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Winton Gallant

Birthdate:  October 10, 556

Winton Gallant is married to Imani Gallant and has two children, Jada and Cameron.

He is interested in his family’s success and leads by example.  As a parent, he is authoritative and affectionate, with high expectations and high interest and support in his children and their development.

He is the CFO for a large personal and household products conglomerate based out of Port Prominence.  The family moved recently to Simdale Valley when the school was expanded to include onsite high school classes.  Winton and Imani felt that Simdale Valley would be a great place for Cameron to grow up, and since both of them commute to Port Prominence, accessing culture and other amenities is not an issue.

Winton graduated from an Ivy League school outside the peninsula state, and went on to complete his MBA/Accounting graduate work in affiliation with PSU’s Global Business program.



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