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From the Journal of Elise Tesla: Cool Science

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From the Journal of Elise Tesla: Cool Science

Take Me to the Moon 5.33

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When I decided to officially return to  the science career, I knew I wasn’t willing to go back to that dump masquerading as a science lab.    There was always a dearth of funding because the staff were too enamored with “pure science” to  go out and get the money needed to really make leaps in cutting edge areas.  Reservations and concerns such as worrying about what the technologies would be used for, sadly, held research back.

After researching which STEM companies were most innovative and had sites in our area, there was one at the top of my list:   Bio-In.  This company specializes in bio-tech, specifically stem cell research, cross-species genetics, and cellular engineering,  while dabbling in related chemistry, botany, and geology and, due to the discovery of aliens like Ranen, astrophysics.  Basically, there’s no area of science you may want to work in, that they don’t explore, to be able to to tie in any and all tech that can be utilized for military and commercial applications.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-13-33-20

After having sent in my resume and CV, the interview consisted of about a dozen minutes wowing the headhunter with my vision for just a handful of serums I have in mind, based on my extensive study of mom’s Sixam plants, crystals, and my own botanical experiments so far.  He sold the idea of hiring me to HR, and before the week was out, I went in to see my lab.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-21-40-72

The lobby alone was a far cry from the dingy cramped space of my old lab.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-24-14-51

TS4 2015-11-29 14-23-32-87

The main lab for experiment replications, mainly completed by entry level staff and interns, was nicer than the most advanced labs at my old place.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-24-51-95

TS4 2015-11-29 14-26-00-20

TS4 2015-11-29 14-25-35-68

The engineering suite made me wish I was going into that area!  Very inspiring.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-27-14-03

TS4 2015-11-29 14-26-41-53

TS4 2015-11-29 14-31-56-94

TS4 2015-11-29 14-32-32-90

The company has an on-site wellness center, including a cafe,

TS4 2015-11-29 14-30-44-58

all the standard gym equipment,

TS4 2015-11-29 14-31-21-24

yoga studio,

TS4 2015-11-29 14-30-08-74

and a pool.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-29-13-23

Astrophysics is located below engineering and the pool, but I don’t have access to that area.  Note to self:  get Ranen a job in the astrophysics lab.

The courtyard between the main building and my lab, has a cafe.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-34-03-79

The sound of flowing water.  Reminiscent of cash flow, pouring into my research.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-52-20-55

My lab stands separate from the rest of the facility.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-33-27-34

As team leader for this site’s bio-engineering, I will direct a staff of four scientists and have complete control of what is lovingly called “the greenhouse.”

TS4 2015-11-29 14-15-14-73

My first order of business– analyze a death flower sample and determine how to replicate or exploit the key organic compounds.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-42-04-25

One of my assistants came by to let me know what she was currently working on.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-44-22-29

I excused her while I finished up my first round of analysis on the death flower.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-53-48-96

Another of my staff came in and I provided a brief orientation for him.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-48-45-77

Downstairs, we have a break room, small library,

TS4 2015-11-29 14-40-50-36

and our own electron microscope.  So we don’t have to beg, scrape, and steal time on the one in the main building.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-39-57-29

I’m going to enjoy this.

Gameplay notes:

  • Elise got to level 3 in the criminal career, and without access to the chemistry lab, she couldn’t make more serums to sell illegally.  But with her Renaissance Sim aspiration, she only needed to get to level 3.
  • This Get to Work active career replacement lot is available on the Gallery, here.  My EA Id is ShannonSimsFan and you can also find it under #sciencelab, #futuresimlab.  It is custom content free.  To place this lot, send one of your sims to work at the science lab.  Type “bb.enablefreebuild” in the cheat window and then you will be able to place the lot from the gallery.  The lot uses bb.moveobjects.
  • Layout of the main, ground floor of the whole science career lot.  Elise’s lab is the one in the top left, above the outdoor cafe.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-18-25-08

  • Close up of Elise’s lab, ground floor:

TS4 2015-11-29 14-18-02-93

  • Close up of Elise’s lab, basement level (the black hallway on the left leads to the astrophysics lab, it is an underground short cut):

TS4 2015-11-29 14-17-46-37

  • The main labs on the ground floor of the main building (I put them all close together to save time as you play the active career; you don’t need to cross the whole lot to get to each type of machine, or break areas):

TS4 2015-11-29 14-19-29-33

  • The wellness center pool.   (the deep hole in the upper right corner is the rocket silo; the astrophysics lab is two levels down, below the pool):

TS4 2015-11-29 14-19-54-46

  • The second floor of the main labs (it is mainly open to below, with a computer lab/library, and the wellness center in the lower right corner.)  The stairs in the upper left corner lead to the roof and the observatory.)

TS4 2015-11-29 14-20-25-10

Second level of the wellness center.  The astrophysics lab is accessed through the narrow stairwell just below the wellness center.

TS4 2015-11-29 14-20-38-90


14 Comments so far:

  1. meowfaze says:

    Very nice. I’m going to download it.

    • So excited you like it!! Don’t forget to add a computer to the reception desk… at some point I moved it and forgot to put it back. That’s the only problem I’ve found with the lot playing it. Without the computer at the reception desk, a staff member won’t sit there.

    • Just wanted to let you know, I re-uploaded the lot with the receptionist desk fixed, and with some cosmetic changes– removed the door to nowwhere into Elise’s lab 2nd floor, and the added missing trim on the covered walkway. I also added a flagpole and some security cameras using bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just perfect, Shannon … can’t wait to try this out in my game.

  3. Echo Weaver says:

    My. Elise comes off as sinister in this chapter! Her Evil trait gives me the shivers. Then again, I appreciate a bit of Evil every once in a while, otherwise Sims becomes a utopia :). I’m glad you decided to go with it.

    “The sound of flowing water. Reminiscent of cash flow, pouring into my research.” This made me bust out laughing. Since my husband and I have both had careers tied to grubbing for research funding, it really hit home!

    • I may have overreached on her character– that’s supposed to be mean, gloomy, and self assured with lots of bitterness mixed in rather than evil, actually. You are right, it comes across as evil scientist, which is truly the direction she’s heading right now.

      Education is probably not too far removed from that constant need for more funding, too, although we always have a basic level. From the little I know of you, you have a lot of tenacity, ambition, and creativity which probably really helps you make it in your work.

  4. Carla says:

    Elise’s new employer sounds absolutely perfect for her. The workplace itself kind of reminds me of Google – they’re only missing the napping pods and pool table, lol! You did an amazing job building and decorating it!

    I’m a bit confused, not knowing much about how Get to Work…works. Is this an actual career lot that sims travel to during work hours or is it like the career lots we make for TS2? Sorry, “Get to Work active career replacement lot” just baffled me, lol!

    • Carla, thanks for commenting and asking about it– I was aiming for the feel of tech companies just like Google, in fact I looked at images of it before building it. I don’t have napping pods or pool tables yet in the game, lol. With the new EP we should get some great ultra-modern building pieces that I can use to update it though. If we could have curved walls, then I could REALLY get the look I was going for.

      The way active careers in Get to Work work 🙂 are that when it is time to go to work each day, you have the choice to join your sim or send your sim alone. If you join them, they appear on the active career lot, like this one, and are there until the day ends, rather abruptly I might add. I enjoy these careers so much more than the active careers in Sims 3. Less repetitive, more in-depth roleplay, and you can just send them off the way you do for traditional careers if you need to tend to a different sim. What I think they should have done differently would be to be able to create these active career lots on any lot. At this time, every Scientist has to go to this Area 41-style lot in the desert, which is ridiculous if your sim lives elsewhere, plus the lot decorations (water towers, out buildings) are not editable. But at least you can completely re-make the EA building to your hearts’ desire.

  5. maisie says:

    Oh my goodness Shannon, you are a building rockstar! I LOVE this lot! It is absolutely stunning, and has a great corporate science feel to it. The pool and yoga, with that outdoor water fountain for atmosphere, are really amazing. I’m even more impressed that there isn’t any CC in it, wow. Looks like Elise has a nice set up, too bad she still seems to have nefarious deeds in her heart.

    • bashful thanks so much, Maisie. Yes, I thought Elise made a change of heart at the beginning of the last play session, because she was being really kind to everyone and mending relationships, but then she wanted to be mean to Ranen, and she loves using the Terrorizer ray gun on her co-workers almost as much as making breakthroughs.

  6. cathytea says:

    Great build! Elise looks really happy there!

  7. wow that science building is so cool 😀 and I love the way you write Elise, she is so fun 😀

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