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Ewan Tesla Gallery & Studio

Take Me to the Moon 5.5

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Ewan had been working on cleaning up the old monastery for his gallery and studio.  He had gutted out the interior, replaced the old stucco, refinished the old floors, and contracted new windows to maximize the view of the canyon and river below .  Now he just needed to hang the art, and set up for his first show.

TS4 2015-05-23 17-53-13-06

It was not in the swankiest part of town, but it had an incredible view.

TS4 2015-05-23 17-45-04-53

The first exhibit the guests would see, would be the wall of Teslas and Goths on one side, with Ewan’s first masterpiece, Legacy House, on the other.  On the end wall, there was a tribute to the family graveyard.

TS4 2015-05-24 16-41-08-44

Ewan had two works featuring his illustrious grandmother, Bella.  His sister, Elise, father, Alexander, brother Eric, and cousin Cassandra were also featured.

TS4 2015-05-24 16-39-20-91

The box of chocolates painting he had created after the break-up with Adrianna was around the corner.

TS4 2015-05-24 16-42-30-67

And the main wall of the interior of the gallery featured his mother, the amazing Delaney Tesla, space ranger, and first sim to build her own rocket and circle the earth in it.

TS4 2015-05-24 16-41-36-12

“Our Street” was an impressionistic painting of the Tesla’s road, winding into the hills.

TS4 2015-05-24 16-41-59-82

Upstairs, Ewan had gutted out the whole second floor to create a studio.

TS4 2015-05-24 16-45-25-89

It was an inspirational, and quiet, place for him to work.

TS4 2015-05-24 16-46-34-25

The basement contained an apartment for Ewan, so he could easily stay overnight if needed, or just to have some extra privacy.

TS4 2015-05-24 16-43-51-29

This is the entry, kitchen, and living area. Just to the right is a bed and bath. The windows open to the outside and allow light in to the basement in the daytime.

The evening of Ewan’s debut arrived.  His mom, grandmother, and his Aunt Cacey were downstairs getting ready, after having helped him set up all the food and drinks.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-09-57-49

Zoe arrived before the first guests, and brought a warm glow with her.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-12-20-94

Both she and Ewan were very impressed at the other, all dressed up.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-14-32-18

Bella stationed herself near the family portraits and answered guests’ questions.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-15-49-10

Ewan circulated to greet as many of his patrons as he could.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-16-53-76

Elise chatted with Aunt Cacey, who had assigned herself to be the mixologist for the event.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-17-50-94

Cassandra was not in a happy mood.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-19-10-65

“Thank you for coming, can I get you anything?”

Elise told Zoe about how amazed they all were at her effect on him.  “And you’ve had so many boyfriends,” Elise added.  “I can’t believe you chose my brother out of all of them!”

TS4 2015-05-30 17-24-02-44

“We can’t believe Ewan got a people person like you,” Elise said.

Zoe didn’t know what to say.  She had four other boyfriends, but something in Elise’s tone made her reticent to engage in an argument about how they compared to Ewan.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-24-31-15

“Let’s try the punch,” Delaney offered.

Meanwhile, the guests seemed enraptured with the art,

TS4 2015-05-30 17-25-38-26

especially the Delaney Tesla wall.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-26-40-38

Bella started feeling exhausted  a few hours from closing.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-30-32-39

But she powered through.  Her grandson’s show must go on!

TS4 2015-05-30 17-31-21-51

Ewan was sitting with Zoe, when Adrianna came over to introduce herself.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-34-21-91

Ewan suddenly found his box of chocolates painting to be engrossing.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-34-42-05

While they got to know each other, Delaney was talking with the guest who had been so enamored with the paintings of her, and offering to autograph one for her.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-36-44-48

As Ewan took over in the front room, Bella made a graceful exit and headed downstairs to rest.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-37-41-37

The family sold a lot of paintings that evening; over $1200 in sheer profit, even considering set up and re-stocking costs.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-38-40-51

TS4 2015-05-30 17-39-50-19

And Zoe charmed the patrons.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-42-12-16

After the last guest had left, Ewan went outside to think.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-47-36-65

His dad and grandma came out to congratulate him on a huge success of a debut.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-48-05-93

Zoe stayed to help clean up, and hopefully, to spend some time with Ewan alone.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-49-04-36

She waited in the studio  as he said goodbye to his parents and grandmother,  enjoying the warm evening and the breathtaking view of the cliffs.  In the quiet, she was able to hear the brook below the gallery, tumbling through the canyon.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-51-27-59

“So this is where the creativity flows,” she thought.

When Ewan came and found her, he thanked her for helping make the show such a success.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-53-16-60

“You were the most exquisite work of art on the premises, and made everyone feel so welcomed,” he said.

They watched the sunrise light up the gallery, one wall at a time.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-58-01-04

“I want to watch every sunrise with you,” he said.

“Zoe, please… I want you to…would you marry me,” he said.

TS4 2015-05-30 17-59-37-47

The room suddenly was full of light.  Zoe’s face glowed with contentment.

TS4 2015-05-30 18-00-37-17

Zoe jumped into Ewan’s arms.  “Do you think you can handle a woman like me,” she teased him.

“Teach me,” he said fiercely, as she threw back her head.

TS4 2015-05-30 18-00-53-23

“This time I’ve picked the richest kind of luscious chocolate,” he thought.

All the sudden serious, Zoe looked into Ewan’s eyes.   “We’ll teach each other,” she said.

TS4 2015-05-30 18-01-26-87


13 Comments so far:

  1. raerei says:

    Ooh – this makes me wan to try the retail part soon! I love all the expressions you got on the visitors!

  2. Carla says:

    Aw, yay for Ewan and Zoe! I’m already excited for their wedding, lol.

    The gallery is looking amazing. I love how Ewan’s work tells so much of his life story – just like a real artist might do. 🙂 Can you do community lot weddings in TS4? I was just thinking the gallery might actually make a good venue!

  3. cathytea says:

    I love the way you write when you write from Ewan’s perspective–the prose takes this inward-turning, reflective quality that is simply beautiful. And this chapter had all the excitement of a gallery opening–all the guests pouring in! All the thrill of the new art! And then! What an ending! It’s almost like Zoe knew it would end that way, the way she came waltzing in there! 🙂

  4. Carla, me too, for Zoe’s relationship. That is a great idea, to have their wedding at the gallery– except I already finished their wedding 🙁 I might have another family wedding there, though. It is really picturesque, especially at sunset and sunrise.

    Cathy, I didn’t think about that my style of writing might be different when I’m writing primarily from a certain sims’ point of view, but that makes sense. Zoe has the “perky” walk, which I’ve not had a sim with, before. It is fun, and goes with her personality so well!

    When I uploaded Ewan’s gallery to the Gallery :-), it said it included CC that others may not have. But I don’t have any CC in my game, so I think it was referring to the art. I’m wondering if that means his paintings would have to be packaged in S4PE to be transferred to other games.

  5. Echo Weaver says:

    “Teach me.” That sent a shiver down my spine! You really do such a marvelous job with Ewan.

    If you start a gallery, do you have to “restock” the same paintings? I get the impression that you don’t have to paint fresh paintings after one sells, which seems a little strange for an art gallery.

    Lots of great sim moments in this post too.

  6. It makes me so happy that you liked that little bit of steamy romance. I wasn’t sure how it would come across.

    They are restocking from copies that he’s made from his originals; he isn’t actually selling his original works. He could sell those for more money but I don’t believe they could be restocked, because that would negate the appeal of copies. He is continuing to paint new works, so those will be fresh.

    I appreciate your comment!

  7. moondansr says:

    Such a romantic proposal. That was just a fantastic chapter in this story. I felt sorry for Bella, my elders often get tired at parties too. It’s the first time I thought she actually looked more her age. His paintings all looked great hanging in the gallery. I think Zoe is going to be a great wife for him, especially if he keeps running a gallery.

    • I appreciate your comments! Bella did seem older in this one, and struggling with low stamina, compared to up till now. I need to get Ewan back to his gallery! I’ve been so wrapped up in Elise’s career, and making sure Delaney and Alexander had good last days, and the new generation. But I am nervous about being off lot until Delaney and Alexander pass, and then I’ll have Ewan running the gallery more often.

  8. The ending was so freaking beautiful and cute I couldn’t help but smile! Lol. “Teach me.” Haha.. great chapter I loved this one too. The gallery was a great turnout. I think Ewan and Zoe are stealing the spotlight of favorite couple from Delaney and Barnaby lol.

  9. I loved this! 🙂 great ending!

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