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December 12, 2016      In Take Me to the Moon 15 Comments

Take Me to the Moon 7.0

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It was a historic day for the Tesla legacy.  Grayson’s teen birthday had arrived, and torch-passing, unrealistic growth spurts, and family frivolity were imminent.  But much to Alyse’s chagrin, Fearghus was called into work for an emergency surgery, and unable to help with preparations at home.

When the birthday boy’s errant father arrived at the hospital, his cousin’s cousin, Darwin Arias, was collapsed on the lobby floor.  Fearghus wondered why none of the orderlies or nurses had tended to the man, and escorted him to the the surgery table.  Sometimes Fearghus thought he was the only sim who ever did any work around this hospital, but he figured that line of thinking must just be due to his natural insecurities.


Darwin looked really worried as the big arms jerked around over him.  A claw, looking ready to scoop up a teddy bear, snapped open and shut.


Fearghus noticed Darwin’s vitals going crazy – heart rate out of control, blood pressure sky high, and adrenaline coursing through his body.

Even with this monstrous piece of technology under his control, Fearghus wished he had some assistance.

But there was no time for second-guessing the procedure.

The scans indicated that Darwin needed an emergency appendectomy.


Deftly, the machine grabbed Darwin’s heart right out of his chest, and waved it around in the air like a witch doctor awing his clientele.


The patient promptly passed out.


Fearghus furiously studied the readouts of the infernal machine.  The machine seemed to have a glitch that caused it to perform a heart transplant instead of the needed surgery.  There had to be a way to override the programming.


He stole a glance at his patient, but quickly realized that worry was not going to save him.


The outcome was a miracle of some kind of science.

After accidentally tearing the patient’s heart out twice more, Fearghus triumphantly found the correct program and his patient jumped off the operating table, stood up, smiled, and walked out of the room.


Fearghus suddenly felt extremely confident, and realized that with his bedside manner, there was no need for attending nurses or techs.


Fearghus went straight home, and Alyse, obviously unaware of his medical prowess and stature, assigned him to the mundane role of catering and baking cake for the auspicious event.

Guests were starting to arrive, and the cake was ready.

But Grayson wanted to complete his homework, even though he would never have an opportunity to turn it in.

“You know, you don’t need to do your homework, son,” Fearghus said.  “You’ll be attending a new school now.”

Grayson shook his head.  He marveled that his parents took his education so lightly, but then realized that his father didn’t comprehend the value of what he was doing.  With a sigh, he momentarily put down the pencil and looked at Fearghus.

“These exponents will be foundational for a needed skill later in life.  Perhaps, logarithms, for example,” Grayson explained, and quickly refocused on his work.  Everyone knew that logarithms were a basic necessity for success in the post-information age.ts4_x64-2016-11-28-16-51-49-55

In no time, Grayson had finished the assignment.

“Aubree!” he exclaimed, as he hopped up and gave his aunt a hug.

His granddad, Bjorn TuRok, had also arrived and helped himself to some leftover eggs and bacon as he updated the family on the state of the island home and the crypt underneath it.

“Haven’t seen any ghosts since you all moved out,” he cheerily declared.


“It’s time!” Alyse declared, as she called in the family and friends, and took a seat at the table.  Fearghus pulled out a party horn and started loudly blowing it, which prompted preteen Laurie, Felicity’s daughter, to cover her eyes at the dreadful sight of adults being silly.

Grayson thoughtfully surveyed the room.  He couldn’t deny this event’s importance, but he was curious about the motivation and plans of his parents for his future.  He suspected they envisioned a conventional future for him, full of promotions and grandchildren.


“Make a wish,” Sakura proclaimed.

Grayson didn’t wish.  He made his own destiny.

But he made a vow.


It was time for someone in this family to stand out.

True, his great, great grandmother, Delaney, was a legend.

She had worked hard and become a role model at the highest level.  She had played by all the rules.  What could she have done with her genius, had she dispensed with convention, and moral compunction?

His great aunt, Elise, had taken the less savory path.  She was a legend as well, as a scientist, but also had major failures in her life and never reached her potential.  Grayson felt that Elise had sadly underrated herself.

Grayson vowed he would distinguish himself, and by extension, this legacy.  He vowed to be always a step ahead in the epic game with those who were still bound by the rules of society.  He would provide job security for law enforcement, as well as meaning to their life.  Unlike his Aunt Elise, he would, at the same time, be known, and yet, ultimately evade what they thought were traps, setting his own instead, as the mouse became the cat.  The Cat Burglar.


After blowing out his candles, everyone dispersed to eat cake and socialize.  Grayson’s granddad came over to chat with him.  Grayson pulled a prank on him and told him that the next Sims game was going to add a life stage between the bassinet and childhood.


 But Grandpa Bjorn was no fool.  Why would a life simulation game add a nonexistent life stage? They had a good laugh over it.


Felicity was Grayson’s next target, as he scared her and made her jump.


She thought it was funny too, though, even though she was having labor pains and could have reacted very differently.


Billie Jang, who would never give him the time of day as a child, suddenly thought he was super cool and started telling him what she presumed to be an engaging story.


As the party started to wind down, Bjorn helped clean up.  Aubree, Alyse, and Ashlee, Eric’s daughter, chatted.


The next day, Grayson tested his breaking and entering skills on the next door neighbors.


And made it in and out, without being caught.  But he realized, as he made off with a children’s pink desk lamp, he needed a bigger arena.


Right away, he started researching wealthy areas of town to case.


Gameplay Notes:

  • We’ve made it to Generation 7!  (I’ve been declaring it to be the new generation, for blogging purposes, at the teen transition at least since Delaney).
  • Grayson has the Chief of Mischief aspiration.  I would have liked fortune for him, but the first one I rolled that hadn’t been done in the legacy was Chief of Mischief.  His traits are:  Kleptomaniac (child), Mentally Gifted (childhood reward), Genius, Shameless (teen reward).
  • Felicity was in labor during the party, but without the notification to deliver the baby.  At least, I think that was what was happening.  Since I installed the updated MC Command Center, which has the ability to turn on aging for pregnant sims, I have noticed too inactive household sims at parties, appearing to be in labor, who delivered immediately after the party was over.
  • Fox only has a few more days till his young adult birthday, when he will probably move out.
  • Fearghus still needs one more surgery to get his next promotion.  The doctor career can be so aggravating.  Lately the glitch it has, is that the rooms and waiting room are completely filled up with child patients, and I don’t think they can have surgery.  Anyway, none have had an illness that is treated with surgery.  Without Darwin collapsing, I don’t think he would have had an opportunity for surgery, yet again.


15 Comments so far:

  1. I love Grayson 😀 I think his generation will be very interesting 🙂

  2. cathytea says:

    Congratulations on gen 7!

  3. Carla says:

    Good lord, that surgery machine is terrifying! Thank goodness for Fearghus, I guess?

    I love Grayson’s teen look, though his career aspirations are a bit of a worry. Not really surprising for a character like Grayson either though!

    • True, his career aspirations are not what you’d call respectful of the rights of others, their property, or general law and order.

      As for the surgery machine, it is so absurd. It definitely adds humor but not much realism. Hopefully, Fearghus will get to deliver a baby soon so I can get some screenshots of that process, although it may be horrifying as well. Thanks for commenting, Carla!

  4. maisie says:

    I’m with Carla!! That surgery machine is a horror!! I would have passed out too! Can they die on the table? Yikes! The doctor career sounds interesting. I wish that my doctors could do more without needing so much ROS, though I’m finally happy with my ROS configuration for it.

    Grayson is adorable, such a handsome set of boys these two have! And oooh am I ever excited to see him mature! I don’t know that stealing is quite as prestigious as Delaney… but it is sure to be a fun ride! Though I’ll admit at being sad at the stealing from a child.

    • Maisie, I don’t know if you decided to get Get to Work, but the careers are fun, although sometimes frustrating due to repetitiveness and glitches. The doctor career could have been much more fun if they’d programmed playable sims to get sick and be able to go to the hospital when you’re playing them as well as when you’re playing the doctor. But if you’re playing a doctor, like Fearghus, you can make other playables showing up like ROS’s. I either do that or ignore it if it really doesn’t make sense to me. Your ROS’s for health and life span are much more organic feeling than the programming in Get to Work.

      I almost didn’t include him stealing the desk lamp from the neighbor, I thought it was really low, as well. But I’ve found, with the kleptomaniac trait, that if he doesn’t steal something regularly then he autonomously does it, which seems to get him in trouble a lot more often than when I strategically have him steal something. I agree it is pretty low to steal from a child.

  5. Ha ha, that surgery machine. Only in sims, lol!

    Grayson is such a great character! I can’t wait to see if he becomes the infamous criminal he wants to be. That Shameless trait is going to come in handy for his theiving! 😀

    • Shameless eliminates all the risk from stealing stuff, which is just being embarrassed. It’s kind of cheat-y, but on the other hand, I see it as part of his character, that he doesn’t feel guilty for stealing. With his dastardly, tormentor, and shameless traits, he is definitely shaping up to be a sociopath, in the sense of, he doesn’t buy into or worry about common mores. Thanks for commenting, Laura!

  6. Echo Weaver says:

    I love Grayson’s face! Genetics is still one of my favorite features. What an absurd joke that Sims would do something other than jump to their feet right out of the cradle? Heh.

    That was the best surgery EVAR.

    I still have not rolled a Kepto. That trait promises to be entertaining.

  7. Me too, I love Grayson’s features. He got a lot of Alyse, but also looks like a Tesla, and of course, I also love that he got the red hair. That surgery was pretty freaky and quite funny. I think you’ll like some of the upcoming chapters about Grayson’s adventures as a klepto.

  8. Um…is that a heart the hospital machine is pulling out?! That is really creepy (I never played the doctor profession on Sims 4, I always went for detective)! Greyson is really handsome and I bet his aspiration will spice up the game, can’t wait to read his antics! 🙂

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