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February 25, 2017      In Take Me to the Moon 13 Comments

Take Me to the Moon 7.11

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Grayson’s Journal

I must leave this place or I fear I will forever lose my grip on what is real.

After meeting the mistress of the castle last night, she left me in her private drawing room.  Not sure if I should return to my room, I looked for something to occupy my time until she returned for me.

I found this letter, dated recently and addressed to my host.

Absinthe, dark sister,

I beseech you, do not proceed with this plan.  You desire physical as well as spiritual offspring, I realize that, but consider the life to which you are dooming this newly formed creature you imagine will be an entertaining pet or charming trinket for your own enjoyment.  Whether he or she will be undead or living is unknown and impossible for you to control; either way, you will bring another creature at extreme disadvantage into the world. 

And what do you envision to be your role in your child’s development?  You, whose attention span and restraint is non-existent, to be responsible for another being’s welfare for an undetermined period of time?   Do not bring another into the world when suffering is so likely to be the predominant reality of its existence… admittedly, being privy to the suffering of others is an intoxicant to you, but consider, you know not what it is to be psychically connected to another in this way.  I wager your exultation in this case will not be what you anticipate.

Moreover, I stand ready to defend my position with action and will do all in my power to stop you.

Caleb Vatore

Have I stumbled upon a clan of mad persons, who have no keepers?  Who is this Caleb?  And what offspring does he speak of?  And what does “undead” mean?!  Although this all seems patently absurd, I find I can not dismiss it.

Could Absinthe’s determination to bear a child have anything to do with my dreams, which of late, feature her prominently, seducing and submitting me to her will?  Perhaps they are not dreams, but reality.

I commanded myself to shake this off, realizing it was obviously the raving of lunatics. Hopeful of getting a good night’s sleep, I retired.

However, my dreams continued to be disturbed and lustful, and become more fantastical.

When she came to me this time, I knew her.  She was Absinthe.  She hungrily feasted on my blood.

I was filled with exhaustion and exhilaration; disgust, and desire.  At some point, she also appeared at my bed.

I awoke a few hours before dawn to dizziness.  After bathing and drinking water, I resolved to get a better bearing on my surroundings, identify a few pieces of art  I could take with me, and leave this place.

After what seemed to be hours, I found myself to be completely lost in the castle.  I made my way through a winding staircase which was obscured behind a shelf in the study.

Winding through long, subterranean tunnels, I came into what appeared to be the family crypt, with coffins, tombstones, and urns spread about.  My phone, which has been offline since arriving, unable to find a signal, read 6:30 AM, but being underground, I could not see the light that must have been beginning to pierce the sky.

A mist swirled through the room.

Suddenly, a coffin opened and Absinthe appeared before me, standing in it.

I backed away, as if from a crouched tiger.

She gave me a piercing stare, and then lowered herself, like a stiff corpse with a blank face, till she was lying as if on a death bed.

It seems she has no fear of me or anything I could do to her.

After the lid slammed shut, I tried to open it, as if to confirm what I’d just seen.

When I realized it was impossible to open it without tools, I began to look around frantically for something to wedge in it, although I can’t tell you now what I planned to do when I pried it open.

As I rummaged around the clutter in the corner, I noticed the inscription on a vase which looked newer than the others, a cremation urn with a gargoyle like bat creature on top.

It read “Remains of Caleb Vatore.”

The very same author of the letter, warning Absinthe he would oppose her plan, now clearly, dead , with his urn decorating her crypt.




13 Comments so far:

  1. Whoa! I wonder what happened to Caleb? She didn’t like his opinion, so she killed him? 0_0 I am doubtful that Grayson will get out of there without giving Absinthe what she wants.

    And yet, I am not disappointed if it means we get a vampire baby between Grayson and Absinthe, lol! 😀

    From a gameplay standpoint, I wonder how vampire babies are made genetically. Does the game use the vampire parent’s first form or dark forms to draw the genetics? Maybe we’ll find out soon.

  2. 🙂 Gameplay-wise, what happened to Caleb was that Caleb was the welcome wagon and he died on the front step due to what seemed to be a glitch. When I first started playing Absinthe, working on her powers, Caleb showed up as the welcome wagon, and I clicked on the Count to invite him in. The Count froze inside the house and Caleb began to burn up on the stoop. Instead of exiting without saving, I decided to use it in the plot.

    But yes, Absinthe is a formidable force. In my mind, she killed him because he opposed her and threatened to interfere.

    That’s a great question about the genetics. First of all, I believe there’s a 50/50 chance of getting a vampire baby when a vampire and a human have a child. If I’d thought of your question when I made Absinthe, I would have made her eyes glow in her dark form but not her first form– but actually she has the same eyes in both forms. Her hair color and skintone is also the same in both forms although she has some outfits with different hair color. Now I really wish I’d used a human skintone for the first form, just to test this! The reason I didn’t give her a regular skintone though, is that she’s been a vampire a long time so I just don’t picture her still passing for a living person very well.

    Thanks for commenting!!

    • Laura- I am curious- did it seem out of character for Absinthe to murder Caleb? I am wondering if I built her character up enough in the story. She has the evil trait and I picture her killing him a little impulsively, for disagreeing, but also as a power trip.

      • Not out of character at all! I guessed that was what she did, but then I wondered if I was jumping to a conclusion you hadn’t meant. But now I’m excited to learn that was exactly what you meant!

        She is a fun character, and also a bit scary. Since this is a legacy story, I know Grayson has to pass on the lineage, otherwise I might fear for his life. But maybe once she gets her baby, the baby becomes heir and all bets are off? lol! I like Grayson though, so I don’t want him to actually die. 😉

        This is a very exciting storyline!

  3. That’s good, I’m glad you thought that’s what happened, that she killed him, and I think the limited first person perspective makes it more ambiguous as the story develops because the reader doesn’t know if the character’s perspective reflects the whole truth or what really happened.

    Good point, that once she gets her baby, all bets are off, from a legacy story perspective. I am also partial to Grayson, though 🙂

  4. Carla says:

    Oooh! I think this was the best installment yet. It’s taken me ages to get around to it but on the plus side, I won’t have to wait as long for the next. 😉

    I like how you wrote the glitch with Caleb into the plot – it gave you a nice cliffhanger to end on!

    • Hi Carla, thanks for reading & commenting! Yes, Grayson has learned he is at the mercy of a murderer here. Now the question is, what will he do about it? What can he do about it?

  5. Echo Weaver says:

    Of course, this being a legacy, this plot involves the next generation! Woo! I really love these posts. They’re so intense.

    • Thanks, Susan. I’m still trying to recover from a bit of a doldrums coming out of this part of the story, because it was so exciting to play and write. The spring weather in real life is also to blame, though. Between the two, I’m just gearing up to play again after a good break.

      • Echo Weaver says:

        I guess this gives me a chance to be caught up for a bit.

        Reading this is starting to finally inspire me to start writing up the approximately 10 posts I have already laid out for the Samples. I have quite a bit of backlog, but there has just been NO creativity.

        It helps that I’m on vacation, visiting my parents, and suddenly the stress level has gone WAY down.

        • I’m so glad you’re getting a chance to relax a little! And excited to hear you’ve got posts already underway! The Samples really inspired me to keep going with the legacy and make it fun, back when I was starting to write Grayson as a teen.

  6. maisie says:

    Eeek! This is ah-mazing! 😀 Caleb’s death really worked well into the storyline, I could totally see Absinthe going for what she wants, and being impatient with naysayers. I’m quite intrigued to see this baby that she’s trying for, and how that will pan out. Grayson, oh boy! He’s getting a lot more than he anticipated when he came here. I really like Caleb’s letter, very well-written that I get a good sense of his character just from this correspondence.

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