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Imani Gallant

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Imani Gallant

Birthdate: May 8, 558

Imani Gallant is married to Winton Gallant and lives in Simdale Valley.  They have two children, Jada, and Cameron.

Imani is a prosecutor for the state in the area of Environmental Law, and she loves her career.  She also loves being a mom, and parenting, and is just as disciplined and focused in both roles.

Focus is at the heart of Imani’s personality; she is quite intense in her devotion and her interests, which are mainly work and family.

Imani graduated from PSU Law School.  She might like to become a justice later in life.


Hair: Afro Redux by LumiaLover8

Hair:  Braided Afro Bun by Blvcklifesims


Skintone: S-Club Chocolate 

Hair: Please read specifics

Head Wrap Afro Knot : Monster Madness/Nouk:
Kinky Curly Hair: Monster Madness/AikeaGuinea: ( download the 2 files included )
Side Braid Hair: Monster Madness: ( choose Pooklet Natural only )
Long Braid Hair: Nightcrawler:


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  1. Imani is really pretty, can’t wait to see her kids 🙂

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