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Fall 604 Birthdays

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Fall 604 Birthdays

September 604
Simdale Valley

Charlotte McElveen turned 4 this fall, just in time to start Four-Year-old kindergarten!

Charlotte is very outgoing and can be forceful in her demands for attention, although for the last month she’s had to resort to the company of her dolls more often, since the arrival of her baby brother, Ethan.

Sienna Endeavor also turned four this month.  She is much more playful than her cousin, Charlotte, but also a lot more introverted (although you wouldn’t know that at home).
She is also a bit of a Daddy’s girl
And he’s teaching her to throw a ball
Sienna also got her room redecorated for her fourth birthday.  She wanted a dog, but her parents (surprisingly) put their foot down.

It seems now that Sienna is off to school, both George and Simone would like another child, so they aren’t sure on whether a pet is a good idea right now.  Besides, Sienna’s other want, besides a pet, was to torment someone…. perhaps going to school will help her mature a little in her social skills.

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  1. Carla says:

    Charlotte looks just like I expected her to and so adorable! Didn't realise Sienna was aging up too but she's such a cutie as well. I love that picture of her with George. <3

    • Carla, both Sienna and Charlotte were conceived while I was setting up Simdale Valley with the McElveens and Endeavors having been extracted from Strangetown, so both born 9 months into year 600. The last thing I played in that game was Simone and George's wedding, so they had Sienna quickly!

      Sienna's face is longer than I expected, her teeth had a hard time fitting in her face as a toddler, lol.

      That picture with George was a lucky one that happened while moving posed sims around, I am so glad I caught it when he looked down at her and smiled.

  2. retromaisie says:

    How sweet is that photo of Sienna with George, totally adorable, I like the insights about their personalities as well, and how funny that Sienna wants to torment someone, and is introverted! I wonder how she would take to having a sibling, she didn't seem especially keen on Ethan.

  3. Maisie, thanks for taking the time to comment. I love that photo too, it makes Sienna look a lot sweeter (more demure) than she really is, though, lol. I think that want to torment someone goes with high playful and low nice, and Sienna only has 1 nice point, so she is definitely going to need some social skills. Hopefully she'll grow up a lot in the next year, so she'll be ready to be a big sister if that happens.

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