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Mary Gavigan


Birthdate:  May 10, 579

Mary Gavigan is a Pisces, industrious, caring, and serious.  She is married to Nathan Gavigan and they have one son, Isaiah.  Mary and Nathan married when she was 15, after finding out they were pregnant with Isaiah.  At this point in her life, more than almost anything else, Mary would like to have a big family one day, and she hopes for at least three more children.

As a parent, Mary is not very strict, sometimes seeing Isaiah more as a friend than a child, although now that she’s a bit older she plans to be stricter with her next child.

She enjoys gardening and spending time with Isaiah and Nathan.  Mary finds it easy to get along with everyone, but she doesn’t have any particularly close friends at this point.

Mary finished high school and has worked as a temp, on and off.  Now that Nathan is making good money as a medical technologist, she is a stay-at-home mom.  She volunteers in the community, for example, running school registration at Town Hall, and helping organize town festivals.

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The Gavigans’ home in Simdale Valley. It was created by Gizky and is on the Gallery, called “Hyperreal Colonial Home.”


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