changed into her swimsuit,” Delaney added.  “I wish she were here tonight.  Where were you??”

“I was in the living room reading a book, changed back into my everyday clothes,” she said.  “I was in a gloomy mood that day.”

“Well,” Delaney said, “I just remember you’re the one that convinced me to stop working on Earhart and throw a party.”

TS4 2015-10-01 06-07-10-83

Cassandra and Delaney returned to the party.  Delaney noticed CT had joined them on the patio.  “Have you met CT?  CT, this is Cassandra Goth.”

CT smiled at Cassandra.  “Another instance of me once lived in a houseful of hippies with your brother,” she said.

Cassandra’s mouth dropped.

“Did I say something wrong?” CT asked, looking concerned.

Cassandra looked thoughtful, and Delaney and CT wondered if she would speak.  “I just remember my dad speaking that way sometimes,” she finally said.  “He would say, “Another instance of myself,” or “in another existence.”

“I’m so glad we met,” Cassandra said earnestly, after a long pause.  “Especially if you knew any instance of my brother.”

As the party wound down, after Delaney and Cassandra cleaned up, everyone joined Elise and Ewan, who were quietly sitting at the spot where Alexander had taken his last breaths.


  • Rianna and Rachel & Eric’s babies are a result of MC Command Center, and I am so excited that Ryleigh’s family will continue, and especially that Delaney & Alexander share a grandchild with their best friends.  I am hoping Adrianna and Dennis will soon conceive, since I also want Cacey’s line to continue.
  • There was barely enough time between the end of the grief buffs, and school & work, and getting everyone’s needs met, to throw the party.  But I thought it would be really fun for Fiona and Felicity to have a costume party while they were still kids.
  • CT, one of CathyTea’s simselves,  is the best caterer yet in the game.  She has always happily churned out party food, unlike all the other caterers I’ve tried, either playables or not.
  • The family had a wake (technically, a black & white party) for Alexander, but I didn’t feel there was anything about it that required being posted.  It was kind of funny that there was a glitch, and every female guest showed up in the black zippered gloves.  Here’s the bartender modeling said gloves.

TS4 2015-09-26 21-43-39-96

And CT, the caterer, wore them,

TS4 2015-09-26 21-42-51-61

And Adrianna Walker wore them.

TS4 2015-09-26 21-49-34-25

Also, that was my last sighting of John or Shannon Simsfan, for this game.  I got their death notice after the party.


16 Comments so far:

  1. cathytea says:

    Condolences on John and Shannon and hugs. Another instance of Shannon is happily living in the aging off world of Ice Cream Adventures where she’ll be adopting the young cousins and maybe John would like to join them!

    • Thanks for the condolences, and the comment. I also have my noncreatively named “Special Save,” that has all my sims I never want to age, and she and John live there. I thought it was cool that Cassandra met CT, who is only a step away from young Cathytea, who lived in a Houseful of Hippies with Alexander. Yes, I’m glad Shannon is happily living at Ice Cream Adventures.

      • cathytea says:

        Yeah, I thought that was cool, too! Young CT knows Cassandra, too–she comes to parties at their house! And I loved your comments about CT the Caterer! She does love to cater! 🙂

        Loved the scenes with Delaney and Cassandra in their witches’ costumes together! 🙂

  2. Carla says:

    Okay, so Rachel Arias’s costume has answered a long-held mystery for me! There is a hair mesh like that for TS2 that I’ve only seen in people’s screenshots and never for download. Not being a sci-fi fan, I have always wondered what on earth it was and now I know, lol!

    But anyway, this was a lot of fun! It’ll be a good while before my sims have an excuse for a costume party again (I’m still in April in my game), so I’ll live vicariously through yours.

    So MC Command Center is some kind of story progression mod? Hal, spot the TS4 ignoramus! I’m excited to see these new babies and to see Delaney and Ryleigh be grandmas together – that’s so fun! What I am possibly even more excited about though, is seeing Fiona and Felicity as teens. Teen birthdays are my favourites.

    And oh no! You died!

    • Ha, I am glad to update your geek-ducation concerning Star Wars and the hairstyles of famous blue Jedi. And lol, at least I didn’t have to witness myself die, since it happened off lot. As a side note, thanks to MC Command Center mod, Eleanor Simsfan, my simself’s daughter, just gave birth to twins in game, but I haven’t seen them yet.

      You may not know much about Sims 4, but you hit the nail right on the head about MC Command Center. The incredible mod creator, Deaderpool, said she modelled it on Twallan’s story progression. I got it to fix the disappearing culled family ghosts problem, as well as prevent as many townies from being constantly generated, which then causes problems in the game. It also moves townie elders into lots, if you want, so their data doesn’t clog up the character file limit when they die. However, I am also very happy about the MC Command center pregnancy options (I have it set to 10% risky woohoo and autonomous try for baby for playables.) and the MC command center woohoo mod, which acts a lot like ACR, which was my #1 never play Sims 2 without it mod.

      The only sad part about Ryleigh and Delaney now sharing a grandchild, is that Ryleigh passed away a little while back, but it is still very nice to see the Arias join the family tree. And I am also very excited about Felicity and Fiona as teens; I’ve been playing them for a couple days now and it is really fun. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    Huh. I totally wrote a comment on this post, but it’s not here! I must have screwed up posting it somehow and not noticed.

    I never heard of a black and white party. That would be a good use for outfit presets. You could flag what colors are in the outfit and use it for things like that. I’m still not wild about outfit presets, but this part is pretty awesome.

    I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but only of the three true movies. Slave dancers in Jaba the Hutt’s palace have those head tentacles. I assume the Jedi is from the shared novel universe?

    Hooray for Command Center! I’d love to know a story explanation as to why Rachel is having kids 🙂 :). I love the way you play Elise. She’s a pain in the butt, but somehow it still seems clear how much she loves her family. I love these parties where we get to watch the sims be themselves.

    I can’t wait to see the kids as teens!

    • I hope I didn’t accidentally delete your comment… It certainly wasn’t intentional and I haven’t noticed any deleted comments.

      The black & white parties are supposed to be like Black Tie, I suppose, because all the sims come in black and white formal wear, which works pretty well for a wake in my opinion.

      Hmm, so are you referring to Episodes IV, V, and VI as the true star wars movies? I think you are a much more intentional fan than I, or at least more discriminating. We just watched Episode V for family night on Friday night, and it was so much fun to see it again. And my hubby is building a Ton Ton in the garage to set out on our lawn for Halloween. He started it because my daughter’s 11th grade theme for home coming was Star Wars, but when they changed the theme, he still went ahead with the Ton Ton. So are you looking forward to the JJ Abrams movies?

      As for Aayla Secura, I researched a little for you. She is of the race Twi’lek, and you are right, they are often used as slaves because of their beauty. She however, was a distinguished master Jedi during the Clone Wars. I know her from the from-this- point -forward regarded unofficial movie, Episode II, Attack of the Clones, in which she fought at the battle of Geonosis. I was actually really partial to that movie in spite of the horrible acting, just because I loved the love story between Anikin and Amadala.

      If Rachel comes around again, I’ll have someone ask her why she decided to have children. As for Elise, I’ll be curious to see whether you’ll really like or really hate the way I write her in the next main update after the one in which Fiona and Felicity age to teens.

      • Echo Weaver says:

        Yeah, I’m an old guard Star Wars fan. My father was an early adopter of the VCR (gigantic top loading Betamax FTW — I think he still has that thing, and it still works, because my dad is awesome). Episode IV was one of the movies I watched on my endless media repetition phase in elementary school. If you gave me a line, I used to be able to finish the movie from there. I’m way too rusty to do that now, but I can still bust out script-related trivia like the number of the garbage batch where Our Heroes were trapped ;-).

        Princess Leia was my childhood media role model when solid action heroines were pretty thin on the ground. I still think she holds up incredibly well even against modern action heroines.

        I went for so long where there were only the 3 movies, and I never really felt like the series was screaming for more. I got excited by the launch of the shared universe and loved Tim Zahn’s trilogy, but I drifted away when all the writing didn’t live up to his high bar. I never even got to series icons like Aayla Secura. I’ve watched some of the Clone Wars animated stuff, and it looks pretty good. I should go back and watch more, since it’s on Netflix :).

        I got really psyched about the prequel movie trilogy and felt like it really failed. I’m approaching the new movies with the cynical skepticism of the True Believer who has already been burned. I’ll go see it if the reviews are good. I will say that the trailers are awesome.

        I want to see a picture of that Ton Ton! That’s fabulous! We keep planning to dress the kiddo up as Leia for Halloween, but dang her she got old enough to have her own ideas.

        Getting back on topic, now you have me very curious about Elise….

        • I’ll post a picture of “Tawnie” when she’s ready! My sister is really into the Clone Wars animated series and has read books about Star Wars but I have only ever watched the movies. The first three were disappointing– but I agree the trailers for the new ones look really good. Leia would have been a great Halloween costume for your little one.

  4. maisie says:

    Aww a grandbaby with their best friends!!! <3 That is like bliss! I always hope that it happens with my son and my besties daughter. Holidays with my best friends would be amazing! I hope that Dennis is a Dad soon that Cacey’s line can continue. I had forgotten that Alexander had passed seeing that Cassandra just did! I’m all back to reality now though, 🙁 It was funny seeing him at the party, and lol on him wearing an angry ghost! I was going to say how sad that he wouldn’t know about the future grandchild, but seeing he was just at the party, I’m guessing he does? What kind of interactions do ghosts have with the living?

    Glad that you did the Halloween party, I’m a big fan of the holiday myself, and think the girls getting to enjoy such a party as children is really quite special!

    • Hi Maisie! I was so ridiculously excited about Eric and Rachel having a child together! And I have lots of moments like that where I forget details about sims that I can’t believe I didn’t remember. The ghosts have all kinds of interactions with the living, and can become playable if someone in the family maxes out their relationship and asks them to join the household again. I think basically any social that can be done with living sims can be done with ghosts; I just can’t control the ghosts unless they join the household again.

      Actually Dennis is a dad in the game now, and he and Adrianna had a really cute little redheaded girl with green eyes! I wasn’t so lucky on the red hair with my simself’s daughter, who had twin boys but neither got her red hair.

      As for Halloween, one of my favorite posts you ever did for Millwood was one of the trick or treating ones, out in Millwood. It had so much fall feeling in it. I still feel it when I think of the pictures. Maybe we’ll have seasons and things like trick or treat in S4 eventually.

      • maisie says:

        Aww thanks for your kind words, I loved doing trick or treating in the fall, and Millwood is my favorite place to host it. I’ve been itching to do it again this season, but Ethan Traver had my October, so no such thing.

        That is a bummer on your daughter’s sim not having red hair, that is my curse in my game. Interesting on the ghosts, in TS2 as you know, they just scare the tarnations out of your sim and can kill them from fright. It’s nice that Alexander wouldn’t have become something like that, and can be around still.

        • I guess Ethan wouldn’t have taken Aiden and Caitlin trick or treating, they are too old and too cool for it now, right? And yes, the ts4 ghosts are much milder with the scaring sims. I’m happy that they aren’t real intrusive, and sometimes sims interact with them autonomously, but not always. So if I want to pretend they are not there, for story purposes, I can, or I can just look at it symbolically when they do choose to interact, or it’s just amusing.

  5. this such a fun update, after the sad last one where Alexander dies 🙁 love the costume party, and I meant to ask you about Ryleigh’s daughters, I was really glad to see them here 🙂

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