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Hattie Granger

Birthdate:  January 1, 586

Hattie Granger was a foster child most of her childhood and teen years.  She always did well in school, and with her great grades and some strings pulled by her caseworker, she got in to the prestigious Global Business Program at PSU.  Her brother and sister also went to PSU on state scholarships provided to kids who grow up in the system, but they took interest in the Greek system and joined in their freshman year.  Hattie pledged and joined a sorority with her sister, but quickly found out it was not the life for her.

Hattie is a quiet, introspective, very neat and organized person who is very empathetic and kind.  She loves escaping into books and enjoys academic pursuits.  She feels a strong drive to find a soulmate, perhaps because for so long she had almost no one in the world who cared deeply about her.  That changed, however, when she became roommates with Julia Jones in her sophomore year at PSU.  Julia, and the Resident Assistant, Ophelia, took Hattie under their wings.  Julia invited Hattie home for Thanksgiving and Hattie was invited into the family by Julia’s grandparents, Moira and Miguel.

Hattie would like to  be an editor for fiction, as her dream job.

Hattie had an encounter with Seiki Ono in her freshman year, in which she and he had vastly different expectations of what their relationship was about. His immaturity and her impetuousness to jump into a commitment caused a lot misunderstanding and pain.  It was hard for Hattie to put that hurt behind her.  Ironically, Seiki has always held a secret, unrequited love for Julia, and they were good friends, but after Seiki’s treatment of Hattie in their freshman year, Julia no longer trusted him and they are no longer close friends.

Hattie and another frat brother, Gordon Nott, have a strong attraction, but Hattie has been cautious to see what Gordon’s character and intentions are.  Gordon asked her out on a date in May 605, in spite of his loyalty to Seiki and their past history, hoping he could start to show her that he will treat her differently.

Hattie’s appearance in Simdale Valley stories began here and her perspective is first shown here

From a gameplay perspective, Hattie was a Sims 2 non playable playable, who I quickly fell in love with after she was treated poorly by Seiki Ono.  She was a family sim, very nice, a Pisces, who I had placed in the sorority house to be friends and romantic interests with my active college sims.  After their freshman year, I moved her in with Julia Jones and she became an active sim.


Granger Hattie profile

Hattie Granger’s Sims 2 Profile


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  1. maisie says:

    Hattie is so pretty! I hope that she finds someone who will love her well, and that she will be open to allow herself to find that love. It’d be a shame if she let the poor way Seiki treated her dampen her future happiness. I see it all the time in real life though, it is hard to move past wounds, and trust again. But that’s my hope for her! My only experience with Gordon is Carla’s and he’s a good Dad and husband over there, so maybe he will be too when he grows up some?

    • True, Gordon’s been a great family sim in past Sims 2 games of mine as well (he was married to Roxie Surfer, one of my favorite sims in a long lost iteration). I hope he will treat Hattie well. You make a good point about it being hard to let tings like that stick with you or make it hard to trust. I guess there’s good and bad to the aspect of her being a new sim, and not carrying those old memories with her, except from a story point of view.

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