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Glimpses of Simdale Valley

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Glimpses of Simdale Valley

I was trying to make Simdale Valley fit perfectly in Sims 4, and I realized, that when I played Sims 2, I didn’t really  see what was on the screen, but the place that had taken root and blossomed, and branched out, in my mind.  Simdale Valley’s always been a place more in my imagination than in the game.  I’m starting to see glimpses of that place, in Sims 4.

First to move in to the valley, was Madeleine Bright and her family.

TS4_x64 2015-12-13 16-55-24-47

Here she is, crossing the meadow between her house and their neighbors, the Petites.

TS4_x64 2015-12-13 16-55-54-40

Here’s Madeleine’s house in the daylight.  I had to fix the siding on the house on the attic space after I’d uploaded this picture.

TS4_x64 2015-12-20 19-32-56-61

And her room, which looks very close to the Sims 2 version

TS4_x64 2015-12-13 17-05-14-44

The Brights and Petites always spent a lot of time together, watching sports, cooking, and having backyard cookouts.  Lillith is whipping up a  cake while she, Elise, James, and Sheldon watch the big game. Those flame symbols are a club indicator.  I set them up as a club (The Armchair QBs & Grillmasters, lol)  that watches sports, cooks, grills, and socializes at any of the members’ houses.  It really improves the way they act as a group.

Really, the name “club” is off-putting, but if you think of it as a system for customizing the way sims act in certain contexts, it is a great tool.  However, I look forward to removing all those indicators with a mod eventually.

TS4_x64 2015-12-20 20-03-25-98

Lillith is a journalist and Elise is the local school teacher.  I’m still experimenting with having the primary school as a club with Elise as the leader… it seems to be working well although beware, it seems you can’t set a generic lot as a club hangout at this time.  So I set Simdale Valley Primary as a library, and it works fine.

TS4_x64 2015-12-20 19-53-26-97

Here’s Elise and Harrison leaving the Brights to walk home.  There’s Mount Garrison in the background!

TS4_x64 2015-12-14 17-50-29-10

Harrison ran home through the meadow
TS4_x64 2015-12-14 17-54-44-73

And his dad took the lane instead of crossing the meadow (I should have had them walk as a group!)

TS4_x64 2015-12-14 17-59-55-05

Here’s Simdale Valley Primary School, which is right down the lane from their house.  Miguel and Moira Jones live in the house to the right.

TS4_x64 2015-12-15 06-18-41-11

Here’s the Jolly Roger pub.  In this incarnation of Simdale Valley, I’ve moved it from the town square into the countryside.

TS4_x64 2015-12-20 19-30-13-61

Another home in the valley, with Mount Garrison in the background (quite pleased with it, I’m sure you couldn’t tell!)  I can’t make up my mind whether to move the Endeavors here or in town, but I’m leaning to town.

TS4_x64 2015-12-20 19-28-16-15

Here’s a recognizable landmark of the small town of Simdale Valley… the Town Hall.  I recreated it, and the town square.  The town hall has a board room for the school board, which is currently run by Laney Redbird McElveen.  The club feature seems to work well for the school board, too… I set it up to exclude what Laney would consider flaky careers, and their activities are talking, arguing (but not fighting), and no romance or being silly.  I’ve found the club feature works well for keeping sims off the computer or from doing things like push-ups during a social event, if you add them as excluded activities.

TS4_x64 2015-12-15 05-42-41-81

Laney, who is a bit of a snob,  walked in on Miguel Jones in the rest room and lost her usual composure for a moment

TS4_x64 2015-12-19 21-09-28-57

Laney and Declan live in town, in the garden district.  She and Declan have still got a lot of chemistry, and seem to enjoy courting all over again

TS4_x64 2015-12-21 06-00-38-34

Her brother-in-law, George Endeavor, is an aspiring writer but currently working days as a barista across in the bay, in the city of Port Prominence

TS4_x64 2015-12-20 16-46-48-85

Alexis Jones came in one day for a late lawyer lunch and cup of espresso

TS4_x64 2015-12-20 16-45-26-92

She’d been out clubbing the night before.  There’s Julien Cooke, and the new hot guy is Michael.

TS4_x64 2015-12-19 22-47-05-97

It was kind of funny, but also irritating, that Laney kept showing up at clubs, since I just don’t picture her spending her evenings on the town.  The new girl in the pink sweater is Finley Abbey, a nurse and also not the clubbing type.  As you can see, she didn’t appreciate this dude hitting on her.

TS4_x64 2015-12-19 22-42-25-23

Julien at the park area near the Port Prominence bay.   He and Chelsea have a flat in the historic section of Port Prominence.  That townhouse on the hill  is where Senator Phillips stays when he’s in town.

TS4_x64 2015-12-20 16-43-26-04

Alexis lives on this street in Port Prominence, right next door to Naomi Redbird (Laney’s sister).

TS4_x64 2015-12-21 06-16-54-60

Most of the lots  I’m using are incredible builds by other simmers, dowloaded from the Gallery.  I’ll eventually update the Simdale Valley tour page with credits and links.  It is just too overwhelming to build everything right off the bat, and most of them are great as-is or with a few tweaks. This townhome was perfect, but the interior didn’t fit Alexis’s personality.  So one thing that had to be done immediately was the remodel of Alexis’ townhouse.

TS4_x64 2015-12-20 16-03-35-82

Sitting area

TS4_x64 2015-12-20 16-02-51-91


TS4_x64 2015-12-20 16-02-41-03


TS4_x64 2015-12-20 16-02-28-13

She loves to dance, so I made the entryway a great place to practice her moves

TS4_x64 2015-12-20 16-03-19-40

And her loft-style bedroom, very similar to Sims 2

TS4_x64 2015-12-20 16-04-06-65

Nighttime view from the rooftop pool.  I remade this townhouse into an apartment building, and with the lockable doors, Alexis only has access to the roof and her apartment.

TS4_x64 2015-12-20 16-09-19-00

Alexis’ daughter, Julia Jones, is still at PSU, in the Honors program for Global Business, but Seiki Ono transferred to Fiesta Tech.  Hattie and Julia won’t mind that a bit, I think, as he had pretty much destroyed their friendship.  Seiki’s still up to his same old habits.  Here he is, embarrassing himself with a girl.

TS4_x64 2015-12-16 06-01-03-91

But he’s got some new frat brothers, and Gordon Nott’s also on my list to recreate.

TS4_x64 2015-12-16 06-22-03-48

Another area I’m excited about is Summerton… but I haven’t started to build yet.

TS4_x64 2015-12-10 05-51-33-33

I think I’ll be able to start rounds as soon as the first big patch and MC Command Center are updated.  Between now and then, I plan to update profiles and continue to build and set up.  Thanks for reading!


8 Comments so far:

  1. maisie says:

    oooh this is awesome Shannon!! I can’t believe how quickly you’ve created Simdale, the actual town itself. And yay that Gordon Nott will get to live on in Simdale too. Your homes are all lovely, I absolutely adore the meadow and the kids tracking through it while Dad took the road. So typical! And the club interactions sound really promising. I liked how they all seemed to be interacting with one another in the photos. The townhouse is fabulous too, I’m drooling over that blue kitchen tile backsplash. <D

    The nightclub looks really hopping too! It is all so exciting!!!

    • Hi Maisie, I guess the up-side of the way the lots and neighborhoods in Sims 4 work is, it isn’t as difficult to get an area looking like a real place, at least if the surrounding backdrop works. But the downside is, you are stuck with the backdrop, like it or not. I’ve been experimenting to see which areas work for the different places in the Peninsula State since early fall, and now it feels like it is coming together For the Town Hall, fortunately all the required architectural elements were there, so it wasn’t hard to make a replica of the Sims 2 version.

      Gordon Nott has become more than a townie in my heart… so he will definitely be in this incarnation of Simdale Valley. I decided to make Fiesta Tech out in Oasis Springs, in the desert, because the science career is sort of centered out there. PSU will be the more liberal arts and business kind of school. Gordon is in the fraternity, but he’s a literature major, so he’ll probably end up transferring to PSU sooner or later.

      I’ve never been a huge fan of nightclubs; (real life or sims) but I have to admit the dance interactions and the building pieces that came with Get Together are SO much fun. Now I just need a visitor controller to keep sims with certain traits out (ie Laney!)

      I’m sure you remember Deele’s home she built for Israel and Lydia– I totally copied her color scheme for Alexis’ apartment. I love that backsplash too. It’s called Cool as a Cucumber Marble I think. Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Lexivita says:

    This looks so great! I’m so excited you’re doing this in sims 4. I haven’t looked much at your sims 2 version, there’s just something about ts2 that really creeps me out. Probably just me being weird, but urh. (Sorry 🙁 )
    And also, seems like a great use of the clubs. 🙂 I really haven’t explored the new expansion much yet.

    • Lexivita, ha, that’s funny about Sims 2 Sims creeping you out. I get what you are saying… something about the way Sims 3 sims stand and look sometimes feels weird to me. I always loved the worlds in Sims 3 and wished I could get into it more, but I just couldn’t. So I understand where you are coming from! Anyway, I feel a little wary of jumping into this project because I really don’t want to set up all these families and then find the file is corrupted, but I’m going ahead anyway, trying to be careful with my backups and no cc yet.

      Thanks for reading, and commenting!

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    Wow. This level of detail is just amazing.

    I also really enjoy reading about your advanced use of Get Together clubs. That sounds like a powerful too to do something really different from what’s been available in previous Sims games.

    • Hi Susan, thanks for commenting! Are you talking about the level of detail of my sims’ history or the world? That’s something I love about your blog, the history of the family and the individual sims’ stories, and I think it is what keeps me interested in my game year after year.

      Glad you are enjoying reading about the possibilities with the different gameplay features in the Sims 4. I still think they’ve made a game that people can pick up and enjoy for a day, and then leave, or that you can really get in to and customize like crazy, if you are so inclined. I’m thrilled with the possibilities of customization with the clubs, although I think the word club is a misnomer. You can customize the age groups, the marital status, the careers, the traits, or financial status, any or all. You can dictate what are acceptable activities and unacceptable activities, whether it is closed or open (invite only), and where they meet (either on a certain lot, a type of lot, or anywhere). I’m making “clubs” for the extended families, to customize the way they interact when they gather for holidays, special events, or reunions. Plus, I’ll be able to get everyone to come, with one click!

      • Echo Weaver says:

        Yeah, I meant the detail you have for the lives of all the folks in the town. It’s so many people, and it gives a rich sense of community.

        I’m so glad you enjoy my stories! I just watch StoryProgress for the townies and build little stories out of the notifications, but it does give me a strong sense of my community. I can’t imagine playing and placing everyone in a town like this.

        Now, filling up a town with great lot downloads, THAT I can imagine and do a lot :).

  4. Carla says:

    I was just wondering how your Simdale Valley was coming along the other day! It’s looking really great. Some really pretty scenery and you’ve chosen the lots well. I am totally with you on building a hood from scratch! I remember I’d planned to do that with Sullivan 1.0 but I abandoned it after building one lot. Just way too much work and I wanted to play!

    I don’t really follow TS4 news, except through your blog and Laura’s, but the clubs do sound like they have the potential to be pretty cool. I look forward to seeing what you do with them. 🙂

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