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Fool for Love, Part 2

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Fool for Love, Part 2

Simdale Valley

July 8-9, 605

Sayuri Ono is 49 and Daniel Ono is 44.  Yuki is 10.  Seiki is away at Fiesta Tech, and is 19.

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Sayuri and Daniel took separate rooms at the cabin.

TS4_x64 2016-01-24 16-04-35-61

Daniel wasn’t sure if it was ok to join Sayuri, and he’d just as soon have the space, anyway.  The hot tub had been a one-time kind of event; he wasn’t sure if it meant he was welcome in her bed again, invited back in to intimate familiarity.

TS4_x64 2016-01-24 16-04-58-20He’d offered to take Yuki to the falls so Sayuri could have some time to herself that first morning.  Sayuri wondered if this was their last family trip, and if so, she felt that she should go along on the hike, but she didn’t know if she was welcome, so she didn’t even ask to go.

What if Daniel really didn’t want to spend time with her?  What if he was just biding time to get back to Naomi?  She certainly didn’t want to be throwing herself at him.

And she wanted to wait and see what Daniel’s choices were, without giving him an easy way out.

TS4_x64 2016-01-24 16-13-11-12

Yuki seemed happy to have time with her dad, and Daniel felt more light-hearted than he had in months.

TS4_x64 2016-01-24 16-23-14-35

When they stopped to picnic at the falls, he told her.  She’d always be the most important person in the world to him, no matter what happened.  Part of him believed that.  But part of him, knew, if he didn’t change his ways, he wasn’t really living up to what he was telling his daughter.  Or what he was telling himself.

TS4_x64 2016-01-24 16-22-24-22

Sayuri sat in the children’s room at the rental.  How could it have come to this, she wondered.  She’d hoped the vacation would make things better, but she realized now that was a foolish hope.

Now she started to worry about Yuki, and how divorce would impact her.

Needing fresh air, she made herself get up and go outside.

TS4_x64 2016-01-24 16-28-08-81

“I’m not giving in to self-pity,” she commanded herself.

She was still sitting on the porch when they returned, laughing and carrying some smooth rocks they found in the pools beneath the rainbow.

TS4_x64 2016-01-24 16-26-29-00

Since the morning, he felt a shift.

Daniel started a fire to warm them.    Yuki went off to find more river rocks.

He wanted things right with Sayuri.  He wanted to have a future with his family.

So uncomfortable.   Sayuri poked at the coals idly. Daniel looked down at his fingernails.

TS4_x64 2016-01-24 16-29-33-96

Sayuri got up to leave.

Daniel followed her.

He stopped her at the bottom of the basement steps and grabbed her.  He pulled her towards him.

She didn’t pull away.

It felt good to let go; forget making sense of anything.

He felt good.

TS4_x64 2016-01-24 16-31-36-73

While Yuki played along the rocks near the stream, they went to her bedroom.

When they emerged, they added a log to the fire, enjoying its warmth as the light faded from the sky.

TS4_x64 2016-01-24 15-59-56-76

Neither of them knew what would happen when they returned to Simdale Valley.  They only knew that tonight, they had each other, and the warmth they shared was all the more precious because it was fleeting.

Gameplay Notes:

  • I played the Ono’s for nearly a week, because it is so hard to make sense of what’s going on with them.  Before they left for vacation, Daniel only had specific whims for Naomi.  In fact, when he and Sayuri were in the hot tub, he was wishing he was cloud-watching with Naomi. But he autonomously kissed and hugged his wife and it was practically impossible to get them to argue for long, even after their friendship bar was exhausted.
  • Once they had been at the cabin a day, before any romantic interactions, both of them had specific whims for each other, specifically Try for Baby with Daniel/Sayuri!  Which makes me think they both see a future together.  But Daniel truly is a sanguine personality and whoever he’s with, he seems to be intrigued with.  So I am not sure what will happen when they return to town  I thought that their marriage was owed the opportunity to have this time together to strengthen their relationship, and see if it will last, but unless he really makes a big change, I don’t see how they are going to make it work.

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  1. This was sweet. I’m glad they took this trip together. Hopefully it will be the beginning of their trying to make it work—that depends on Daniel though.

    I wonder if (in gameplay, at least) Daniel might be able to blame the TS4 programming for some of his obsession. I’m 99% certain that TS4 sims are literally not able to roll whims for other sims who aren’t loaded on their lot, no matter how great or terrible the relationship might be. They are all very much “out of sight, out of mind.” So if Naomi was loaded in the same neighborhood space as Daniel (even if she was just walking by somewhere in the neighborhood and you didn’t even see her) and his wife was somewhere else (even going to work counts), then naturally he would roll wants for Naomi because as a sim, it’s as if his wife doesn’t even exist in the world. And then that whim will stick in that spot even after his wife has returned, unless you click it away or change households. I have seen this happen to even my most loving couples with 100/100 relationships, rolling flirt wants for some random sim they hardly know simply because their partner went to work. OMG, it’s maddening, lol! I tend to just ignore it and click it away if it doesn’t feel true to their character. Unless, like you’ve done here, it can be written into an interesting story. 😉

    I still think TS2 had the best wants/whims programming of any of the games!

    But anyway, I look forward to seeing what they make of their relationship once they get back home!

    • I knew the whims were silly (I guess calling them whims instead of wants like TS2 and wishes like TS3 makes sense, then), but I hadn’t thought about them not being able to roll whims for sims not on the lot. That’s pretty limiting and not very realistic. I wonder about family sims and soulmate sims… I’ve definitely seen family sims have sad emotions from being away from family to go to work etc, but I think you’re right, they still don’t get specific whims when that significant other isn’t present, it seems. I’m going to have to pay more attention to that, and if it’s true, I’d definitely ignore some of those whims, or at least click it away and see what happens. Keeping an unlocked want in TS2 was a great test of a want, because they regularly refreshed when a sim slept, or met certain ones, or an event started. I really miss the TS2 want (and fear) system!! It was all based on Maslow’s hierarchy and all so integrated with their stage in life and their successes and failures and relationships, even memories.

      As for Daniel and Sayuri, I’m hopeful but cautious. Since I’ve taken the jump to TS4 with their characters, his Sims 4 character has to give me something to work with to show he can be committed to his family. The try for baby whim, along with all their autonomous positive friendly and romantic actions, was a great first step, although with them being 44 and 49 I don’t think that’s happening. Sayuri has a 1% chance of conception on her birth control (Risky setting) because she’s neat and because of her age, and it would make no sense for them to actually try for a baby at their age. Besides, I’ve noticed every sim rolls that want late in adulthood, maybe like a last baby fit…. Ewan has rolled it every time he got within a few days of elderhood (he’s had youth potion about 3 or 4 times). I’ve really got to change my sim divining habits and figure out how to make sense of these TS4 sims! Overall autonomous behavior is a better indication than whims, I think. Thanks again for commenting, Laura!

      • I can verify that aspiration does not allow them to roll wishes for sims who aren’t on the lot. I have Stephanie switching between Big Happy Family and Soulmate, and she acts the same way as all of my others. But I agree, thinking of them as whims makes them feel more appropriate, like they’re just very superficial and transient thoughts. I mean, we all think things every day that we have no intentions of actually doing. So thinking about them that way, I feel better about them, lol! But if a particular sim keeps rolling the same wish again and again and again, then I start to consider it something they might truly desire.

        Have you ever seen a divorce whim in TS4 before? I have seen it only twice, with Keri both times (she doesn’t even have the non-committal trait), and I’ve never seen it again. I am dying to know what prompted her to roll it and under what circumstances it might roll for someone else. None of my other troubled marriages have rolled that, and some of them have been very deep in the red and still not rolled it.

        • Switching between two aspirations sounds like a great idea… I hadn’t thought of doing that. I’m disappointed to hear that they can’t have whims for sims that aren’t on the lot. The Sims 4 sims are my favorites in some ways; they are really expressive, the interactions they normally have have a little less extreme facial expressions, they tend to be more endearing, and the multi-tasking and emotions make them seem more real some times, but they just don’t have the integrity as a whole the way the Sims 2 sims had, and this is another aspect of that. Their programming is pretty limited if they can only whim for sims that are currently loaded!!! Maybe they’ll change that if they come out with a uni pack or something, because obviously family members are going to miss their kids when they are at college! But I bet it is all part of keeping the code more streamlined and able to run in 16 bit.

          I have not seen a divorce whim in TS4 yet. What aspiration does Keri have… she’s ambitious, right? It does seem to fit with her, but I wonder what prompts it, whether a trait or combination of factors. I have mostly played my legacy and in that game, I try to make every sim as happy and successful as possible, so I’ve had no strained marriages up until starting Simdale Valley recently. I will definitely be on the lookout for that whim! But it’s funny, even with making Sayuri give Daniel some distance, and having them argue, they are still positive acquaintances and still lovers, from the autonomous actions I have allowed. Maybe I need to be more persistent, because when I had them argue the first time, every single time they finished the argument both of them tried to follow up with a flirt or affectionate interaction.

  2. maisie says:

    Wow, really interesting with Laura’s insight on the whims system. I really would like these two to work it out… I mean I’m SO conflicted! I am not rooting for them if Daniel isn’t going to be true to her! But if he can love his wife, than I vote for that! Seeing her in Yuki’s room, aww, how sad was that! And she’s such a beautiful woman, and I hate to see her so torn up, it seems that Daniel remembered his wife was beautiful, and enjoyed his time with her. The time by the firepit was awkward, I can imagine her wanting him to make some deep-love, apologetic confession, and yet, neither knew what to say to kick start it.

    I am glad that they seemed to rekindle while away, it really isn’t that difficult to do. It always seems when you come back that you have to fight to remember that love and friendship that you’d just recently treasured.

    I agree with your love for their multi-tasking. When I play my TS4 family, I love watching them text while they eat and talk with their family, and one day, the twin girls sat on the couch, one was eating, the other texting, and both seemed to be interested in the television that was on, and talking with another. It’s such an accurate portrait of modern life right now that I wish I could implement it easily in TS2. <3

    • Maisie, thanks so much for such a well-said and thought-through comment. Me too, I feel very conflicted, with this mess. What I’m hoping for is an end to Daniel’s autonomous flirting with Naomi, or any other woman. I can abide the whims, because they seem to have a poor code behind them. He was very attentive and sweet on the vacation; plus rolling wants for Sayuri, including the try for baby want. They played Don’t Wake the Llama and cards with Yuki too, but I didn’t get any great pictures so I didn’t include it.

      It’s true, an actual verbal confession is definitely in order!

  3. Carla says:

    Well…even if it doesn’t work out, you can’t say you didn’t give them the opportunity! I think the trip was a good idea. If they were going to reconnect, this was probably a decent way to do it. It doesn’t sound like Sayuri has much hope though, not that I can really blame her. I feel bad for Yuki though – she seems so happy and oblivious to the tension between her parents!

    What Laura is saying about wants is kind of a bummer. 🙁 I love when my sims will roll a want for a friend or a romantic partner or someone they might have a crush on – it comes out of nowhere sometimes and it’s one of my favourite things about the game.

    • I agree, it is a bummer if sims can only have whims for sims in the current lot or world, that’s so limiting and me too, sims rolling wants for their love interests when they aren’t there and for no apparent reason, it is one of my favorite aspects of Sims 2. The developers do keep tinkering with the workings of the game, and the way the sims respond, but I don’t know if the whim system is something they’d think of overhauling.

      I tried to write in a little stress on Yuki’s part in the first part, but you know, gameplay-wise there’s been very little discord between Daniel and Sayuri and their argument I made them have was at night after she went to bed. I do wonder how a potential separation or divorce will affect her and have considered getting the mod to make divorce harder on children. But since none of my kids have been through a divorce yet, I don’t know how the vanilla game makes it for them. Thanks for commenting!

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