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Nathan Gavigan

Birthdate:  December 2, 576

Nathan Gavigan is married to Mary Gavigan and lives in the countryside of Simdale Valley.  They have one child, Isaiah.

Nathan has a tendency to fly by the seat of his pants, but life has taught him to be a little more reserved with his choices than he naturally would be.  He is curious, playful, and romantic, and he has a taste for nice things.  He would like to be wealthy, and really, he has done quite well in the past eight years as he’s established himself in medical technology; however, with  a family to provide for there never seems to be quite enough money to buy some of the luxury items he would like.

Nathan enjoys taking Isaiah out for a fun afternoon on the weekend, but he is not a day-by-day taking care of little things kind of dad.   As a husband, he is more likely to give an occasional grand gesture, but be a little bit off in his own world day-to-day.

One of those grand gestures, was saving and buying the beautiful family home in the country, for Mary.  He knew she wanted more children, and that she would love the garden and the extra bedrooms.  He was happy to move out of the cramped apartment they had been in for years, while he finished his medical certificate and got established in his career.

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The Gavigans’ home in Simdale Valley, created by Gizky.  It is called “Hyperreal Colonial Home” and is available on the Gallery.


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