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Jada Gallant

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Jada Gallant

Birthdate:  January 2, 589

High School Class of 607

Jada Gallant is serious, quiet, and focused.  She loves school, but she’s concerned about her parents’ move to Simdale Valley and it’s possible impact on her college admissions.   Applying to college from a small school can help applicants stand out, but will there be enough extracurricular opportunities?  At her previous school, she was on the debate team, the math team, and played lacrosse.

Jada chose Programming for her junior year elective.

She wants to get into PSU’s prestigious pre-law program while double-majoring in accounting, and follow in her mom’s footsteps as a lawyer, although Jada is interested in tax law.

Skintone: S-Club Chocolate 

Hair:  Kinky Curly Hair: Monster Madness/AikeaGuinea (download the 2 files included )

Hair:  Long Braid Hair: Nightcrawler

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