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September 30, 2017      In Falls Bridge 4 Comments

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September 2019

Erle and Bee Radcliff are 67  Karina Radcliff is 32, Jack Paris is 30, and Oz Radcliff is 8.

Juicy gossip travels fast in Falls Bridge, and has laid down a remarkably responsive information superhighway, so that even mundane news like Erle’s penchant for fishing could spread throughout the county’s thinly spread populace.

So it was that Janie Ross, the high school multi-sport coach, heard how much Erle wanted to go fishing, through Oz’s dad, Jack.  Back in February, Jack had visited the high school as the local minor league representative, and met the high school coach.  During their conversation, Janie mentioned the stream on her property, and Jack exclaimed how much his son’s granddad loves to fish and wanted to take Oz fishing.  Months and months later, on a crisp Saturday morning in September, Janie remembered and Erle got a call inviting him and Oz to fish.

Erle and Oz had wanted to go fishing for a while, but with the harvest, there hadn’t been time, and being newly returned to the area, Erle wasn’t sure where to take his grandson fishing.

Just as Erle suspected, Oz took to fishing right away, ecstaticly casting his worm out into the clear, running waters.

Evidently, Bruno Mars had enough poodle in him to prevent him from jumping into the cold water, and instead, he patrolled the humans like a sergeant at drills.

The fishers had missed the magic hour, though, and found that although they had fun casting, fish were not biting.

Back at the house, Bee was welcoming an old friend from high school.  She’d been reconnecting with the residents of Falls Bridge as quickly as she could, with an insatiable appetite to meet everyone, talk to them on the phone, and hear all the latest news.  An opportunity to flirt here and there was also welcome and fueled her inner drive.

Later that afternoon, Jack arrived home from an out-of-town Friday night game with the team.  Oz, as usual, ran out to greet his dad and give him a big hug.

And Jack made a bee line for Karina, who had just fixed herself a drink after a long day of studying.

“Want to get out of here?” he asked her.

Both of them were eager to find something a little more exciting to do than cleaning the house, working the garden, or, in Karina’s case, studying for teacher exams.  Flushed with excitement, they ran out to the car, as Erle headed out to the orchard.

At The Brewpub, they were pleased to find a guest DJ and lively dancing music.

Although, they spent as much time on the dance floor making out, as dancing.

As other people came and went, Jack and Karina only had eyes for each other.

At one point, Karina excused herself to go to the restroom, and Jack stopped her at the vending machines.

“You know, the car’s right outside,” he said suggestively.

They felt like teenagers again, hoping the sheriff wouldn’t come by and knock on the foggy windows.

Jack and Karina were on a roll, constantly seeking each other out.

Then, one weekend morning, Karina walked into the bedroom to find Jack waiting for her, naked on the bed.

“Shoo,” she said, half joking and half serious.  “I’ve been feeling sick all morning.  I think I’ve got ‘flu coming on.”

That evening, suddenly, she stopped and grabbed her stomach, bent over in pain.  Bee, who had been keeping an eye on her daughter, was at her side right away, and drove her to the clinic.

When they returned home, Bee told Jack that Karina was pregnant, spotting, and in danger of miscarrying.  She put fresh sheets on the bed and told her she needed to rest.

Jack was surprised that Karina was pregnant, since they both used birth control, but he wanted to help make sure she and this baby were ok.  He went downstairs to fix food for Karina while Bee drew a hot bath for her.

Oz came to the door of Karina’s room to say goodnight, but Bee told him he could give her a hug in the morning.

“She’s ok,” Bee reassured him.

Oz went to find Bruno Mars, who was relaxing at his favorite spot at the bottom of the front porch stairs.

They went up to Oz’s room to sleep, and the house was quiet.

Bee and Erle took the opportunity to cultivate some novelty in their love life and claimed the great room for a few hours.  The risk of discovery was exhilarating.

The next morning, when Karina came downstairs, Oz was teaching Bruno Mars to play dead.  Oz ran to his mom and gave her  a hug.

Erle asked Karina to come sit with him for a few minutes.  He beat around the bush a little, and then asked Karina if she knew if Jack was staying clear of legal trouble.

Karina was a little taken aback by the question, rather sudden, and with Oz playing nearby.

She looked away, trying to regather her composure, and starting to think about Jack’s behavior over the past few months.  She thought Jack was content playing in the minor leagues, and he had earned a raise for this season. She believed him when he said he was going out of town for a game, and she hadn’t seen any evidence that he was involved in any illegal endeavors.

Meanwhile, Erle looked over at Oz, and hoped that everything would be ok for Karina, Oz, and this new baby on the way.  After all, he and Bee would eventually need care, too, and he wondered how Karina would handle it all, especially if she ended up on her own.

Bruno Mars was also concerned.  When Oz laid down and played dead, he cautiously approached him, sniffing to see if he was ok.

It almost looked like a big grin spread across his muzzle when Oz popped up and laughed.

Gameplay Notes:

  • Karina and Jack were CAS sims who were made based on totally random rolls for personality, aspiration, etc, and came out with 0 bolts of attraction.  They are married (I had them married when I created them) but when I played them and wrote their profiles, I realized it didn’t seem like they would have married, so story-wise, they aren’t married.   Last time I played this household, early in Round 1, there were no townies, so I wanted to give Karina and Jack every opportunity to scope out other romantic possibilities.  In spite of the fact that they have no bolts, they really weren’t interested in other sims.  Jack, being a pleasure sim, always wants to go on dates, so I had them go to the Brew  Pub twice, and scope room, talk to other sims, and yet, they just ACR’d, for the most part.  The car woohoo was a want (two times) that Jack rolled up and Karina was amenable to.  Being a knowledge sim, her wants on a date quickly revert to “Gain a Skill” and such.  Later in the development of a neighborhood, I’d probably wait for her to have a similar want to choose an action like that, but I am leaning towards opportunities for babies since the ‘hood is brand new and tiny.  These pictures of the Brew Pub look empty, but I had MaxNumofVisitingSims set to 18 and had them scope room as townies arrived and after they chatted.
  • Thank goodness for the warning for miscarriage; I didn’t know Karina was pregnant until I got it– her morning sickness started afterwards, in gameplay.  Jack and Karina are both on ACR & Inteen birth control, but Karina is pregnant (from car woohoo, I would guess!).  With silent pregnancy I don’t know exactly unless I check the ACR adjuster pregnancy scanner like I did for Lexie.  I played this house only for three days, quitting before she “popped,” but plan to check in with them at each trimester and see how they are adjusting to the idea of a new baby.  Their baby is due June 2020.
  • I played Janie and Micah for a day, just to check in with them and their crops and have Janie invite Erle and Oz, and Bruno Mars, over to fish.  Janie and Micah did not try for baby- Micah has the want again but Janie has the earn $6000 still locked and she studied cash register skills some while Micah tended the orchard.
  • At the end, Erle brought up the legal issues like he and Bee discussed last round, with Karina.


4 Comments so far:

  1. Carla says:

    Bruno Mars is the cutest and I love his bond with Oz!

    Very interesting about Karina and Jack! Did you adjust their looks at all to try to boost the attraction or adjust their turn-ons? It doesn’t seem like they need much help though, fortunately! I can’t resist a three bolt couple…but it doesn’t make much difference once the couple if already together, I’ve found. But anyway, Karina and Jack seem pretty happy. Hopefully Jack can continue to stay on the up and up, so they’ll stay happy!

    Oh my gosh, I don’t know how you play with silent pregnancy! I would be constantly checking the pregnancy scanner, so it would be pointless for me anyway. I must know!

    • Carla, thank you for commenting- I took October off from simming, with the wedding, the race, and it ended up that things still haven’t quieted down much, but I thought I’d peek in to the blog and start to engage agaln. I expect to have a little time in mid-late November to get back to more regular simming.

      I didn’t do anything to help Karina or Jack’s attraction but in spite of the lack of bolts, they don’t seem to need much help! About the silent pregnancy, I kind of prefer to play that way but it is challenging with the calendar system I’m using. I sort of think of it and manage it this way: if a couple is trying, I use the ACR pregnancy scanner to “find out,” really soon, like the next morning. (I figure if they are trying, they’d be taking a pregnancy test). But if they aren’t, since my Falls Bridge only has 4 households and I may not come back to them until 2 years or more later, otherwise, I will check the ACR pregnancy scanner before I end their round so the baby can be born within “9 months.” If I were playing and a sim who wasn’t trying seemed to be morning sick, I might have her go to the clinic or do a pregnancy test (Scanner) before the end of the round. So it is sort of a case-by-case basis. I am a little tempted to change the silent pregnancy setting since I found out by the end of the household’s play anyway, but I love the surprise and it seems so much more realistic than getting the pop up. (Isn’t that what happens without silent pregnancy? I haven’t had it off in a while so I don’t really remember).

      • Carla says:

        You’d think I’d remember, since I literally just had one of my sims get pregnant the other day! In a vanilla game, you just hear the lullaby chimes but with ACR, you get a pop-up. I can’t remember if you get a pop-up with all pregnancies or just risky woohoo ones though.

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