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Gene Pool Party

Take Me to the Moon 6.18

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Tesla Family Tree on Family Echo

Alyse held little Grayson up to her shoulder after his late afternoon feeding.  He made the cutest little grunt.  “Everyone’s going to love you,” she said.  “You’re a rock star.”


Fearghus and Alyse were throwing a pool party to give everyone a chance to meet Grayson.  It had been a while since the whole family had been together.  Most of the family had come to Fiona and Yuki’s wedding, but they hadn’t seen Elise since Ewan’s elder birthday at Fiona’s house.  Elise hadn’t even told anyone when Ranen passed.  But now, Eric, Rachel, and Ashlee were helping run the old Tesla house and bunker so Elise was not alone.

The first to arrive at the family reunion was Fiona, Fearghus’ cousin, with her children Misa and Sakura.  She gave apologies for her spouse, Yuki, since she was going to try to make it later.


Next, Felicity, Fearghus’s sister, arrived from just next door, and then Alyse’s dad, uncharacteristically early, but still in his favorite pink boxers.  Alyse congratulated Felicity on her pregnancy.


Elizabeth Tesla, Cacey’s granddaughter, arrived next, with Ashlee, Uncle Eric’s daughter, right behind her.

Soon Elise, Fearghus’ aunt, had arrived.  Alyse welcomed everyone while Fearghus grilled chicken and hamburgers and corn.  Grayson was fast asleep in his bassinet, so family members would peek at him, but no one disturbed him.


Elise sat with her grandchildren, but she didn’t have a lot to say to them.  It was a quiet meal.

Alyse welcomed  Elodie, her step-mother. “Where’s Aubree?” she asked.  “She’s around her somewhere,” Elodie smiled.  “Probably with the kids.  She’s missed you guys since she moved back in with me.”

Ashlee pulled Alyse aside.  She told her that there was a warrant out for Elise’s arrest, due to her illegal production and distribution of controlled substances.  She said all of them at the house were on pins and needles, wondering when the police would show up, and whether Elise would resist arrest.

“Dad says pulling something flamboyant would be just her style,” Ashlee whispered.


Alyse came up to Elise and asked if she could have a word with her.  Quietly, she asked her to leave.  Elise grimaced.


Ashlee was describing the dilapidated state of the rocket and bunker since Uncle Ranen passed away.  Alyse took Elise’s seat at the table.  Fearghus asked her what happened between her and Elise, but she wouldn’t say.  “I’ll tell you later,” she whispered.


With tremendous dignity, Elise turned to walk away,


Elise’s cousin, Elizabeth, Felicity, and Elodie all watched Elise leave.  She had become a legend in the family already, but no one felt close to her anymore, or even, felt that they knew her.  Since Delaney’s death, Elise had shut herself off from everyone except Ranen, and now he was gone.


Fearghus put down his fork, carefully wiped his hands and face, and went to pick up Grayson.  He had an instant following, with everyone jumping up to see the new baby.


Felicity seemed to be a little overwhelmed at the realization of how much responsibility was soon coming her way.  Or maybe she wasn’t feeling well, in her first trimester.


Fiona asked Ashlee if she thought about having a family one day.  “Actually, I’m pregnant,” Ashlee said, with a quiet smile.

TS4_x64 2016-06-01 17-18-41-59

Aubree had recently become a teen, but she still gave lots of attention to the kids,


who were more eager than ever to impress her, now that she was like a cool grown-up.


Yuki arrived, and wanted to see Grayson right away.  She watched Grayson while Alyse went to talk to her dad.


“You know, you’re Grayson’s only living grandparent,” she told her dad.  She was still displeased with him for never being involved as she was growing up.


“I can’t change the past, but I’m here now,” he said.  “I’d like to see you guys more often,” he said. “And Aubree too.”  He looked serious.  “I miss your mom.”


Alyse decided to reserve judgment to see whether or not he followed through.  She knew her parents had a congenial relationship, but her dad never showed any interest in being involved in their lives before her mom died.


Just then Grayson woke and began to cry, needing a diaper change.  Fiona, who had just gone through the physically demanding years of parenting with both of her children, was happy to let someone else change Grayson’s diaper.  Alyse changed it, and then went to clean up.


Grayson started to fuss again.  Right away, Fox came to the rescue.


When Grayson saw Fox’s face, he stopped crying.


And began to suck his thumb contentedly.


Soon, Fearghus arrived with Grayson’s supper.


Gameplay Notes:

  • Wow, that was so weird with Alyse asking Elise to leave.  I didn’t see what prompted her to do that, I just saw them talking, moused over the interaction, and that’s what it said.  I’ve never seen a sim autonomously use that interaction before.  I tried to figure out a reason she might do that; their relationship is basically “nil” but Elise did respond to the invitation to come to the party so I felt really badly for her that Alyse asked her to leave.  I never did anything in the blog with Elise’s turn to a life of crime so I decided to tie that in.  I’m hoping they will be able to see her again before she dies.
  • It was so cute when Grayson woke up and Fearghus went to get him, that all the women jumped up to go see him.
  • Alyse is still quite cold with her dad but I am hoping that before he dies, they can have a good relationship.
  • As a child, Aubree stayed with Alyse and Fearghus for a few days, so they got to know her well, and then I had her move back with her mom.  She’ll hopefully be back again before her teen years end, so we can see her some more.
  • After they ate, the kids spent most of their time playing on the jungle gym.  Their “club” was meeting during this update, while the adults had a party.  Their club is the Tesla Gen 6 & 7 kids, and Aubree is still part of it. Having multiple groups during a play session is a really nice feature to customize what sims are doing to some degree, instead of basic bedlam.
  • NEXT UPDATE:  We return to Fearghus’ career at the hospital, as his family leave ends!







13 Comments so far:

  1. Echo Weaver says:

    Wow! I’d never heard of a sim autonomously asking another sim to leave either!

    You did a fantastic job of weaving that into Elise’s history and drawing on a thread that wasn’t fully spun out. Elise looked so… deflated in those pictures. I do hope there is a chance for her to reconcile with her family before the end. I would forgive you if you pushed it a little 😉

    Baby Grayson sucking his thumb!! And teen Aubree! I love how you’re tracking the extended family.

    • I felt SO bad for Elise. I wanted to do something to bring her back or make her stay, but decided to let it play out the way it did since it was so extraordinary that Alyse asked her to leave. I do hope she has a happier ending but I’m sure she has VERY little time left. The family is smaller now so tracking everyone is not quite as overwhelming as it got before. It’s worth it though, even when it gets more complex.

  2. Carla says:

    LOL, okay, what is with Alyse’s dad?! What traits does he have and which one makes him turn up in boxers and cowboy boots, lol? It’s sweet that he wants to be involved with Grayson, though I guess we can’t be sure how serious he is, with his apparent history.

    Such a cute idea to have a party to welcome Grayson! I don’t think I’ve ever done that, actually. But then again, with the way I play, it’s pretty rare that I have a play session with a newborn. I usually don’t get to them until they’re a little older. One thing that’s easier with a legacy, I guess!

    It does seem sort of fitting that Elise has cut herself off from the family. I can see that happening after the death of a spouse, especially with someone like Elise, who was never really warm to begin with. It should be interesting to see if she ever comes back around.

    • Ha, Carla, I’m really the only one to blame for Alyse’s dad’s clothing… I downloaded him and left him in his male stripper clothes because it was so funny to me. As it turned out, he’s fathered lots of kids but not really settled down, and seems like a kind of happy go lucky guy. I really don’t even know what his traits are and since I can’t load the game right now without risking damage to my family trees (due to new Dine Out glitches and unmitigated culling) I’ll have to let you know later about his traits.

      I’ve been wanting to get everyone together again, especially Elise, and Fiona and Yuki and their kids, so welcoming Grayson was a great reason. It turned out to be really fun to have everyone meet him.

      I hope Elise has time to come around. Thinking of you and your dad, and hope you’re well. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Aww, Fox and Grayson are so sweet! I’m going to enjoy seeing them grow up together. And I wonder if Fearghus and Alyse will try to have any more? I can’t remember if you play with fertility in this save or if it was just random bad luck that they took so long to conceive?

    It was fun seeing everyone together!

  4. Laura, no, I don’t set fertility in this game by sim, or use the woohoo mod either, like I do in Simdale Valley. It was just bad luck that Alyse didn’t conceive for a while. I haven’t totally decided, but they’ll probably have another child. I have used whims to determine when the legacy sims try for baby, although for the first child each generation I didn’t wait for a whim, except in the case of Delaney and Alexander, but I played them on long life span so they had plenty of time. I’m hoping for Fearghus to be really long-lived with his reward trait from working out, so he can see his grandkids, and have thought about having Alyse do that aspiration just for the long-lived trait too. Thanks for commenting!

  5. chealsycat says:

    Grayson is adorable. <3
    And I love Alyse’s dad’s clothing. So funny! 😀

  6. meowfaze says:

    Alyse’s dad is as funny as Guy. Both of them dress weirdly.

  7. Meowfaze, Alyse’s dad, Bjorn, and Guy remind me a lot of each other!

    Thanks for the comments, Chealsycat and Meowfaze 🙂

  8. cathytea says:

    How neat to see the whole family! I really found your notes about the Elise being asked to leave fascinating!

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